Dark Theories

Dark Theories Cover In the year 1966, the closest numerical approximation to the Beast’s famous number 666, the film Rosemary’s Baby was released. Based on a best selling novel of the same title, it is a story about the creation of the Moonchild.

(As I wrote the last sentence, I had an intense deja vu…I think I have written it before and had the same deja vu then, as well…..)

Since Roman Polanski directed Rosemary’s Baby, and the film is about the anti-Christ, connections to the tragic, and apparently occult murder of Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate abound.

While filming, Polanski had Devil Worshipper, Anton Lavey, on the set acting as consultant for the ritual elements of the film

Manson was a member of the California OTO.

Manson had studied Scientology. L.Ron Hubbard did magic with Parsons. Hubbard’s own son admits that Scientology is Black Magic.

Sharon Tate, while filming Eye of the Devil in England in the early 60’s, was initiated into wicca by Alex Sanders. I believe she based her characterization of Odile on Maxine Sanders.

The media makes a connection between Roman Polanski’s alleged interest in the occult and Sharon Tate’s death. (I think that is B.S. and victim blaming.)

The Scarlet Woman brings in the Age of Horus through bloodshed. “Force and Fire!”

It was said that when Jack Parsons did his Babalon Working he tore a hole in the Universe and let in something evil. Is it any wonder that these illusions and allusions pile up under the influence of the Moon?

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