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The Magical Tradition, which included sex as a means to spiritual attainment, existed long before dynastic times in ancient Egypt, and there are early references to it in the sacred writings of India and China.

In Egypt this tradition was known as the Draconian or Typhonian Cult. It was the first systematized form of earlier African mysteries.

The doctrines which the Egyptians elaborated into a highly specialized cult, flowered later in the tantras of India, Mongolia, China, and Tibet. "Paradoxical as it may sound," writes Crowley, "the Tantrics are in reality the most advanced of the Hindus.

The essence of the Tantric cults is that by the perfor mance of certain rites' of Magick, one does not only escape disaster, but obtains positive benediction. The Tantric is not obsessed by the will-to-die. It is a difficult business, no doubt, to get any fun out of existence, but at least it is not impossible. In other words, he implicitly denies the fundamental proposition that existence is sorrow, and he formulates the essential postulate... that means exist by which the universal sorrow (apparent indeed to all ordinary observation) may be unmasked, even as at the initiatory rites of Isis in the ancient days of Khem (Egypt), a Neophyte presenting his mouth, under compulsion, to the pouting buttocks of the Goat of Mendes, found himself caressed by the chaste lips of a virginal priestess of that Goddess at the base of whose shrine it is written that No man hath lifted Her veil."

Crowley knew that the crux of tantric ritual lay in its connection with the magically induced ecstasies of sexual orgasm. Orgasm, in Reich's sense of a fulminant paroxysm involving the entire organism, is sometimes set against the Tantric concept of (a) a total orgasm, or (b) a total absence of orgasm; both these interpretations have been read into Tantric texts.

In either case, orgasm is commonly regarded as psychophysical phenomenon. But this is incorrect. Reich emphasized the distinction between ejaculation and orgasm, the one being physical, the other being, strictly speaking, metaphysical. Ejaculation without orgasm is a common occurrence, and, as Reich pointed out, total orgasm is a far less frequent phenomenon. It is undoubtedly even less frequent than he supposed. The Tantric conception of orgasm in its directly sexual sense (for it has others), is of a more comprehensive order; it may, in fact, be described as parasexual. It involves the Kundalini sakti, of which the sexual aspect is its most material form. The actual production of semen is the end-product, if not the waste-product, left over from an im properly and incompletely absorbed current of consciousness.

The Consciousness-Current is twofold: magical and mystical. The former operates in the lower chakras, the latter in the higher. That which ejaculates as semen is unabsorbed energy (prana or ojas), and it always contributes to the creation of material forms, whether lodged in a womb or not. If not, the overflow (as in masturbation, sodomy, fellatio, etc.), is taken up by the astral and quphotic entities and built into organisms already existing upon the subtle planes. Paracelsus refers to homunculi (artificially generated creatures) made from sperm independent of the female organism, and to astral larvae and parasitic monsters built out of the substance of voluptuous imaginings.

by Kenneth Grant

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