Modern Influences Of Thelema

Modern Influences Of Thelema Cover Believe it or not Thelema has influenced the modern world. It is said that Crowley’s teachings and the primary Law of Thelema was used in Gardner’s establishment of Wicca. The similarities and the connection between Gardner and Crowley cannot be denied. It was also through Crowley’s appearance on the cover of the Beatles’ album Sgt. Pepper that established his resurrection and popularity. This appearance drew the interest of the forming hippy culture which supposedly was the core influence to the free love movement. Evidently the children of the 60’s took Love is the Law, Love under Will a little to the extreme.

The beauty of Thelema is that it creates a universal machine with parts and gears and recognizes the necessity for each part to do its own thing for the benefit of the proper function of the whole. The odd thing about Thelema is that if (in theory) everyone followed such a philosophy such as Do What Thou Wilt despite what actions occurred and the reactions they incited everyone would be doing what they were meant to do. Just think about it. Think of what would not occur or what might occur instead of what is happening now? How would people, or the world, change if Thelema were adopted by all?

Wouldn’t someone be doing there will even if they do not know of the Law? NO.

How is someone able to do their will?

For someone to do their Will this takes recognition of the said philosophy and daily contemplation. In a Wiccan sense this would require a state of being constantly grounded so that one can have all their faculties at hand and be fully in the moment to approach everything in life from the proper perspective. This is similar to someone not thinking with their head but with their heart or other body part, allowing a “thought filter” to influence all actions. To do thy Will one must be cleared headed and not distracted. Doing thy Will aligns oneself with the Universe, giving one the momentum of destiny and that of the Universe itself. This would aid one as they are traveling in a pure and strait line with nothing to stop them. Every man and Every Woman is a star. Theoretically if one were to do this, all mundane forms of magick would become pointless and the only use for magick would be for spiritual benefit and growth.

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