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In previous episodes of The Golden Dawn Saga, we discovered how the SRIA has for decades been trying to impose its anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, and anti-Pagan brand or Rosicrucianism on the Golden Dawn. SRIA seeks complete domination and control over the Golden Dawn using trademarks and lineage as weapons.

For many years, only the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and its parent order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega has stood between the SRIA and its goal of complete GD domination. SRIA has done everything imaginable to remove this obstacle. They have published the Alpha Omega's rituals, our mysteries, defamed our leaders and our members on the Internet for two decades, and even tried to rewrite our history.

Two months ago, SRIA operative, Nick Farrell, published yet another book attacking the Alpha Omega, this time creating false rumors of a "contemporary Alpha Omega political and religious personality cult."

This time the Adepts of the Alpha Omega rose up and with one united voice declared:


Together, we took a stand on, where Farrell was peddling this defamatory trash.

In response, the racist SRIA pulled out all the stops, setting their hounds of hell loose upon our order, sending marching orders to SRIA agents in all of the Golden Dawn orders already under SRIA dominion.

Suddenly the Alpha Omega found our members under attack on a bevy of blogs and Yahoo fora - by SRIA agents including Nick Farrell, Olen Rush, Peregrin Wildoak, Joseph Max, Deanna Bonds, Anita Hoener, Morgan Eckstein, Martin Thibeault, and Pat Zalewksi.

This Witch Hunt operation was orchestrated from behind the scenes, apparently by the Supreme Maga of SRIA in America, who is also listed as 2d Grand Ancient of the anti-Semitic "Order of the Rose and Cross," together with racist R.A. Gilbert, the Secret Chief of this pack of SRIA and OR+C attack dogs.

SRIA Attack Dogs

This pack of SRIA hell hounds proved quite inadequate, however, when the good Brothers and Sisters of the Alpha Omega stepped forth in defense of the rose of the Rosicrucian Mysteries of our order.

"In Defense of our Rose - United in Chivalry - ALPHA OMEGA!"

"Unlike our ruffian opponents, the Adepts of the Alpha Omega fight with chivalry, knowing we are fighting to protect the minority rights of Jews, Pagans, and Muslims to initiation in the Golden Dawn. We fight for the initiates of the future, that the Golden Dawn will not fall under the complete control and dominion of "Christian only" SRIA segregationists."

SRIA leaders never expected the resistance they just encountered nor had they ever encountered anything like it before. Our Adepts gathered and mounted our defense here on the Golden Dawn Blog, repeating every defamation, every insult, and every misrepresentation from every blog - then refuted them one by one. The readership of the Golden Dawn Blog skyrocketed to 24,000 page views per month, as the entire esoteric community gathered here to witness the unfolding Witch Hunt against our order.

Anti-Semites like R.A. Gilbert and other SRIA and ORC leaders are like cockroaches. They can be quite annoying as long as they are able to hide in the shadows. The Golden Dawn Saga shed a light on them, however, and predictably, they ran away once exposed to the light. Racist manipulators like the SRIA and the ORC can only carry out their evil machinations as long as they remain safely hidden in the darkness. They can not stand being exposed to the light.

This is why, once exposed to the light, the SRIA cockroaches pulling the strings of thier McGoldenDawn puppets ordered these SRIA operatives to stand down and quit attacking the Alpha Omega for the moment.

SRIA-ORC-McGD "Secret Chief" R.A. Gilbert

The light that SRIA cockroaches could not stand came into sharp relief when it was exposed that SRIA Grand Archivist, RA Gilbert, had made an anti-Semitic tirade on a research article for the "Christian only" Order of the Rose and Cross segregationists. The scandal deepened when it was exposed that Nick Farrell, the Supreme Maga of the SRIA (America) and her SRIA (Anglia) husband were all listed as Grand Officers on the website of the nascent ORC. This raised serious questions, for example:

Is Nick Farrell a Closet NAZI?

Despite their best intentions, the SRIA and the ORC could not remain silent for long. Even though they ordered their attack dogs to heel, they nonetheless sent out their anonymous troll spin doctors. SRIA troll, Teletourgos, and ORC apologist, SEP, appeared spinning like tops in the comments section of this blog, trying to whitewash interference in the Golden Dawn and being outed as the nests of racists and anti-Semites SRIA and ORC are.

Teletourgos wrote:

"speaking from the INSIDE, from the standpoint of the masonic rosicrucian HIERARCHY i can't see any reason for them to give a damn about coming up with an official stance as regards competing GDs. why would they?" Note that Teletourgos just admitted that he is an SRIA leader! Teletourgos then went on to admit that the SRIA has been attacking our order for years, when he wrote:

"Research by SRIA brothers led to the debunking of [Alpha Omega] lineage claims many years ago and [they have] hated the SRIA for the two decades since."It is, of course, utter nonsense that any SRIA researchers have "debunked" any of the lineages of our order. What IS highly interesting, on the other hand, is Teletourgos' admission that it has been "SRIA researchers" who have been the anonymous troll TRYING to debunk the Alpha Omega's lineages for two decades.

ORC apologist, "SEP," was equally inept in his spin attempts, for example when he wrote:

"I know Bob Gilbert very well. He is not racist, nor is he anti-Semitic. "

Well, of course not! And, of course, we should also all take the word of an anonymous spin troll over R.A. Gilbert's written anti-Semitic rant on the ORC website. SEP completely failed to explain this tirade, nor what "Spiritual enemies of Christianity" Gilbert was ranting about, nor even why Jews, Pagans, or Muslims are not allowed in either of the segregationist orders, SRIA or ORC.

Following this, the Golden Dawn community enjoyed a few days of peace and quiet until today when anonymous troll, SRIA operative, Peregrin Wildoak wrote:

"Though I am likely to invoke the wrath of a few anti-Christian nutters out there, it is quite clear that the sources for modern western magic developed within the Christian milieu. The background and backbone of many modern traditions, Rosicrucianism was started by heterodox Christians and is replete with Christian imagery and mysteries."Peregrin here is serving as SRIA chief apologist, trying to justify the SRIA program of Rosicrucian "ethnic cleansing" of all Jews, Pagans, and Muslims from the "Christians only" Rosicrucian vision held by the SRIA and the ORC.

Of course, anyone who opposes the insanity of such "ethnic cleansing," Peregrin brands an "anti-Christian nutter."

Although it is true that the Rosicrucian movement, like the Golden Dawn, is indeed a reformulation of ancient Egyptian and other Pagan mysteries using a preponderance of Christian symbols, Kabbalah certainly did not evolve in a Christian milieu, nor did the ancient Egyptian mysteries themselves. Peregrin also ignores that there is a Papal Bull forbidding Magic.

GH Frater Sincerus Renatus today wrote a fine and thorough scholarly rebuttal of Peregrin's latest, segregationist SRIA apology. I most strongly recommend SR's article, as Peregrin's pathetic apology is clearly a new talking point from the SRIA we are bound to hear repeated over and over in months to come.

You can read GH Frater SR's fine article here.

Meanwhile, as long as SRIA or ORC goons continue to attack our order, or their spin doctors justify their Rosicrucian "ethnic cleansing," I will be here to shine a light again and again on the SRIA cockroaches, sending them scurrying back into the darkness!

- David Griffin (A Voice of the Resistance)

Defeat the SRIA!

Liberate the Golden Dawn!

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