Religion How To Be Wizard 4 An Introduction To Commonly Used Tools Continued

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In our previous post on "How To Be A Wizard," we discussed some basics about the cauldron, wand, pentacle, and athame.

Now, we will continue with candles, bells, the censer, and the infamous broom.

Remember, it's most important to familiarize yourself with the reasons and energies behind why these tools are used before you feel the need to rush out and buy any. And as we often discuss, meditation will help you to quiet your mind and get in better touch with who you truly are, and thus what you truly need.

CANDLES: Candles play a central role in most magickal ceremonies. Humans seem to have a primitive connection to fire. There's also an instinct to associate fire with desires (blowing out candles on a birthday cake) and/or releasing things no longer wanted (throwing what you wish to let go of into a fire, either literally or symbolically by placing your focus and thoughts on a fire).

In some ceremonies, practitioners use a candle for the Goddess, and a candle for the God. Other times, it is more generally used as the element of Fire. Those just learning how to be a witch/how to be a wizard will note that candles provide an easy way to begin with spell casting. Use new candles, and focus your intentions on the burning flame. Know that candles are useful for sympathetic rites, which is where something (in this case, the candle) symbolizes a person, place, or thing.

BELL: Another object that seems to be archetypal in human beings' practices of spiritual and religious ceremonies is the bell. As we know from both science and metaphysics, all things vibrate. We have a connection to bells both for the sounds they give off, and the physical vibration that ripples through the air when we are near them.

Because of this, they emit power, and are wonderful for harmonizing the energies in your magickal circle. The bell evokes the Goddess and is used to begin or end a rite. For the crafty "How To Be A Wizard" readers, variations include singing bowls, shaking a sistrum, and ritual rattles.

CENSER: Why not get all of the senses involved? A censer is simply an object for holding burning incense. Of all of the senses, smell is most directly connected to the newer parts of the human brain in the frontal lobe, and most able to evoke memories. Animals and trees communicate using scent.

When you burn different incense, it affects the spirit and molecules of the air around you. Sage is commonly used for cleansing an area. You can feel free to experiment. Many objects can act as a censer, and many different items can be burned. Just be practical and safe.

BROOM: Yes, it's the stereotypical witch object! But with good reason. Also called a besom, it is used for ritual cleansing of an area. It focuses your intent to purify a space, whether that be for a rite, or a living space that needs a re-set. You focus on clearing anything unwanted that has built up since its last use.

Again, the savvy "How To Be A Wizard" reader can easily make their own broom. Traditionally, the staff is made of oak or ash, the binding willow wands, and the bottom brush area birch twigs.

FOR THOSE SEEKING GUIDED MEDITATIONS AND A HOST OF MEDITATION TOOLS, there is a resource known simply as the Meditation Program. It incorporates new brainwave research and LETS YOU TRY IT OUT FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. It may prove to be a great boon for you!

This concludes our Part 2 Tools article on "how to be a wizard".

Click here for the next article, which is on The Book of Shadows.

We look forward to sharing more soon.

Good journeys!

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