The Empirical Rules Of Magick 03 Using Magick

The Empirical Rules Of Magick 03 Using Magick Cover
Magick is a field with many different disciplines. There is sympathetic, Earth, Ceremonial, Enochian, Celtic, Egyptian and Kabbalah magick just to begin. These are occasionally different in their basic techniques, but mostly they differ in the symbols they use to achieve their goals. The principles are the same, however. Whichever form you prefer, it is how you observe these principles that determines your success. Beyond that, it is only personal preference.

Preference is very important, too. It is your Little Self that you are addressing, and it is as individual as you. You must learn what works best for you. The first clue is what appeals to you most. Once you find the best methods for you, you build your own personal magickal system. It is up to you to find these methods, through research and experimentation. There is so much information that it is impossible to give more than a sample here. The information in this book is enough to get started. It is your work that will complete it. If you are happy with what you get on your own, you need never open another book. But you must at least pay constant, careful attention to your work to fine tune it. As with anything, the more work you put in, the better your success.

The first principle is to take what you're doing very seriously. This is not so easy when you're struggling with society's negative attitudes. Ignore any intrusive thoughts you might have. Concentrate on what you are doing. You must passively avoid any distract-ions. Do not try to actively avoid them for that usually becomes an even bigger distract-ion. As long as you enter with the right attitude, the rest will come with practice.

Magickal ritual is a very special thing. You must set it apart from your ordinary functions. When you do this, your Little Self is aware that you have that an important message to give it. Not only is the message less cluttered by stray thoughts, but it proceeds more directly to the Little Self. The more special things you have surrounding your ritual, the more effective it is. (As long as you don't have so much that these things become a distraction in themselves.)

Pick a time when you are relaxed and awake and not under the influence of any drugs (e.g., alcohol or medication). Take the phone off the hook and see that you are not disturbed. Create a "sacred space" that is only for ritual. If you can set up a regular time or place which you use for nothing other than ritual, this is ideal.

Before you begin, take a bath or at least wash your hands and use this to symbolically wash away all other thoughts and distractions in your mind. Relax your body and mind. Remove watches and tight clothes. Make sure the time of the ritual is clearly separated from your usual day. Use a symbolic act like knocking three times to open and close the ritual. Anything that you can add to the ambience will help: incense, special or no clothing, candle light, silence or meditative music (or whatever music is appropriate to the spell-- be careful of any lyrics!). If you know a second language that you don't ordinarily speak, such as hebrew or latin, you may want to use this. Alternatively, you can use the Thee's and Thou's of archaic english.

During the ritual, concentrate on your goals. Make sure that your ritual is not so long that you can't keep your mind focused! It is better to repeat a ritual over days or weeks than to have an enormously long one in which you spend most of your time thinking about balancing your checkbook. Know what you will do before you start. You may ad lib, but your purpose must be completely clear before you start. Don't be surprised, however, if a ritual goes differently from expected. You may, for instance, gain an insight as you work that seems unrelated to your goal. It is important to consider this! It may be the key to what you are trying to achieve. It may also be a distraction, so be aware.

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