Has The Golden Dawn Lost Its Way

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"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace."- JOHN LENNON

On his Magic of the Ordinary blog, in May 2009, Peregrin Wildoak wrote:"I would suggest what we need prior to any harmony in the Golden Dawn istolerance. This means different groups accepting the other groups right to exist. On a Malkuth action plane this requires doingnothing and saying nothing that counters or hinders any other group. Practically this means a very different ambiance in the Golden Dawn community than at present. All the crappy pages and blogs would go for a start."

In April 2009, Peregrin wrote:"I think the most important point you raise is the recent trend for GD blogs that claim to be impartial observers. When read it is obvious to anyone with half brain that the aim of the blog is really an underhanded attack on one or another Order. It is very sad and I hope these things disappear very soon. Once more I publicly back your call to have a multilateral removal of all abusive and offending GD sites, blogs and posts. This will be a good start."I fully agree with everything that Peregrin wrote above, which is why the HOGD/AO has invited the entire Golden Dawn community to Pow Wow 2013 and is doing everything possible to promote harmony in the Golden Dawn community.

The response from Peregrin Wildoak and Morgan Eckstein? They have begun promoting anonymously publishe hate blogs attacking our order by linking to them from their personal blogs and commenting on them as well.

What has happened in the Golden Dawn community over the past 3 years that has caused leaders who once were a voice of reason and a force for peace, to so radically lose their way?

Personally, I like the old Peregrin better than the new one!

"All we are saying, is give peace a chance!" - JOHN LENNON


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