Elemental Work Experiment To Make Spirits Of The Air Manifest

Elemental Work Experiment To Make Spirits Of The Air Manifest Cover

Experiment to make spirits of the air manifest:

The rite to summon spirits of the air to visible appearance within a triangle, with a circle around in, and inside it, with a dot in the middle of it having been drawn in chalk, and then drawn with the athame, was successful, I could see wisps of smokelike beings, which cohesed into a more or less solid looking body, which pulsated and changed shape. The image would change if I began exserting some desire for a particular appearance.

I have been experiencing some shifts in my psyche. One of the things that stopped me from proceeding with my recent marathon ritual schedule was a growing fear and paranoia I felt growing within me, which started after I summoned an Air Elemental to visible appearance using the material I gained in the previous ritual.

I have done extensive work on myself, over the last 20 years, to where I can look within and find the causes of disquiet, and then do exercises, and even summon the spirit of my old therapist for 'a chat.' What I mean, is that I am well armed for my safari into the jungles of my unconscious.

The growing fear is now back in its box, I discovered that there is a big difference between hypothesizing the existence of air elementals, and conjuring one to visible appearance, as I did to use the new information given to me by the Planetary Intelligence of Mercury. The visible reality has shifted my view of the universe. As Carlos Casteneda said, "Why should the world be as you think it is..the world is a mysterious place where anything can happen." It needed a bit of adjustment on my part to now take into consideration that I can manifest things I never really knew could exist. Please note the responsibility I am taking here-I created the air elemental just as sure as I create the Planetary Intelligence.

That was a great ritual! The calls were dictated to me by this new emerging link between my unconscious and (...whatever it is linked to). Using the style of Key Of Solomon, where you tell the elemental exactly in exhausting detail what it is to do, I managed to conjure it to visible appearance in a triangle outside the circle. The visible appearance tended to shift when I was beginning to think rather than just observe. But on the astral level, I could see a being, a shifting shape of light, as I 'saw' it, confined to the triangle. So, either I lent the element of air energy or meaning so it manifested as a shape, or I summoned an actual objective collection of monads, or a combination of these. I myself need no explanations, there is so much that is unknown in the universe that I am content with getting results, and leaving half baked explanations to those who want to frustrate and limit themselves with them.

After observing the elemental for a while, I dismissed it, the Intelligence, and the intermediary godform I summoned.

But, the next day, I could not bring myself to do another ritual. Everything pointed to an internal reluctance on my part. So, I listened to myself, and instead, rested, and did some objective divination of the difficulties. The bogeyman is now back in the closet, and I can accept the existence of whatever I conjured in the triangle. I now wait for the next ritual period.

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