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If you search around the internet or peruse books that discuss witchcraft, magick, and how to be a wizard, you may well end up confronting conflicting lists of definitions and labels. Some people like to get very technical and list differences between words like witch, priestess, sorcerer, wizard, mage, druid, and the like. They denote varying specialties, spell types, and even philosophies among these definitions.

We feel that a good deal of this is not quite necessary. We've already noted we generally use "wizard", "witch", or the general "practitioner" on this site.

If you feel curious, you are of course always free to do your own research. As noted earlier, the Net is filled with information and resources to help you on the path.

If we here at "how to be a wizard" can compile a helpful list of role types that is general enough but still denotes commonly-held distinctions, we may do so in a later post. For now, let's simply agree that black magick in general has a negative, hurtful intent, and that is certainly not what this site is about. Beyond that, let's talk about magick itself.

Once again, the beauty and challenge of these paths is that there is no governing body. It is a living tradition adapted by the needs of individuals in their specific circumstances. As established, magick certainly has its root in being connected to, and revering Nature. Beyond that, there are two general ways to view magick by those who walk the path.

As we discuss much on" how to be a wizard", the first viewpoint defines magick as a way to resonate with, or be in sympathy with, universal laws and energies. In turn, the practitioner is both more influenced by the Life force (gaining wisdom) and also more able "to influence" the effects of the Life Force (manifesting changes and outcomes in the seen world). It's kind of a chicken and egg thing.

The second viewpoint more directly deals with spirits. Instead of a one-on-one relationship with Life/Nature/The Universe, the magick practitioner communes with spirits, and the spirits act as the agents of change. They can be thought of as intermediaries between you and the Source, and bidders of your intent.

Think of the first, one-on-one way setup, as a romantic relationship. It's all about you and It!

Think of the second approach as being part of a team, but some members of that team have higher clearance than you (i.e. direct access to the President).

Now that we've outlined the two fundamental approaches to magick, the writers of the "how to be a wizard" site actually have this to say: we do not see the two approaches as mutually exclusive (and we're not alone in this).

In the broadest perspective, you are one with Life. In the experiences of the seen, material, or mundane world (all words for the same thing) there exists an abundance of different expressions of the fundamental Life Force. This is the richness of Life, the varying people, plants, animals.

When communing with energies that occupy modes of existence that are different from our material plane (which we can call spirits), then you are simply interfacing with another aspect of Life. This relationship with Life in all of its forms is a fundamental part of how to be a wizard.

All in all, communion with a spirit, an aspect of your own consciousness, an animal, or plants and herbs by ways of you making a healing concoction, are all the same. It's you as Life playing with those "other" things as Life.

Playing with your cat or dog and communicating with a spirit, are thus, in essence, very similar. The plants and animals and people and non-material entities we may encounter all serve to direct our focus in certain ways, providing their own unique experience and energetic signature.

The same holds true when we focus our attention on the broader ideas of God and Goddess-these are our words and images to denote that we're communing with the greater collection of energies: the Source and Life Force itself.

While we don't want to split hairs, one more word on the subject: the path of learning how to be a wizard is about connecting to and being your highest self, and that includes direct access to Source. There are many ways up the mountain, but we support an approach that affirms that you always have direct access to Source, to the Goddess/God.

No one and no thing must be your go-between.

Meditation to facilitate access to mystic states provides a great boon to those who seek to learn how to be a witch and how to be a wizard. Subliminal Mp3s is a site with tools devoted to this pursuit.

This concludes this "basic definitions" article on "how to be a wizard."

The next article begins to explain common tools used in the magickal practices.

We look forward to sharing more soon. Good journeys!

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