The Holy Sigil

The Holy Sigil Image
The Holy Sigil -- my revision of the "Sigillum Dei Aemeth" of John Dee and Edward Kelly -- that appears in the Enochian section of the latest book, got messed up -- somehow it is reversed. So I am exhibiting the correct one here.

There are a few errata from the newest book, the "Brevarium", to list -- just some minor typos. They are as follows:

p.24: "spitual" should be "spiritual".

p.473: "Have you been borne yet" should be "born".

p.315: "Upon adding the other line of the versicles of the Riddle of the Beast, he was shocked to find that the sum to be none other than 777!" should read: "he was shocked to find that sum to be none other than 777.

Suggested ebooks:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The White Ship
Wh Auden - The Lay Of Sigrdrifa
Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of Osiris

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