The Word Of The Law

The Word Of The Law Cover Thelema a Greek word meaning Will

• Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. (1:40)

This is the primary rule of Thelema. However it is also the most misunderstood quote from the text. To the ignorant it says do what you want but what it really means is for one to do as they willed to do. It is believed that one exists or is reborn by out of willing to become alive for some reason of another. So to do what one wills, means for one to do what they were destined to do. I personally follow this rule by listening to my intuition as I feel this to be the easiest thing to a voice of God that one can experience. However Do what you will and not as I will.

• Love is the law, love under will. (1:57)

Love the Greatest of all human emotions is even under the control of destiny and one’s Will. This is very vague and arguable law. Are we to Love all or are we to only love as our Will wills it to be?

• There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. (3:60)

Restating that there is no law greater or above Do What Thou Wilt.

• Every Man and Every Woman is a star. (1:3)

One of the more significant quotes from the text states that we are a stars unto ourselves. That we each emit our own light and that light Travels in a straight line not crossing or affecting one another, coexisting in perfect unison. Each star is the center of its own galaxy. This quote tells how if we are each like individual stars, if we find and exist within our place in the world, then the world would function in a perfect sense. Each person is a gear in the machine of life doing what they were meant to do.

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