Christian Theology Exposing The Gospel Of Sensationalism

Christian Theology Exposing The Gospel Of Sensationalism Image
Some people have started embracing worldly and sensationalists terminology. No longer are they saying they know the Lord and they know that the Lord hears their prayers. Rather these people have embraced New Age terms of feeling that Lord does this or that. Some of these people are Christians that are drifting away from that pure and unfained faith in Jesus Christ. Others never were of the body of Christ and claim to be filled with the Holy Ghost but are full of devils.

Instead of knowing that the Lord is present with them, they now claim to merely "feel" his presence. (Notwithstanding, God's presence can affect our physical bodies. ) This heresy shifts men away from focusing on the spiritual to focusing on their flesh. What's more is that the word "feel" is only mentioned in the scriptures nine times, but there are numerous references to knowing and understanding the Lord and his commandments.

We must know God's doctrine and not walk by sight but by faith. We must not fall prey to the gospel of sensationalism and think that whatever we "feel" that is of the Lord is. Rather, our lives should be guided by careful study of the word of God and the Holy Ghost. "For we walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7 KJV).

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