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Book: The Heart Of The Master And Other Papers by Aleister Crowley

The Heart of the Master begins with a vision of blood and terror. This is the way Crowley always imagined the New Aeon would arrive, since it involves a radical shift in human consciousness. Form this terror, the Great Beast is taken into the halls of the Great White Brotherhood and takes his place among the other Avatars from all Aeons past.

The Heart of the Master is a visionary text written at Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, the site of ancient Carthage. It heralds the arising of the Beast 666 as the Prophet of a New Aeon governed by Horus, the God of Force and Fire. The work delineates the spiritual forerunners of the New Aeon who were sent out at historical intervals to guide humanity's spiritual evolution. This new edition features full-page portraits of these spiritual antecedants. It also includes a visionary and poetic summary of the elements of the Holy Qabalah, accompanied by illustrations of the Tree of Life and the Major Arcana of the Tarot as a guide to meditation. Includes 36 full-page illustrations and a new editor's introduction.

This work is among the more readable Class A (inspired) documents. The flow from one passage to the next is more logical than some of the more ponderous tomes such as the Book of the Heart Girt Round by the Serpent. This is because it basically celebrates Crowley's rise to power as the head of the O.T.O.

This rare book details Aleister Crowley's ascension as the prophet of a new Aeon, the Aeon of Horus. Out of all the Aleister Crowley Books in mass market format, this stood out in memory years after I read it as one of Crowley's most disturbing works. In fact, I questioned my new faith in Crowley's religion Thelema reading this book; this was for real and not a joke. After contemplating, I thought it would be worth it stick with this because witchcraft is now a cool thing amongst today's youth and Crowley was a famous early form of witchcraft as we know it today. This is serious stuff, I wouldn't mess around with this unless you are interested in the occult. It should be noted that real life ritual magick as described in these type of works really do work; I did a ritual from Necronomicon and Lesser Key of Solomon to help with a college Astronomy course- I got a respectable C grade when I close to failing with a D-. But be prepared for some harassment about alleged satanism.

The edition includes a fanciful tale of this ascention, and an illustrated meditiation on each of the Trumps of the Thoth Tarot. A very good work of Crowley's, presented with Historical Context by the editior.

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