The Empirical Rules Of Magick 14 Purification

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 14 Purification Cover
Remember that the things you have in your life are those that you have drawn to you. When someone upsets you, he usually has a lesson to teach you. If you can learn this lesson, you can escape the situation. If you escape without learning your lesson, you'll probably be in a similar situation soon. Sometimes people often make us angry by reflecting a part of our personality that we are unhappy with. Also, the negative vibrations we pick up during our everyday lives attract negative things. The purpose of the ritual bath is to remove such influences. It is also a good idea to do an entire spell for purification. This is not only good to do on yourself, but also your home and wherever else you spend much personal time.

Affirmations: The white light cleanses me of all negative thoughts and energies. Only positive feelings remain in me. I release all negative vibrations into the Earth to be healed.

Visualizations: See yourself being washed clean by white or violet light from above you (your High Self). Each time you inhale, take in pure white light. When you exhale, release all your negativity. See this negativity go down into the earth to be healed.

Other: Place a piece of rock salt under your tongue. Use incense smoke or water to cleanse yourself. Again, religious symbols are very effective.

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