Liber 059 Across The Gulf

Liber 059 Across The Gulf Cover

Book: Liber 059 Across The Gulf by Aleister Crowley

Crowley: 'A fantastic account of a previous incarnation. Its principal Interest is that its story of the overthrowing of Isis by Osiris may help the reader to Understand the meaning of the overthrowing of Osiris by Horus in the Present AEon.' See also: Equinox I vii, p. 293

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Liber 850 Vel Rites Of Eleusis

Liber 850 Vel Rites Of Eleusis Cover

Book: Liber 850 Vel Rites Of Eleusis by Aleister Crowley

See also: Equinox I vi. The Rites of Eleusis were a series of seven public invocations or rites written by British occultist Aleister Crowley, each centered on one of the seven classical planets of antiquity. They were dramatically performed by Aleister Crowley, Leila Waddell (Laylah), and Victor Neuburg in October and November, 1910, at Caxton Hall, London. This act brought Crowley's occult organization the AA into the public eye.

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Liber 021 Khing Kang King The Classic Of Purity

Liber 021 Khing Kang King The Classic Of Purity Cover

Book: Liber 021 Khing Kang King The Classic Of Purity by Aleister Crowley

Taoist classic put into rhyme. A new translation from the Chinese by the Master Therion. Originally published by Crowley in 1939 in an edition of 100 copies (of which arguably less than a quarter were distributed) this is the book's second ever publication. The publisher, Thelema Publications, was run by Helen Parsons-Smith, ex-wife of Jack Parsons, widow of W. T. Smith, and long time member of Agape Lodge of the OTO.

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The Soul Of The Desert

The Soul Of The Desert Cover

Book: The Soul Of The Desert by Aleister Crowley

A poem 'Written at Jozeur 17 March 1914,' it was first published in an issue of The Occult Review of the same year.

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Liber 451 Siloam

Liber 451 Siloam Cover

Book: Liber 451 Siloam by Aleister Crowley

Thought lost. Liber Siloam is mentioned by Crowley and also mentioned is a practice called "Sleep of Siloam" [see]. A ritual called "Sleep of Siloam" was published in The Magical Link. Also, in Liber LXV IV.9, "the sleep of Shi-loh-am" is mentioned.

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Liber P The Book Of Peh

Liber P The Book Of Peh Cover

Book: Liber P The Book Of Peh by Aleister Crowley

An expose of the hidden qabalah of Liber AL. The several levels of Qabalistic Knowledge contained within the text of Liber AL can be found using various methods of hermeneutics, but perhaps the most difficult of all Techniques for the student to employ meaningfully in his/her researches is that of gematria.

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Liber 474 Os Abysmi Vel Daath

Liber 474 Os Abysmi Vel Daath Cover

Book: Liber 474 Os Abysmi Vel Daath by Aleister Crowley

Gnana Yoga. An instruction in a purely intellectual method of entering the Abyss. See also: Equinox I vii, p. 77.

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The Initiated Interpretation Of Ceremonial Magic

The Initiated Interpretation Of Ceremonial Magic Cover

Book: The Initiated Interpretation Of Ceremonial Magic by Aleister Crowley

The Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic by Aleister Crowley, 1903, published within "The Goetia".

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Liber 685 Vel Cicles

Liber 685 Vel Cicles Cover

Book: Liber 685 Vel Cicles by Aleister Crowley

Liber 685 vel Cicles AA Publication in class B A General Theory Of Magick

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Absinthe The Green Goddess

Absinthe The Green Goddess Cover

Book: Absinthe The Green Goddess by Aleister Crowley

An essay composed in 1918 in the legendary Old Absinthe House in New Orleans, first published in The International. In this Essay Crowley extols the inspirational virtues of this mildly Hallucinogenic green liqueur, and speaks out against the rising tide of prohibitionism that was sweeping the country as the first U.S. "war on drugs" began.

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Organic Coherence

Organic Coherence Cover Organic Coherence is a phrase invented for this essay to describe a concept, that is very present within the Philosophical and magickal writings of aleister crowley. It can be described as the notion, That Things always function the healthiest and the most efficient in fulfilling their true wills, when applied to reality according to their natural functions. It is exemplified in the following quotes:

A - Your Duty to Yourself: "Learn to understand clearly how best to manipulate the energies which you control to obtain the results most favorable to it from it?s relations with the part of the Universe which you do not yet control."
B - Your Duty to other Individual Men & Women: "...studying the methods which determine their failure or success, acquire for yourself the wit and skill required to cope with your own problems."
C - Your Duty to Mankind: "Governments too often exhibit the most deplorable stupidity...therefore incumbent on every man and woman to take the proper steps to cause the revision of all existing statutes on the basis on the Law of Thelema;" "...The ultimate aim is thus to reintegrate Conscience, on true scientific principles, as the warden of conduct..."
D - Your Duty to all other Beings & Things; "The inherent fitness of any thing for any proposed use should be the sole criterion;" "...violation of the Law of Thelema produces cumulative ills;" "The wise application based on... the Law of Thelema... is to work in conscious harmony with Evolution;" "...value is to be judged by their fertility as bearing witness to their harmony with the course of nature towards perfection." "Muscular power is based upon the rigidity of bones, and upon the refusal of joints to allow any movement in any but the appointed directions. The more solid the fulcrum, the more efficient the lever."


"We start to penetrate the stratosphere; and we have to modify our machines in all sorts of ways which were not altogether foreseen. I wish to thunder forth once more that no questions of right or wrong enter into our problems. But in the stratosphere it is 'right' for a man to be shut up in a pressure-resisting suit electrically heated, with an oxygen supply, whereas it would be 'wrong' for him to wear it if he were running the three miles in the summer sports in the Tanezrouft. This is the pit into which all the great religious teachers have hitherto fallen, and I am sure you are all looking hungrily at me in the hope of seeing me do likewise. But no! There is one principle which carries us through all conflicts concerning conduct, because it is perfectly rigid and perfectly elastic: -- 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law'."

Indeed, this seems to be an important aim for a Thelemite to keep in mind; the reaching of that organic coherence within any setting where s/he has an impact upon reality – to work in conscious harmony with Evolution.

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The Hermit Hymn To Solitude

The Hermit Hymn To Solitude Cover

Book: The Hermit Hymn To Solitude by Aleister Crowley

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhasa. Venerable Lord and Best of Friends. We, seeing the cycle in which Maha Brahma is perhaps more a drifting buoy than ourselves, knowing that it is called the walking in delusion, the puppet show of delusion, the writing of delusion, the fetter of delusion, are aware that the way out of the desert is found by going into the desert. Will you, in your lonely lamaserai, accept this hymn from me, who, in the centre of civilisation, am perhaps more isolated than you in your craggy fastness among the trackless steppes of your Untrodden Land?

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The Empirical Rules Of Magick 11 Spells

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 11 Spells Cover
Once you have discovered and addressed your blocks, you are ready to do a spell. This is only a little different from what you have already been doing. In a spell you do nothing new, you do it differently. A spell is a ritual, an act carefully planned to have the greatest effect. You must do the planning, for only you know what will be the most effective ritual. Plan carefully and completely. You may want to use a script (it would be best to memorize it). You can ad lib once you're more experienced. At this point, you have enough information to develop more powerful rituals than you are likely to encounter in any book. However, since this is so different from what most of us are used to, here are some samples to give you a starting point. Feel free to use and change these rituals as you please. They are here to give you an idea of how you may want to approach things. The ritual starts in a special place. It could be out in the woods or in a special room. Ideally, you would never use this place for anything but ritual, but this may be impossible. If in the home, choose a quiet time and unplug the phone. Make sure that you are not disturbed.

Before the ritual, carefully clean and arrange the area and take a bath or wash your hands. Think about washing away the days thoughts and cares. You are now ritually purified. You should not engage in any mundane activity until after the ritual. Enter your ritual area and knock three times, to mark the beginning. From this point all your thoughts are on the ritual. Don't do anything automatically. No matter how familiar, think about every action and what it means.

Light candles and incense (only if there is no danger of fire!). Imagine the ritual area surrounded in a circle of white light. You may physically trace this circle to reinforce it. (Traditionally, all such movements are clockwise when invoking and counterclockwise when dispelling.) Repeat an act of purification. This is like the bath only more symbolic. You can hold your hand in the incense smoke and touch water from a ritual cup to your forehead, for instance. Next, relax and aum-- that is chant the mantra "ohhmmm" (or whatever works for you) to bring your mind to the proper state of alert relaxation, ready for work.

At this point you will state your will. Tell your Self and the Universe how you choose it to be. This is not merely verbalization, during ritual your word is law. What you say, is. Feel your statement with your entire being, with every sense. Use all the techniques that you have found effective. Then, let the feeling go. It is going out into the universe to do its work. End your expression with a statement like, "According to free will and for the good of all." This helps to avoid problems with karma, as long as you mean it. Do not allow other thoughts to intrude at this point, it is now time to close the ritual.

Imagine removing the white light circle (counterclockwise). Knock three times to end the ritual. Put out the candles, clean each item and put it carefully away in a special place. The ritual is only finished once you have completed all of these steps. Only then can you resume thinking about what's on the T.V. and how big a jerk your boss it. As a beginner, you should always be prepared to go through this entire procedure before you start. Even in an emergency, you should at least remove the white circle and knock (very quickly, perhaps, but do at least this much when possible). Nothing in a ritual is mundane, so it must be clearly delineated from your mundane actions. Otherwise you will dilute your spell and give the wrong messages to your Little Self. When ritual is obviously separate, your Little Self will know when to pay close attention.

Once finished, do not talk about your work. Silence is another important key to magick. If you discuss it with anyone else, they cannot help adding their thoughts. This is almost always detrimental. It is fine to work with people, then your energies multiply. But never talk about specific spells that you have done.

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Liber 1066 A Study Of The Ruling Class Of England

Liber 1066 A Study Of The Ruling Class Of England Cover

Book: Liber 1066 A Study Of The Ruling Class Of England by Aleister Crowley

This article was written for The International, where it appeared in the September 1917 e.v. issue (volume 11, number 9, pages 272-76). We will present it in two parts, concluding in next month's issue. 1066: A Study of the Ruling Class of England by aleister crowley

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A Brief History Of Liber Al Vel Legis

A Brief History Of Liber Al Vel Legis Cover Liber AL vel Legis is also known as “The Book of the Law,” “Liber AL” (pronounced “Lee-ber El”), “Liber Legis” (“Book of the Law” in Latin), “Liber 220” and other names, all of which refer to the same text. This book was “received” by aleister crowley on the three consecutive days of April 8, 9, and 10 in 1904. He claims to have heard a voice over his left shoulder for exactly one hour each day, starting right at noon, dictating the three chapters of Liber AL vel Legis on each day. Crowley identified this being who was dictating Liber AL vel Legis as “Aiwass.” He writes in Equinox of the Gods, “[Aiwass] is the name given by W. to P. as that of her informant”9 meaning that Rose Crowley, his wife, initially gave Crowley (who is “P.” or Frater Perdurabo, which was a motto Crowley took on as a Neophyte in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1898) the name of this being. He continues, “Also it is the name given as that of the revealer of Liber Legis”10 which is in conformity with line 7 of chapter 1 in Liber AL vel Legis (henceforth noted in the form of “AL I:7”): “Behold! It is revealed by Aiwass, the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat.” Crowley admits, “whether Aiwass is a spiritual being, or a man known to Fra. P., is a matter of the merest conjecture.”11 Crowley sometimes felt that Aiwass was a spiritual being, his own Holy Guardian Angel, his True Self, his subconscious, or just an adept. Who Aiwass actually was is really not of concern in this treatise, for what is said in Liber AL vel Legis should stand on its own merit – “Success is your proof,” as it says in AL III:46. Either way, to Crowley, “this Book [Liber AL vel Legis] proves: there is a Person thinking and acting in a praeterhuman manner, either without a body of flesh, or with the power of communicating telepathically with men and inscrutably directing their actions.”

The tradition of Thelema could be said to have been formally inaugurated when Crowley received Liber AL vel Legis in 1904. In Liber AL it is declared “The word of the Law is Aleph” (AL I:39) which is “Thelema,” or “Will” in Greek. It continues, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” (AL I:40) and also “There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt” (AL III:60), as if we hadn’t already gotten the picture. An argument against the idea that Crowley established Thelema in 1904 with the reception of Liber AL might mention that the words “Do what thou wilt” have been uttered at least twice before. Firstly, St. Augustine of Hippo wrote “Dilige, et quod vis fac” in his Confessions at the end of the 4th century CE, which means “Love, and do what thou wilt.” Here St.Augustine means that if one loves God, one is free to act because their will is surrendered to the will of God (and therefore apparently can’t possibly act wrongly). Though the wording is extremely similar, this is not what is meant by Liber AL vel Legis in its aphorisms of “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” (AL I:40) and “Love is the law, love under will” (AL I:57). As Crowley says in “Message of the Master Therion” so concisely, “While Will is the Law, the nature of that Will is Love. Love is as it were a byproduct of that Will; it does not contradict or supersede that Will; and if apparent contradiction should arise in any crisis, it is the Will that will guide us aright. Lo, while in The Book of the Law is much of Love, there is no word of Sentimentality.” Here he explicitly states that the “Love” in Liber AL is not the sentimental love that many think of when first hearing the word, and it is especially not love of the orthodox Judeo-Christian-Islamic notion of a vengeful Father-in-the-sky God. The idea of “Love” in a Thelemic context will be more fully treated in later chapters.

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The Sixth Chakra Of The Human Body

The Sixth Chakra Of The Human Body Cover

Book: The Sixth Chakra Of The Human Body by Aleister Crowley

The Sixth Chakra of the Human Body. Transcription from holograph notebook of Aleister Crowley

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Aleister Crowley And The Practice Of The Magical Diary

Aleister Crowley And The Practice Of The Magical Diary Cover

Book review: Aleister Crowley And The Practice Of The Magical Diary by Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley penned "John St. John" as an antidote to claims that the practice of magic necessarily involved long periods of seclusion, preparation and meditation. This diary demonstrates how one can achieve the same ends without renouncing mundane life, making it an invaluable case study for anyone contemplating a Great Magical Retirement. Paired with the diary of his star pupil, Charles Stansfeld Jones, this compilation from The Equinox is a primer on how to keep a magical record...a fundamental practice in Crowley's scientific illuminism. Mr. Wasserman's articulate annotations illuminate the more obscure or cryptic entries, and the humorous culinary glossary alone is worth the price of admission. Aleister Crowley And the Practice of the Magical Diary is an indispensible resource for all students of magick.

If the title sounds familiar, it's because Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary has appeared before - but this revised, expanded edition is a top pick for any adept or student who wants a sampling of texts drawn from Volumes 1 and III of Crowley's impressive The Equinox. Here are step-by-step methods and descriptions which includes John Street John and A Master of the Temple from the original - perfect for occult students.

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Charity As A Magical Sacrifice

Charity As A Magical Sacrifice Cover People are generally mesmerized with what the richest people in the world give to charitable causes. These donors should indeed be applauded for the remarkable amounts they have given, but they are not the most generous charitable people in America. Giving from surplus is painless. The most charitable donors are those individuals that donate small amounts out of what they need to survive. Their contributions are great sacrifices made to organizations that represent their values. Their numbers are in the millions but their names are largely unknown and their sacrifices go, for the most part, unappreciated. The impact they make, however, can be felt and seen everywhere.

A donation can be used as a sacrifice when one is working magick. But a sacrifice must be just that. A sacrifice, to be effective, must inconvenience in some way. If I do not smoke cigarettes and ceremonially claim cigarettes to be my sacrifice then how effectual can I reasonably expect it to be? To explain this, the writers of the Old Testament devised a little understood story in the parable of “The Widow’s Mite.” In short, it goes to illustrate the donation made at the temple by the poor widow is more valuable61 than the donation that a rich man makes because the widow is making a bigger sacrifice than the man for whom money is no object. Is she more sincere than he? If he were to inconvenience himself more than she, would he be equally ethical or sincere? To put it in a way that hits home: should we be inconvenienced by our charity? I don’t believe that it is necessary, provided it isn’t being used as a magical sacrifice of some sort. Nor would we ever need to inconvenience ourselves if everyone did his or her share. As it is now, the few carry the burden, while the majority could care less. In a magical context, the biblical parable makes perfect sense, but not so much in the practical sense, however. Unfortunately, many people have come to misinterpret this parable’s message. The recipients of the charity we provide have, on more than one occasion, benefited from the donations of various well-to-do supporters. This is how they support us. In Christianity, we are told that the rule is “others first.” However, one cannot help others if they have used up their resources to the point that now they need help themselves. It defeats the entire purpose.

Furthermore, charity must be freely given without expectation; otherwise it is little more than a bribe. Christian missionaries have done more to destroy cultures around the globe than the war machine. They teach, feed and comfort the sick with the expectation that they will embrace Christianity. The motivation is often times less than altruistic. In contrast, organizations like the Order of Thelemic Knights performs its charity work because it benefits our members in a profound way: the act of helping others is a noble end onto itself. Like the Christian churches, we also promulgate our chosen paradigm, but we do so by example.

Think about this. What if every employed human being on the planet donated $5.00 per month to feed the hungry at home and abroad? Provided that the officers of the organization did not spend the money on their own salaries, it is quite possible that with this $5.00, and the donations in food and supplies from corporate giants seeking tax breaks, we might feed the world’s starving population or use the money to teach and enable these people to survive on their own.

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Berashith An Essay In Ontology

Berashith An Essay In Ontology Cover

Book: Berashith An Essay In Ontology by Aleister Crowley

Berashith An Essay In Ontology With Some remarks on Ceremonial Magic man, of a daring nature, thou subtle production! Thou wilt not comprehend it, as when Understanding some common thing.

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Liber 001 B Vel Magi

Liber 001 B Vel Magi Cover

Book: Liber 001 B Vel Magi by Aleister Crowley

"This is an account of the Grade of Magus, the highest grade which it is ever possible to manifest in any way whatever upon this plane. Or so it is said by the Masters of the Temple."

See also: Equinox I vii, p. 5; III ix; III x; and, Book IV

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City Of God A Rhapsody

City Of God A Rhapsody Cover

Book: City Of God A Rhapsody by Aleister Crowley

Crowley wrote the poem during his travels in pre-revolutionary Russia, and first published it in The English Review in 1914 and republished it in the 1940s. He recalled in his 'Confessions' that "I expressed the soul of Moscow in a poem "The City of God" .... it is a "hashish dream come true". This is a facsimile of that edition, published anonymously, probably in London in the 1970s.

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Liber 197 The High History Of Good Sir Palamedes

Liber 197 The High History Of Good Sir Palamedes Cover

Book: Liber 197 The High History Of Good Sir Palamedes by Aleister Crowley

The High History of Good Sir Palamedes the Saracen Knight and of his following of the Questing Beast A poetic account of the Great Work and enumeration of many obstacles. See also: Equinox I iv, Special Supplement

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The Empirical Rules Of Magick 07 Exercises And Dreams

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 07 Exercises And Dreams Cover

Magick is not just an occasional exercise to bring what you want, it is a way of life. It requires a certain kind of relationship with your Self. This does not preclude any kind of life style or religion, it is entirely separate. It isn't what you do but why and how you do it. Magick demands that you love and respect your Self and that you accept your Power. This is the goal. "Getting what you want" is a small bonus.

Building a magickal relationship with your Self is much like building one with a best friend. You learn all you can about its beliefs and feelings. You help heal it and it helps you. You achieve this through communication and love. You love through learning acceptance. You communicate by learning and listening to the language of the Little Self.


The Little Self expresses itself most clearly in dreams. You should keep a regular dream diary. Have a journal handy by the bed. As soon as you wake up in the morning, write down as many details as you can. If you scribble down notes, transcribe them into a clear, coherent text. If you remember no dreams, write this down. You should have an entry for every day that you sleep. It is best to record them in present participle (e.g., "I dream that I am writing in my journal").

Once you have a dream recorded. Consider it and write down your impressions. How does it make you feel? To what does it pertain? What symbols are there? What does it tell you about yourself and your life? After you have considered these things, you may choose to look up the possible meaning in a dream dictionary. It is best to do this afterward because someone else's interpretation could prejudice your own. The advantage is that many dreams are "contrary." Such dreams actually mean the opposite of what they seem to on the surface. A dictionary can help jog your awareness. Once you've tried on your own, it's not a bad idea. Remember, though, your impressions are the most significant.

You can make great progress during your dreams as well. The more control you have in your dreams, the more Power you have in your life. Try to develop this control. Remind yourself each time before you go to bed that you will remember your dreams and exercise your will in them. The ideal is called a waking or vivid dream. In this you are consciously aware that you are dreaming and everything, especially color, is very clear. The most important thing to remember in a dream is to defeat everything that attacks you. Attackers represent those things afflicting you during the day. Don't let them beat you in your dreams. If you need help, call for it. When victorious, make the attacker give you a gift. The gift is the benefit that you can gain from any situation. Defeat your dream monsters and you gain power to face your real monsters.

From your dreams you can learn what your Little Self desires and fears. You can also gain powerful symbols for your work. These are all highly personal and it is up to you to divine this information. But, don't try to interpret too much. Much of what you dream is reviewing the events of the day and other items of no great insight. Look at all your dreams and discover which ones hold meaning for you. Don't worry when you don't understand. Your Little Self will keep trying when it has something important to tell you. As long as you keep listening, you will progress.

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Chart Cover

Book: Chart by Aleister Crowley

ALEISTER CROWLEY'S REPORT. Eexample chart for Magical 333 members only. By Mysticalgod for Group Magical 333.

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Restriction In Italy

Restriction In Italy Cover The Roman Church has apparently had a hand in the cancellation of a metal music festival in Alcamo, Sicily. The Sikelian Hell metal festival, scheduled for July 22, 23 and 24 has been canceled after the city government of Alcamo forced organizers to stop the festival.

The organizers of the event believe this to be a result of pressure from a local church, which organized a petition and threatened a march against “a satanic event.” In recent days, due to these pressures, the band Necrodeath was removed from the festival lineup because the content of their songs was deemed anti-Christian.

“Right up until three days after the installation,” says Pellitteri Manfredi, one of the organizers, “the [Alcamo] government had left us alone. Now the festival is canceled even though we had authorized the use of the venue, which had given us the OK to practice.” He added incredulously, “With all the problems and the pedophilia scandal, the Church rages against a secular music event.”

While some may not enjoy the style of music represented by this festival, the cancellation affects more than just the music. It has a major impact on the livelihoods of the artists and organizers. Says Manfredi, “These young people now risk bankruptcy because the Church was stronger than politics. But we had everything in order.”

Today aleister crowley 2012 stands in solidarity with these young people who have lost so much thanks to the hatred, ignorance, and intolerance of the Roman Church. Our position on this matter is that these young people have the absolute right to gather and play any style of music they like, whether it is “satanic” or “anti-Christian” or otherwise. As Liber Oz, the Thelemic document outlining the Rights of Man, states:

“Man has the right . . . to play as he will . . . to think what he will: to speak what he will: to write what he will: to draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build as he will: to dress as he will.”

If aleister crowley were elected in Italy, he would naturally allow the Roman Church to continue its existence. We all have the right to any religion as we will, even if it is a religion of slave-gods. After all, “the slaves shall serve.” Such religious groups, however, though tolerated and allowed to exist, would be prevented from violating the rights of others. Regardless how much political pressure a crowd of sheep might put on a politician, they may not interfere in the rights that the festival organizers have to play, think, speak, and write as they will, no matter how offensive one might consider it to be.

There is little doubt in our minds that any elected officials in Italy will be beholden to the interests of the Roman Church, which denies freedom of speech and of religion to the people of Italy. We call on our friends in Italy to support aleister crowley in your next election. Show the government that you are fed up with the restrictions imposed by the Roman Chruch. Next time you are at a political rally, take an AC2012 poster or wear an AC2012 t-shirt (you can make them yourself with these graphics or buy one here), and send us your photos to be featured in an upcoming post.

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Magick 06 Thoughtforms And Spirits

Magick 06 Thoughtforms And Spirits Cover
Although there are hundreds of kinds of divination, the principle ones are astrology, geom-ancy, the tarot, the I Ching, and direct psychic means (especially clairvoyance). True divi-nation is more than a mechanical system, for it implies true psychic interpretation (receiving). Some form of divination is often used in magick ritual to communicate with the entity invoked.

Since divination operates through the mind, it is affected and biased by the mind. Our attitudes and fears may alter it. Sometimes results are very detailed, and accurate -- but not always. Often the future is plastic and changeable anyway, and the use of magick may alter the result. Thus divination shows tendencies only, which may be helpful, but must not rule us.

Developing Clairvoyance

It is possible to improve your natural ability with clairvoyance through practice. A good start might be to look around you, then close your eyes and try to picture your surround-ings. This is also good exercise for visualization. And visualization is an essential talent in magick. Open your eyes again and check your accuracy. Then close your eyes and try it again. When you use your physical eyes, look at everything like a child seeing it for the first time. Let the vividness of color and form burn into you, until everything takes on a veritable glow. Try to capture that glow when you close your eyes now and picture your surroundings. It's just a simple step to extend what you see with your eyes closed into what you remember seeing in the next room, or what you *imagine* seeing in the next building, the next city, even the other side of the world. Don't expect perfect results, especially at first. Just try to be even partly right. Another exercise is to picture a clock face, and thereby tell the time clairvoyantly.

The Aura

Under the right conditions, it is possible to clairvoyantly observe a colored light around other people. This is known as the 'aura'. Sometimes the aura is seen as multi-colored emanations around the person, built up of various differently colored layers and zones. Although many occult dabblers claim to be able to see the aura easily and under many varied conditions, I seriously doubt that they do. There are optical illusions and qualities of sight which can sometimes trick one into thinking he sees what he does not see. In this area, the quality of sight known as after image is especially pertinent. Do this: stare at any solidly colored bright object for a few moments. Very intense red, green, or blue are espe-cially good for this. Now look away at a white surface and you will see a phantom image of the object in its complementary color (a red object will show green, a blue one orange, etc.). If the bright object is in front of a light surface, you may observe a fringe of comple-mentary color around the object after a few moments. This is all very normal, and is used by some magical groups as an aid to visualization sometimes called 'flashing colors'. Some silly people will stare at other people in the same way. And when they see the after image of the person's clothing, they think they are seeing his aura. What is more, various meanings have been attributed to the colors of the aura. A psychic who can see the aura is supposed to be able to determine that person's emotional state. Thus psychic frauds can have a marvelous time with auras. One deluded psychic taught a class I attended in which he performed instant psychoanalysis on the basis of the supposed aura. It was obvious that he was actually observing after images from the student's clothes!

This brings us to the chart of aura colors. It is a general guide, based mostly on Theoso-phical material. Various groups may attribute different meanings to the colors. The colors we show on the chart are emotional in nature; useful if you plan to create an artificial elemental or do healing. Surrounding yourself with a particular color will tend to produce the specific psychological effect described in the chart. That quality of color is useful in magick ritual.

Colors Of The Aura

BLUE -- DEVOTION (religious feeling)
VIOLET -- SPIRITUAL (psychic & spiritual) FACULTY

Thoughtforms And Spirits

Whenever we concentrate our thoughts, we draw psychic energy together. This is called a thoughtform. Usually the energy dissipates as soon as we break the concentration, but it is possible to purposely concentrate energy in this way, producing very strong thought-forms. Such thoughtforms are vortexes or centers of psychic energy. They can exist as entities by themselves, at least for a while. They are basically inanimate, non-thinking forces. Talking to one is about as logical as talking to a chair. In this way, thoughtforms are similar to elementals, ghosts, and spirits. All of these psychic entities consist of a psychic energy vortex which could be described as a localized field or as a discontinuity of the physical world.

Psychic entities respond to certain electrostatic and magnetic fields, and to other energy vortexes. That is why they respond to magick ritual. Someday, we may accomplish the same thing with electronic machines. Psychic entities are sometimes able to affect our thought processes.

Thoughtforms, elementals, and ghosts are usually not very smart. If they display any intelligence at all, it is limited. They are the morons of the spirit world. Their behavior is usually automatic, repetitive, robot-like (just like some people). We see that artificial elementals are little more than astral robots. Spirits and deities are more intelligent and volitional.

Directed Attention

Your mind follows your attention. Wherever you direct your attention, there will your thoughts go too. By directing attention to a specific place or purpose you *focus* mental energy upon it.

For example: you're having lunch in a cafeteria crowded with people. It is a large place, and everyone there is talking at once, so that the room is a constant jumble of noise. You happen to notice a man across the room; he reminds you of someone. All at once he drops his fork and you hear it hit the table. But would you have noticed the sound of his fork if you had not been looking? No. Only by focusing your attention there were you able to pick out that individual event and associated sound.

It is a dark night. You are walking and the only light you have is from the flashlight you hold in your hand. As you move the flashlight around, the beam of light from it directs your attention first one way then another. Now, the mind is something like that flashlight in the dark. And by directed attention, you point the mind to one place or another. As with that flashlight beam, you see where the mind is pointed; nothing more. The rest is 'noise'. And so we could define mental noise as anything not focused upon. In another way, noise could be considered as negative emotions, attitudes, and thoughts which make it more difficult to direct the attention.

Your emotions follow your thoughts quite easily. Your emotions are not YOU, but are rather reactions prompted by your model and ego -- like a performance or an act, while the real you watches. In a similar way, directing your attention toward a specific emotion will cause you to experience that emotion.

Visualization Exercises

Visual imagination and concentration are very important in magick. Here are some exercises to help in your development...

A. Close your eyes and visualize a single digit number as clearly as you can. Then a two digit number, then a 3 digit one. Hold the visualization in front of your 'inner eye' for about two minutes. Repeat with a letter or a word.

B. Visualize a brightly colored green circle or spot. Again hold the visualization for two minutes. Try again with a different color.

C. Visualize in succession, each one of the tattvic symbols, in their proper color. Hold each symbol for at least two minutes.

D. Look through a tarot card deck and pick out several of your favorite cards. Then, after briefly studying a card, visualize it vividly in detail. Hold the visualization for at least two minutes. Do this for each card you selected.

E. Repeat the above visualization exercises with your eyes open.


1) What is the aura?
2) What is a thoughtform?
3) How can you develop clairvoyance?

by Phil Hansford, 4/88

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Different Views On Holy Guardian Angel

Different Views On Holy Guardian Angel Cover
Peter Carroll's view:

An occult writer, Peter Carroll split the concept in two and speaks of two "Holy Guardian Angels". According to him, one is the Augoeides, a projected image of whatever the magician strives for, and the other is quantum uncertainty, which ultimately determines the acts of the magician and is a spark of the only true creative force, chaos.

Enochian view:

The Enochian system of 16th Century occultist Dr. John Dee offers a concept similar to Crowley's later views with regard to the Holy Guardian Angel. In this dialog between Dee and the angel Jubanladace on p.18, Cotton Appendix XLVI 1, the angel provides this perspective:

Dee: If I should not offend you, I would gladly know of what order you are or how your state is in respect of Michael, Gabriel, Raphael or Uriel.

Jubanladace: Unto men, according unto their deserts, and the first excellency of their soul, God hath appointed a good Governor or Angel, from among the orders of those that are blessed. For every soul that is good, is not of one and the self same dignification. Therefore according to his excellency we are appointed as Ministers from that order, whereunto his excellency accordeth: to the intent that he may be brought, at last, to supply those places which were glorified by a former: and also to the intent, that the Prince of darkness might be counterposed in God's justice.

Michael Newton's view:

Hypnotist Michael Newton, wrote in his book Destiny of Souls that, "In my work, guides are sometimes described as guardian angels, although our personal teachers are beings who have incarnated in physical form long before graduating to the level of guides."


Mike Howard reports in The Book of Fallen Angels that members of the Order of the Morning Star (OMS) have argued that the Holy Guardian Angel is a fabricated concept in Western occultism and is largely the invention of Aleister Crowley and his peers, drawing upon only a handful of sources. In the Thelemic journal Starfire this discussion was explored in more detail, with various occult authors siding on both sides of the debate.

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Liber 017 Fake Liber Iao Or The Book Of Holy Kisses

Liber 017 Fake Liber Iao Or The Book Of Holy Kisses Cover

Book: Liber 017 Fake Liber Iao Or The Book Of Holy Kisses by Aleister Crowley

Liber IAO.Sexual Magick. Gives three methods of attainment through a willed series of thoughts. The active form of Liber CCCXLI.

Thought to be lost, though there is a spurious Liber IAO floating around... Crowley's Liber IAO is missing presumed lost, but there has been a fake "Liber IAO", with author subtitle "The Book of Holy Kisses" circulating on the Internet for some time, which is clearly not by Crowley and doesn't really have any Magickal content to speak of. (It's supposedly by Jerry Cornelius/Frater IVIVI, as in the case of another fake "Liber Collegii Interni".)

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Babalon Daughter

Babalon Daughter Cover Crowley also had a vision of the Virgin Daughter of Babalon, which he published in his The Vision and the Voice, Liber 418 vel Chanokh; and also, again, in The Book of Thoth (1944, Part Two, Appendix, p. 143), under the Description of The Virgin Universe:

" Now then we are passed within the lines of the army, and we are come unto a palace of which every stone is a separate jewel, and is set with millions of moons.

And this palace is nothing but the body of a woman, proud and delicate, and beyond imagination fair. She is like a child of twelve years old. She has very deep eye-lids, and long lashes. Her eyes are closed, or nearly closed. It is impossible to say anything about her. She is naked; her whole body is covered with fine gold hairs, that are the electric flames that are the spears of mighty and terrible Angels who breast-plates are the scales of her skin. And the hair of her head, that flows down to her feet, is the very light of God himself. Of all the glories beheld by the seer in the Aethyrs, there is not one which is worthy to be compared with her littlest finger-nail. For although he may not partake of the Aethyr, without the Ceremonial preparations, even the beholding of this Aethyr from afar is like the partaking of all the former Aethyrs.

The Seer is lost in wonder, which is peace.

And the ring of the horizon above her is a company of glorious Archangels with joined hands, that stand and sing: This is the daughter of BABALON the Beautiful, that she hath borne unto the Father of All. And unto all hath she borne her.

This is the Daughter of the King. This is the Virgin of Eternity. This is she that the Holy One hath wrested from the Giant Time, and the prize of them that have overcome Space. This is she that is set upon the Throne of Understanding. Holy, Holy, Holy is her name, not to be spoken among men. For Kore they have called her, and Malkuth, and Betulah, and Persephone.

And the poets have feigned songs about her, and the prophets have spoken vain things, and the young men have dreamed vain dreams; but this is she, that immaculate, the name of whose name may not be spoken. Thought cannot pierce the glory that defendeth her, for thought is smitten dead before her presence. Memory is blank, and in the most ancient books of Magick are neither words to conjure her, nor adorations to praise her. Will bends like a reed in the tempests that sweep the borders of her kingdom, and imagination cannot figure so much as one petal of the lilies whereon she standeth in the lake of crystal, in the sea of glass.

This is she that hath bedecked her hair with seven stars, the seven breaths of God that move and thrill its excellence. And she hath tired her hair with seven combs, whereupon are written the seven secret names of God that are not known even of the Angels, or of the Archangels, or of the Leader of the armies of the Lord.

Holy, Holy, Holy art thou, and blessed be Thy name for ever, unto whom the Aeons are but the pulsings of thy blood. "

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Synopsis Of Six Articles On Drugs

Synopsis Of Six Articles On Drugs Cover

Book: Synopsis Of Six Articles On Drugs by Aleister Crowley

These Articles were never written -- a great loss since Crowley succinctly anticipates (by at least thirty years) the main trends in sociological and psychopharmacological thought as they developed, often
painfully, in the 1960s and 1970s. Although this synopsis appears to have been written in mid-to-late 1920s (possibly the early 1930s), the articles could well have appeared in The Psychedelic Review or The Journal of Psychedelic Drugs. Aside from underscoring Crowley's pioneering work in this field, this synopsis remains valuable as an outline of Crowley's mature view of drugs later in his life -- their use and abuse. Explanatory notes are provided for this publication.

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Aleister Crowley - Synopsis Of Six Articles On Drugs

What If Thelema Were True

What If Thelema Were True Cover The thing is, Christianity makes no distinction between the pope and the pauper, not spiritually. And it is easy for the pauper to understand this, because he knows that all he has to do to be saved is to express his faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He might live like a rat in his human time; but this is merely a sign to others of the essential rathood underlying any presumption of righteous value in even the most virtuous or materially prosperous human existence. In the end, all the rats are redeemed in the Body of Christ, where they will once again be individually extinct, but fully alive in the Unity of Divine Light.

The Thelemite, on the other hand, does not have an easy time of things. First off, he is told that faith is a corpse, and that he had better rely upon something more tangible, like himself, to get saved. And the best way to do that? “Do what thou wilt”. But, nobody can say with authority or certainty what that means exactly. Or what it means to anybody generally, since it could mean one thing to a person at one stage of his life and something else entirely to that person at another stage of his life. And then there is the question of whether doing what “thou” wilt means doing what YOU want, or something else. And why is there really a difference? We are told there is this “higher” self that wants to be in charge of directing traffic, but it requires the lower self to submit in order to have any power and authority. What a strange way to get any Great Work done in the world!

Of course, people make careers, such as they are, addressing these questions, but the point is that Thelema introduces a whole list of quandaries for any believers, or knowers, and these are not intended to be easy to understand or to follow consistently. The ethics of Thelema, the moral guidelines that would shape behavior are in fact extremely problematic. Unlike the fictional Thelemites, whose nobility both qualified them to belong to the exclusive Abbey of Thelema, and disinclined them from vice, Crowleyan or Aiwazan Thelema is supposed, somehow, to be the natural law affecting everybody. Yet, it argues, just as does Christianity, for a hierarchical social arrangement, with the vast majority of people doing their Will by being the slaves of the Thelemites.

The very essence of a Thelemic community and government is demonstrated in OTO, which is a dictatorship of an elite (not necessarily enlightened) handful of people over the mass of its (presumably unenlightened, and certainly uninformed) members. The argument is made that if people allow themselves to be dictated to, or to be treated as slaves, that is what they deserve. In essence, it is their Will and their destiny to be ordered around by their Thelemic masters.

And you might, reasonably, ask, and many have asked this—so what exactly is the difference between the Thelemic dictatorship and any other brand? Supposedly, the Thelemic dictatorship is largely free of any bigotry in its treatment of others. It is, in other words, an equal opportunity dictator. If one who is born to poor economic circumstances rises up on his own mettle, he shall not be prevented from doing so merely because of his impoverished origin, his skin color or ethnicity, or any other irrelevant consideration. Of course that is a self-fulfilling prophecy, since by definition only the Thelemically deserving would “rise up” or be allowed to rule in the system. The ones who are defeated in their Will to rule, by bigotry or whatever obstacle, were simply too weak to obtain the goal.

As with bugs, Nature or the Way or Nuit makes plenty of copies of a type, and most may in fact fail to achieve their personal attempt at the portion of the Great Work assigned to them.

But again, what is the difference between that and what we see here and now, in the collapsing edifices of the Old Aeon? One might say the difference cannot be apparent to current or any near-future generation.

For if Thelema is true, and true in the sense Crowley believed, than for many centuries to come the strains of a crumbling world and the struggles of the rising world will make the Earth a bubbling cauldron of war, destruction, and all the other good old-fashioned human values. These latter expressions are not subject to extinction merely because some Aeon or the other has passed away or taken up residence and control. And even if that were the case, no cauldron of war and destruction is likely to pass away, but instead will be lifted up, as the main temple of the gods in the administration of Horus and Mars.

When warriors have conquered—everything—they are left to ponder rule and order and even the dreaded notion, peace. Crowley felt a kind of decay would inevitably set in at that point, as the challenges become more complex, political, and “victory” fades into a discursive ambiguity. But again, that is a problem for Thelemites a long time from now to confront, and no doubt a big part of the answer they will seek at that time will be an Exploration of the need that will still exist for an inner conquest. If and when Thelema has been transformed into the dominant doctrine, the point of the establishment of that new regime would be to engender and to encourage a society of introspective extroverts—meaning those whose Work is directed first to the rectification of self, to the honing and tempering of self as a weapon of will, then to the exploitation of time and place (i.e., one’s circumstances) to complete the Great Work of the rectified self.

One again can challenge this achievement and opportunity, to ask what is particularly unique about this desirable outcome, that sets its aside, as a peculiar expression of Thelemic Law, contrasted to the usual occult challenge to seekers to reform within and without.

The main difference I think is one of mode of conduct, and the nature of the energy, which is going to be martial in its essence, and ruthless in its application. If Thelema does take hold, and does inspire a movement of political and social revolution, it is likely to be something which even current, enlightened, adherents, will find extremely troubling, and alien to their nature.

But this, again, is what we should expect, given the prediction for the scheme of development of the Aeon.

I asked this question, what if Thelema were true, because I see so much idle debate about “defining” Thelema, as if Thelemites themselves had some collective responsibility or power to define the current. If Thelema is true, that notion is an absurdity, as if a planet or a star requires a human name or permission to keep moving upon its natural course. The thing is, if Thelema is true, no Thelemites are required to make it so. But, if Thelema is true, all humans who move in accord with the current of the Way of the Aeon of Horus, are Thelemites.

What needs to be defined is one’s Understanding and personal conviction.

Fewer words need to flow at this time. Much more mindful action.

What wilt thou do?

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