Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram

Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram Cover
1- Perform the Relaxation Ritual (RR) and the LBRP.
2- Face the east, your hands out to your sides and say "NRI Yud, Nun, Raish, Yud." This is the sign of Osiris slain.
3- Form an "L", look at your left hand, bow your head and say: "L. The sign of the mournings of Isis."
4- Form a "V", put your head back, look up and say: "V. The sign of Typhon and Apophis."
5- Form an "X", bow your head and say: "X. The sign of Osiris risen."
6- Form all three letters saying: "L. V. X. LUX". When you say the word "light" in the next sentence, you should spread your arms and look forward. Ten re-cross them as before and bow your head while saying meaningfully: "The light…of the Cross."
7- Return to your first position, arms out to your sides, looking forward. Say: "Virgo, Isis, mighty Mother, Scorpoi, Apophis, Destroyer. Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen."
8- Slowly raise your arms into the "V" position again while slowly raising your head. As you do this, say: "Isis, Apophis, Osiris..."
9- By the time your hands reach the "V" position, you should be looking up. Vibrate: IAO (Pronounced: EEEEE – AAAAAHHHHH – OOOOOHHHHH).
10- take a few moments to revel in the light (LVX). Now, visualize the light drawing over your entire body. From you head, down to your feet. Say: "Let the Divine Light Descend." FEEL IT!!!
11- Go to the east, make a Hexagram of Fire in gold flame. Point to the center of the top triangles baseline and vibrate: "Ararita."
12- Carry a white line to the south. Make a Hexagram of Earth, point to the center and vibrate: "Araita."
13- Continue to the west carrying the white line. Make a Hexagram of Air, point to the common lines center and vibrate: "Ararita."
14- Continue to the north, carrying the white line. Make a Hexagram of Water, Vibrate: "Ararita."
15- Complete the circle and repeat the Kabalistic Cross from the LBRP.

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