Different Views On Holy Guardian Angel

Different Views On Holy Guardian Angel Cover
Peter Carroll's view:

An occult writer, Peter Carroll split the concept in two and speaks of two "Holy Guardian Angels". According to him, one is the Augoeides, a projected image of whatever the magician strives for, and the other is quantum uncertainty, which ultimately determines the acts of the magician and is a spark of the only true creative force, chaos.

Enochian view:

The Enochian system of 16th Century occultist Dr. John Dee offers a concept similar to Crowley's later views with regard to the Holy Guardian Angel. In this dialog between Dee and the angel Jubanladace on p.18, Cotton Appendix XLVI 1, the angel provides this perspective:

Dee: If I should not offend you, I would gladly know of what order you are or how your state is in respect of Michael, Gabriel, Raphael or Uriel.

Jubanladace: Unto men, according unto their deserts, and the first excellency of their soul, God hath appointed a good Governor or Angel, from among the orders of those that are blessed. For every soul that is good, is not of one and the self same dignification. Therefore according to his excellency we are appointed as Ministers from that order, whereunto his excellency accordeth: to the intent that he may be brought, at last, to supply those places which were glorified by a former: and also to the intent, that the Prince of darkness might be counterposed in God's justice.

Michael Newton's view:

Hypnotist Michael Newton, wrote in his book Destiny of Souls that, "In my work, guides are sometimes described as guardian angels, although our personal teachers are beings who have incarnated in physical form long before graduating to the level of guides."


Mike Howard reports in The Book of Fallen Angels that members of the Order of the Morning Star (OMS) have argued that the Holy Guardian Angel is a fabricated concept in Western occultism and is largely the invention of Aleister Crowley and his peers, drawing upon only a handful of sources. In the Thelemic journal Starfire this discussion was explored in more detail, with various occult authors siding on both sides of the debate.

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