A Brief Note On Thelemic Religion

A Brief Note On Thelemic Religion Image
In theory, Thelemic religion is neither the mundane veneration of, nor slavish obligation to, any idealized exterior god, but rather the unveiling Gnosis and hedonistic Worship of the Hidden Divinity inherent within Oneself; in practice, it serves to assist the gradual realization of the Transcendent Will, the Augoeides or Higher Genius, also called the Holy Supernal Will, that is at once within and all around Oneself. Thelema is Self-Gnosis without asceticism, instead finding virtue in sanctified Self-Indulgence.

It is about joyfully celebrating and culturally promoting the Holy Thelemic Atheology that holds the only Deity to be that which is in each and every Woman, Man and Beast, frowning upon any theological superstition that is hopelessly at odds with science. Such Holy Will, concerned with the earth and her creatures and not some otherworldly utopia, founded wholly upon Love, is every way perfect.

Suggested ebooks:

Ole Wolf - Analysis Of The Church Of Satan The Emperor New Religion
Aleister Crowley - Brief Introduction To The Religion Of Thelema

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