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Regular readers of the Golden Dawn blog will recall recent articles here and here and here protesting interference in the Golden Dawn community by Masonic Rosicrucian Societies. For example, the article citing the ridiculous remarks made by SRICF Supreme Magus, William Koon, implying that the SRICF has authority to designate an "official" Golden Dawn order.

It turns out that it is not only the regular Freemasonic Rosicrucian Societies that would like to get their paws on the Golden Dawn. Even the clandestine, irregular ones have been eying up the Golden Dawn like a hungry dog sizes up a juicy bone for some time now.

Logo of the Irregular "SRIA"

The Societas Rosicruciana in America (improperly called S.R.I.A. to cause confusion with the real, British S.R.I.A.) is an irregular Freemasonic-style Occult society founded by George Plummer. The S.R.I.A. today improperly operates in America, directly infringing on the territory of the regular Freemasonic Rosicrucian Society in America, the S.R.I.C.F.

George Plummer, Cladestine "SRIA" Founder

Plummer submitted an application to gain recognition and regularity for the Soc. Ros. in America from the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, and corresponded briefly in this regard with W. Wynn Wescott. The application was immediately rejected by the High Council of the Soc. Ros. In Anglia. The American's organization's persistence in calling itself "S.R.I.A." (sic) is therefore obviously indicative of an intent to mislead the public.

Due to Plummer's brief correspondence with Wescott, false but persistent rumors have been circulated for years that the Soc. Ros. In America received either a Golden Dawn charter or a regular ritual transmission from Wescott. That this deception has been intentional is evidenced on the orders website where they write: "it was during this time that the Societas Rosicruciana in America received the status from Dr. Wm. W. Westcott to work with the Golden Dawn system."In reality, there exists no evidence at all that the Soc. Ros. In America ever received either a charter or even a regular ritual transmission from either the Golden Dawn or any if its derivative orders.

The Soc. Ros. In America did eventually begin to work and odd version of Golden Dawn ritual, which was derived not from Wescott, but rather cobbled together from Aleister Crowley's published account of Golden Dawn rituals in "The Equinox." In a desperate move to achieve at least a veneer of legitimacy, the Soc. Ros. In America next appointed Aleister Crowley to its board of directors, before finally managing to get a Rosicrucian charter from the Quakertown Rosicrucians, descending from Pascal Beverly Randolph.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the group was presided over by "Sister Lucia" Grosch. Whatever tenuous lineal affiliation Soc. Ros. In America might ever have ever enjoyed, with certainty ended when Grosch dissolved its high council in the 1980s. Grosch was later sued by Frank Modica in the 1990's in a real property suit that nearly bankrupted Grosch. Substantally destitute, Grosch accepted financial assistance from Maria Babwahsingh apparently in exchange for handing over leadership of the Soc. Ros. In America to Babwahsingh.

Under present leadership, the Soc. Ros. in America today makes a host of false and misleading lineage claims on its website including claims of charters from the Golden Dawn, the R.R. et A.C., and the Alpha et Omega. These claims have been debunked with specificity by Golden Dawn historian, Anthony Fleming (aka Tony Fuller), who wrote: "If I am correct in thinking that you dispute any direct and official ritual transmission from the Golden Dawn, Stella Matutina or Alpha et Omega to the Soc. Ros. in America, then I agree with you. Their rituals are sui generis and while, as noted by R.A. Gilbert there is Golden Dawn material included in some of them, I am not aware of any evidence that this occurred through any authorized Charter, Warrant, etc. from the Golden Dawn, Stella Matutina, or Alpha et Omega."Indeed, closer examination of the host of alleged charters published on the Soc. Ros. In America website reveals them, in actually, to be nothing but a collection of completely unrelated documents and certainly not charters.

But we Klingons are FRIENDS of the Federation,

especially house Duras!

by David Griffin

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