Songs Of The Spirit

Songs Of The Spirit Cover

Book: Songs Of The Spirit by Aleister Crowley

This modest little volume contains many beautiful thoughts expressed in delicate phrases: daring verses too, which cannot lightly be overlooked. "The Farewell of Paracelcus to Aprile," "The Initiation," "The Philosopher's Progress," are finely-wrought images from Mr. Crowley's vivid mind. Little lyrics of sunshine and wind; Delicate lyrics, illustrating the vague, yet holy aspirations of adolescence.... A little book of unusual quality.... We have read with admiration for its intense spirituality, as well as for its technical superiorities, and with sympathy for its spontaneous reflection of certain moods that Mr. Crowley pursues with an utterance at once mysterious and vivid.... this volume, in which we are sure of having heard an impressive and an original voice. The verse of "Songs of the Spirit"-essentially intricate, introspective if you like-is also free from obvious artifice and eccentricity, it is fiery and clear measured and easy of phrasing.... The glowing imagery seizes and holds fast the vagueness of shifting impressions.

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