Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram Cover The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is a very important ritual within ceremonial magick, and is one of the most basic, and yet most important, rituals of the Golden Dawn system of magick, as well as Thelema and many others. Please note that if you are Pagan, or if in some way the Judeo-Christian ideas in this ritual are not compatible with your Spirituality, then you may substitute or tweak this ritual to your personal liking.This is primarily a work of banishing; it is used to cleans the area and the aura of all negative energies, and the four Elemental powers (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) are summoned as Guardians under the image of the Four Archangels.This ritual is suggested by the Golden Dawn and Thelemic systems of magick to be practiced atleast once daily (preferably three times) for atleast three months prior to any other serious ritual work. Why? Because it cleanses the aura of the magus and protects him or her from negative energies, which is important before undergoing the possible dangerious magickal areas that are to come. It also purifies the self in order to make it a proper receptacle to the Divine, which is to be manifest within the magician in later work. This is the Magnum Opus, the Great Work, and the goal of the western Mystery Tradition: The gradual psychic and spiritual awakening and the development of the God-Man. It is self Transformation in its purest form. Also, this ritual is the perfect training exercise. Practiced regularly and daily, it trains the would-be magician in how to manipulate energy, trace symbols and cast Circles by projecting the aura's energy, cleansing and protection and banishing, and also to summon spirits (in this case the Archangels). Thus, one who has successfully undertaken this work should be proficient in all these areas. It is also advisable that the magician abstain from intoxicants and tobacco, drink plenty of water and/or fast, and have moral and sexual purity during this probabtionary period of training and self-development.

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