A Better Society

A Better Society Cover "Monarchy is based on the premise that one man is wiser than one
million men. Democracy is based on the premise that a million
men are wiser than one man. Both ideas are absurd."

Robert Heinlein

The following is a Manuscript written by aleister crowley
describing the nature of the most elemental rights of every Star.
It must be remembered that it was written at a time when the
English language was male dominated. Since I am not the author
of this piece I am obligated to present it in its original form.


OZ: "the law of
the strong:
this is our law
and the joy
of the world."

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." -AL.I.40

"thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other
shall say nay." -AL.I.42-3

"Every man and Every Woman is a star." -AL.I.3

There is no god but man.

1. Man has the right to live by his own law-
to live in the way that he wills to do:
to work as he will:
to play as he will:
to rest as he will:
to die when and how he will:

2. Man has the right to eat what he will:
to drink what he will:
to dwell where he will:
to move as he will on the face of the earth.

3. Man has the right to think what he will:
to speak what he will:
to write what he will:
to draw, paint carve, etch, mould, build as he will:
to dress as he will:

4. Man has the right to love as he will:--
"take your fill and will of love as ye will,
when, where, and with whom ye will." --AL.I.51.

5. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these

"the slaves shall serve." --AL.II.58.

"Love is the law, love under will." --AL.I.57.

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