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Book: Gems From The Equinox by Aleister Crowley

"Gems from the Equinox" has probably been the most important item in my personal library, as well as the one most often used. _Gems_ is not only practical, but also highly inspiring in its collection of key Thelemic and A.'.A.'. class A-E documents. It contains all the major rituals: Resh, Star Ruby (pentagram), Star Sapphire (hexagram), Reguli, Gnostic Mass, Samekh (Crowley's version of the HGA invocation), and more. Liber LXXXIX vel Chanokh offers the basic components of the Enochian system (watchtowers, the SDA, the 91 governors & the Keys or Calls) and precedes the original "The Vision and the Voice" account of Crowley's scrying adventure into the 30 aethyrs. The instructional sections are a goldmine, as are the practical disciplines offered in Libers E, O, Nu, Had, Thisarb, Yod and others. The A.'.A.'. syllabus, One Star in Sight, Khabs Am Pekht, Liber AL vel Legis (the Book of the Law), De Lege Libellvm and more are also included in this indispensible compendium of magick. In my opinion, this is THE one book to have on the shelf, or better yet, on the home or temple altar, for daily reference and praxis in magick and mysticism. The only way to make it more complete as a reference work would be to add the material found in "777".

(Note: The version I own is the 1974-1982 publication by the Israel Regardie Foundation in conjunction with Falcon Press. Very well bound and has held up to a great deal of stress and use; however, I am not at present in a position to comment upon the quality of physical construction of any newer version.)
To synthesize the aim of religion and the method of science--this was the mission of the original 'Equinox,' a massive work in ten large volumes and several subsequent books. The complete 'Equinox' is rarely available and generally beyond the economic reach of most students. This one-volume collection contains all the important magical writings from the original. It has been edited and arranged by Crowley's secretary, Israel Regardie, so the student can "find his way through the maze more easily." It includes material on Crowley's magical order, magical rituals, yoga, invocations, and sex magick among many other topics.

If you can only own three books associated with Crowley and his teachings, they would have to be "Magick: Liber ABA," "Magick Without Tears," and "Gems from the Equinox." This is a well organized synthesis of the most highly regarded contents of The Equinox. The reviews at the end are also good reading if you're looking for books on the occult or a good laugh.

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