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Bind runes are runes symbols that have been combined to form a powerful symbol - "these symbols can be used for protection or love, or just about any other thing you need. Using two powerful rune symbols - the Perthro rune symbol and thgeAlgiz rune symbol, and BINDING them with INTENT, provides very effective protection against African spells. As the runes are a FORCE FOR GOOD, and revenge spells and love spells are thrown using BLACK WITCHCRAFT, they have added power - "that is the power of GOOD AGAINST EVIL. Runes work with your OWN POWER, and connect you to your higher self - allowing you to choose your future by conscious thinking and actions.

Bind rune of protection

RUNE MAGIC is a powerful way of accessing your INNER POWER and your connection to the "other side" Whilst protection spells by African witch doctors have much power if they are correctly formed, they often struggle to overcome a good revenge spell - also thrown by an African witch. A simple bind rune, using the rune of protection, and the rune of love, CAN BE A VERY POWERFUL PROTECTION AGAINST REVENGE SPELLS and love spells by witches who practice voodoo and African witchcraft. Do not worry about what is the more powerful - western or African witchcraft - hold the belief in your own power and goodness, this will help to overcome any bewitchment. It seems that in South Africa a simple issue can become the need to use powerful revenge spells - this is wrong and highly dangerous - revenge spells can easily backfire - once it is cast, and it cannot perform, it will come back to you with increased power - beware of WITCH DOCTORS who sell these spells - these people are not on the side of good, and "once you have been tainted by a African witchcraft of the evil kind, your life will never be the same again."

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