The Man Who Put The K In Magick

The Man Who Put The K In Magick Cover There seems to be some confusion as to Crowley's spelling of the word magic. According to Cavendish, the addition of the letter 'k' by Crowley represented the sexual aspects of his magical Studies, the letter 'k' being the first letter of kteis which is the Greek word for female genitalia. However I have been told that reasons for the spelling change were purely numerological by a member of the OTO. Either reason seems likely and acceptable. What is not acceptable is the profusion of words mispelled in some sort of pseudo-appropriation of the power of the word magick. I have noticed several Writers freely using the word 'magickian', which I am willing to tolerate. A reprehensible abuse of this is certainly 'astrologickal' which I believe was repeatedly used in a book published by Llewellyn.

Books in PDF format to read:

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