Documentary On Crowley And Why Do So Many Witches Defend Him

Documentary On Crowley And Why Do So Many Witches Defend Him Image
Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Man in the World

I did post the whole darn thing on here because there are several bad versions outon the web which clash, so this is the best lineup I could manage! I posted this here because I found a Wiccan publication which stated that Crowley was 'misunderstood' as though he's a victim of sorts which really seems to ignore the majority of hisactions which even he called evil.

I have watched this documentary twice to try to understand the thought process of the man who has labelled as the Wickedest Man in the World by the press in his time. Nearly all of his actions go against the Wiccan 'do as ye will but harm ye none' where you could say that Crowley's version would be 'do exactly what you like in this lifetime whilst using others for your magick.' Sorry, I'm trying not to be biased here, but it's VERY hard! I could easily have some people arguing with me over that, but really, why do so many people defend him? Sure, it's a free world, but the radicals of the 60s who were inspired by his complete defiance of morality seemed to only mimick Crowley's completely free self expression and hedonism alone as some

sort of a pioneer. As a minister says in this documentary, it seems that those who applaud Crowley do so by envisioning him as a 'benign humanist' - when in actual fact, he had no care for others which you will see in this documentary as he clearly rebels against his parents' beliefs as "a victim of his own idea of Christianity." Crowley has done a great deal to inspire the Ordo Templis Orientis (most of these videos come from their fan page) and Satanism.

You can make up your own mind from this documentary - as I always stand as the moralist, completely unable to understand the motivations of a man who would happily walk all over others to form his spiritual path. The second video repeats itself (I couldn't find the one version) and I apologise for the sound going out of sync - the version I had seems to have disappeared. I'll post another set of videos relating to the house he lived in in Loch Ness which they don't really go into, which is fascinating in itself.

The man surely can be admired for his adamant desire to travel, taste and explore to the limits with great passion. He must have undertaken incredibly amounts of research in order to undertake the variations of rituals from a range of cultures - and without the internet, that means hard work! He really did try various hats and remained somewhat open minded to be able to explore a variety of religious orders before creating the Thelema.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" is the lesson we take away from this. He abused and destroyed the lives of others and took that into his own hands - dying friendless and penniless in a home for the aged. Certainly do not deny yourself life, but remember to have compassion in perfect love and perfect trust.

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