Sephiroth Ha Dborim The Emanations Of Words

Sephiroth Ha Dborim The Emanations Of Words Cover

Book: Sephiroth Ha Dborim The Emanations Of Words by Aleister Crowley

This numerical dictionary, based upon Sepher Sephiroth, has been revised and updated, including much new material. It has also been stripped of much extraneous material such as planetary spirits, etc., to make it a more 'purist' production, since much of the material of that type is rather unreliable. All the numerations have been checked, and the Latin originally given from Kabbalah Denudata has been translated and checked against the Hebrew (using Brown-Driver-Briggs and Megiddo). The references to Zoharic texts, etc., have been checked, and are now given with verse numbers (rather than page numbers) wherever possible. Furthermore, new Zoharic (and other) references have been inserted. Biblical references have been checked, and given KJV (rather than Vulgate) verse numbers, and many new Biblical references have been found. Hebrew words and phrases without a Translation have been translated, and much of the other Hebrew Translations have been checked also. Words with a possible 'final letters' value have all been enumerated. The Table of Factors has also been expanded to give all (not just the lowest) factors. The edition of Sepher Sephiroth upon which this revision is based also cites Fratres Volo Noscere, Lampada Tradam, and Soror N.N. as contributors and proofreaders. Love is the law, love under will. Frater Hoor

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Aleister Crowley - Sephiroth Ha Dborim The Emanations Of Words

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