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Olen Rush today wrote:"Dedicated to ardent Bullshitters who show no work and even condemn the original system while offering naught but conjecture. And likely to not understand these things I have been posting. No verbal explanation is given with this diagram, the student will have to think... Soon we will advance into the Spherical Tree of Life, and how the Astronomical System, and Chess Boards relate to these concepts. Note these are all part of the Grade studies and relate to both Original documents, diagrams, and papers of the Higher Degrees. Despite the fact that some people are denying the validity of original papers such as that written by A.P.S. that were included in the R.R. et A.C. higher degree work, and which they are unable to explain."

Care Frater A.M.,

I am sad to watch you destroy yourself like this. Did you learn nothing from your injuries? Have all the steroids maybe eaten your brains?

We in the Alpha Omega are not like you McGoldenDawn puppets who grovel before anti-Semite SRIA masters, just for scraps of old documents for you to profane on the internet or in books.

Unlike puppets like you of the Dark Hand of the racist SRIA, we in the AO understand the value of initiatic secrecy, which has informed all true initiatic traditions for millennia.

Despite your stupidity in profaning everything you touch, we of the Alpha Omega nonetheless invited you to see proof of the Third Order at the recent Conclave of the Adepti in Las Vegas on March 9. You chose not to come, yet you are so arrogant now to write vulgar insults and try to put us to the test.

We know that you, like Pat Zaewlski did for years, are only trying to trick us to reveal more of our mysteries. You lost this privilege when you failed to show up at the Conclave where concrete proof was provided for all. We do not fall for your cheap trick, trying to bait more information from us.

Instead, we now put you and your anti-Semite SRIA masters to the test.

Since SRIA pretends to be the true Third Order of the Golden Dawn, surely these "Christians only" usurpers can answer one simple and basic question from the Third Order of the Golden Dawn perspective.

If the racists of SRIA are truly the Third Order of the Golden Dawn as they claim, then surely they ought to be able to tell us, at a very minimum:


Mind you, we are not asking for some cheap symbolical explanation like you are used to in the Golden Dawn's First and Second orders.

We are asking you to prove your claim by proving your knowledge of the secret Third Order PRACTICE that lies concealed in these symbols. After all, what truly matters in the advanced Golden Dawn are the SPIRITUAL PRACTICES and not silly intellectual explanations of symbols.

Since you, Olen, are such a great Adept and researcher, and since you prostrate yourself the feet of anti-Semite SRIA masters, surely SRIA, as the true Third Order, can explain to us all at least the truth of this simplest of true Third Order mysteries.

Mind you, Olen, the true Third Order of the Golden Dawn teaches not only this marvelous SPIRITUAL PRACTICE, but as well ALL of the other SPIRITUAL PRACTICES concealed in the symbolism, grades, and magic of the entire system of the Golden Dawn. I am not speaking of mere intellectual explanations of symbols either, but of the actual spiritual practices the symbols conceal.

This is what the true lineage of the Golden Dawn means, and not merely some musty old documents that SRIA does not even understand, whose only value is to show off in books and on the internet to create the illusion that you know more than you do about the Golden Dawn.

You, Olen, as a Jew who serves the interests of SRIA anti-Semites, shame me as a fellow Jew as you shame your entire people.

Which reminds me, you still have not answered my question from last time.

How much are are the racist SRIA pigs paying you to betray your fellow Jews by attacking us in the Alpha Omega?

I'm sure I can make you a better offer.


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