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by Christos Beest (Order of the Nine Angles)

"They lurk at the threshold of existence
Preening their wings and eyes and sounds
which they send forth to all who have
ears to hear and minds to know. And they
wait and reside in the space between
worlds, the space that is the corner of
the meeting of dimensions. They are the
destroyers... he bornless forever who
wait for our call. Soon they will come to
collect that blood which is required by
Them. To understand Them is to pass that
Abyss beyond which the man ceases to be."

The Message of the One of Thoth

Much has been uttered - 'in shrivelled hallways untidy with the
Blackest Inventions
' - concerning the entities/energies known as the Dark Gods. Hitherto, all information regarding 'They who will have
' has consisted of misrepresentations and absolute rubbish.
q.v. the works of H.P. Lovecraft, who intuitively grasped vague
hints of the genuine Dark Tradition, whilst presenting it within
the context of the 'opposites' (as with 'The Necronomicon' in its
many hoax forms
). Those who wish to know the Dark Gods are required to pass the Abyss - the experience of going beyond 'opposites' - to understand what these energies are in essence (i.e. they just ARE)
and to remain sane and in one piece.

From an uninitiated viewpoint, the Dark Gods are indeed the most
hideous and terrifying manifestations of the acausal on this causal plane. Due to the Nazarene Tyranny establishing evolutionary regression, very few can comprehend even the most remote hint of Chaos (or The Dark Gods) in its primal state, i.e. they do not perceive the essence hidden by appearance; they are bound by 'moral projections'. ('He is the
damned, the baser for a moral corrupt'.)

While the Dark Gods may be perceived as 'convenient abstractions'
or Archetypal Energy, they may also be regarded as having an actual existence (and it is up to the individual to decide which of these, or neither, is the correct for him/herself). The Dark Tradition,
continued by small numbers of Adepts since the Hyperborean Aeon to the present day, contains many tales of the origins of the Dark Gods.
Whether one chooses to see these as myth or mythos, is, at the end of the day, a matter of personal taste according to which viewpoint is the most magickally useful.

Previously, weakening a Star Gate (or nexion, a physical link between the causal and acausal) and bringing the Dark Gods has involved
hideous rites of sacrifice and suffering, and in terms of results, vile uncertainty principles. Refined magickal techniques (such as the Rite of Nine Angles) have replaced many of these bloody shamblings (the Blood remains, mostly in menstrual form) and the Return of the Dark Gods is now an easier proposition, both in terms of what can be done ceremonially, hermetically and how mass Consciousness can be effected by Aeonic
techniques. However, certain cases involving those who, unprepared
and otherwise, have attempted to bring the Dark Gods, have resulted in madness and/or death. Such events are always followed by the shedding of blood on a larger scale - the Darkest of negations must have sustenance.
And is bloodshed necessary anymore?

Returning the Dark Gods will fulfill the Destiny (in its dying form) of this Aeon - the Western, still about 350 years left to run - by
establishing the next Aeon, which has no word since it is Chaos itself.
This Aeonic progression has been a gradual opening of various
acausal - or magickal - centres on this terrestrial plane. It is
important to remember that there never was a 'golden age' way back when from which the human race toppled and has been trying to grovel back to ever since, armed with hints of 'lost knowledge' constituting the
various 'mysteries' (not in the Greek sense of the word) we have today.
In one one sphere of evolution, we have reached an intuitive stage - the culmination so far of the Aeonic progression - where we can decide our own destiny. For this reason, it is generally agreed that the
terrestrial centres are now exhausted - the new Aeon may very well be
'Galactic' in form (either symbolically, i.e. representing the forward looking nature of civilisation, or literally, the consequence of
the same

Establishing a forward looking civilisation reveals the nature and
purpose of Satanism. Those (for example) qabalistic magicians who
think they are contributing towards this progression should think again.

The Return of the Dark Gods will bring torment, gnashing Darkness
and Death to some, and bounty to others. As stated, we have reached a point in consciousness to recognise that the world is up for grabs.
The strong will survive and the weak will perish - an obvious statement, though difficult for those bound by Nazarene morality to accept.

To invert the Established is only a starting point, a means to an end.
For most, that stage beyond may be realised in time. But for now, it is enough just to start. As Derek Farr, bastion of the film noir, so eloquently said in his early film 'Lethargy':

"It seems there is no finer point
Than that which is lodged with the cranial index
of a dying priest."



P. O. Box 38-262, Petone, Wellington

excerpted from "The Watcher", November 1990CE XXV AS, Issue No. 5
originally edited by:
Graeme Wilson
P.O. Box 38-262
New Zealand

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