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by Ellen Dugan

Published by Llewellyn Press second edition 2005

I love this book. Does that make me a fluffy bunny? Well, then so be it. I wanted to do a book review and recommendation on a light, fun book that was worth reading and here it is.

I am a middle age professional woman. I have been walking the path of the Goddess for years, but I don't live in a fantasy world, I don't live in robes surrounded by incense and candles (I might if I could!). My normal days are not about Drawing Down the Moon, mine are about rush hour traffic and doing a good job for my clients and taking care of myself and the dogs, getting the car in for an oil change.... In other words I am just an ordinary American with a busy life.

I don't want to relegate my connection to the Goddess and God and the Elements to the special times when I have time and energy to create sacred space and center myself and commune with them. I would like to do more of that than I actually do, but a close second is making sure than my environment and my day includes constant reminders of the Deities and little moments to say 'thank you' or 'help me.'

That's what I like about this book. Suggestions for tiny altars in honor of the Goddess or one of the Elements tucked into bookshelves, kitchen shelves, living room decorations. Tiny reminders, tea light to burn and say a quick thank you, instead of big in-your-face altars that are really better suited to a more private place in your home.....unless all of your friends are Pagan or you just like justifying yourself to everyone who walks in the door.

Lots of little protection charms, lots of suggestions for cleansing a new home, new (used) furniture or other household goods. Garage sales are fun and you can find some treasures, but what do you do when you get your latest find home and start wondering what kind of energy you are dragging into your home? How about this charm?

Take a moment to picture the Elements present around you. Hold the item in your hands..."Forgotten and dusty/rusty, I now make you brand new. Transform from mundane to magick my need is true. By the powers of earth, air, fire and water, I will conjure up love, good luck health and laughter. By the powers of earth and sea, as I will it, so must it be."

And enjoy your new found treasure in peace.

There is a delightful chapter on getting along with any fairies that are inhabiting your garden, hearth or house This one can save you a lot of aggravation.

There is advice on bringing the natural world indoors with seasonal plants and decorations. A permanent natural presence is beautiful if you can master the art of having happy houseplants, here are some hints and help.

And for those of us who work at home...

"Elements four, gather 'round this work space of mine, Inspiration and comfort you bring at all times. Bring passion and commitment to the work that I do, Circle about me now with magick so strong and true. By the strength of hearth and home, the spell is spun, As I will, so mote it be and let it harm none"

I swear my desk sighed.

Is this book Paganism 101? no

Is it graduate studies in theology for Pagans? no

Is it a delightful reminder that our Paganism does not start and stop with the Circle or the Coven and we should strive to bring the Goddess into our life everyday? A resounding yes, and fun read.

Next time...Does this make me a fluffy bunny?

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