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In reality, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Alpha et Omega) is but ONE of various outer vehicles of the Internal College led by the Hermetic Masters in Europe. We are NOT the ONLY order with access to these HIGHER orders - and in turn we and they are NOT the ONLY orders which have the TRUE secrets - which are the ONLY available means for full initiation. However, we DO provide access to these HIGHER orders - and in turn we DO provide access to TRUE secrets - which DO provide a complete and full initiation system.

I am not going to cover the lantern of the Mysteries thrust into my hand just to gain approval of other well known Golden Dawn authors and bloggers. If I do, then I don't deserve this lantern. It isn't in my hand because of my personal greatness or glory, but because it is my job as a Kerux of the Hierophants of the Greater Mysteries. I am here to help guide the Outer and Inner Orders into the Third Order that resides here on the physical plane.

But here is something that really puzzles me...

When did THIS happen to the Golden Dawn community?

I am referring to the loss of the compass that guided the founders of the order. The more I see debates on fora and blogs and read and hear from the current generation of Golden Dawn authors, the more I wonder if the idea of the Mysteries and the principle of belonging to an OCCULT order has gotten lost in the fog of post-modernism and the "let's make a quick buck off the occult" era.

To fill you in, it all started one rainy day with a discussion about why secrecy in the Golden Dawn needs to be kicked out to the curb, because: a) It is not necessary in this era of the "the winner is who breaks his oath first and makes it to the publisher fastest," andb) "Hey most of us don't believe in the vows we are taking even while we are taking them" anyway - An oath is "only a formality" like wearing black to a funeral even when we don't care abut the dead guy in the casket. The dead guy here is no other than the traditional principles that formed the spirit of the classical Golden Dawn and the mysteries for thousands of years.Yes, yes, yes...we can argue it is all outdated and absolute in this modern age of IPods, IPads, E-Initiations and cyber funk magick - But let's be honest....deep down we all agree that wisdom is AGELESS...why else would these pop occultists fight like starved pirahnas over the next stash of unpublished Golden Dawn documents dating from before they were born?

The Mysteries are not in the papers. They are in the spirit that penned them - and it is this spirit that penned them has repeated over and over for generations:"Keep the Mysteries from the eyes of the uninitiated..."If we throw away the spirit of the thing then all we have left is its corpse lying in a casket in a busy funeral filled with people that never really cared if she lived or not.

I was personally targeted recently on another blog for criticism and ridicule for holding tight to the guiding spirit of the Golden Dawn and the original beliefs shared by many of the founding fathers and mothers of the order.

Frater Peregrin wrote on in his MOTO blog:"The appeal to hidden Orders, masters etc is all a load of nonsense anyway."Sadly, such cynicism today actually typifies a rather large section of the Golden Dawn community. There are many who today believe that there are NO Masters, NO secrets orders, NO secret knowledge, and EVERYTHING is either published or ABOUT to be published.

How did our Golden Dawn community ever get so jaded?

Was it the faith healing workshops that were sold using the Golden Dawn name?

Or was it the Angel Magic Subliminal CDs?

Or was it the uninitiated, that gave themselves fancy titles - divorced the Golden Dawn from its roots - and promised you to become a "full Golden Dawn initiate" from the comfort of your armchair?

Or was it the self-styled teachers who play on peoples' fears because they feel threatened?

Whether it was one, a combination, or all of the above - one thing is clear...

With all the nonsense that has gone on under the banners of the Golden Dawn - many people in our community have become so jaded they can no longer believe in even the POSSIBILITY that there might yet exist unpublished Mysteries, more advanced practices, or even Hermetic teachers more spiritually advanced than Nick Farrell, Peregrin, or myself!

This sad state of affairs in our community has left the Alpha et Omega for over a decade faced with a serious dilemma - how are we supposed to preserve the sanctity of the Mysteries, yet still show the community we are not just one more "snake oil faith healer" selling "armchair initiations."

We solved this dilemma by over the years describing the higher Hermetic Mysteries in enough detail to show the reasonable progression from not only the magic of the Golden Dawn, but also of the lab alchemy of the Golden Dawn's predecessor, the Golden and Rosy Cross order.

Bear in mind that there are some people out there who keep chanting "No proof!" over and over - merely as a rhetorical tactic to create doubt - because they feel threatened in their personal interests by any higher Hermetic Mysteries beyond what Regardie published.

Even if we would show these people conclusive evidence - heck, even if we were to show them the whole kit and kaboodle - the entire Third Order curriculum, initiation rituals and all, they would still go on chanting "No proof!" while they secretly rushed off to publisher with everything. We must accept from the beginning that no amount of factual evidence will ever change the bad faith of these folks.

However, contrary to the "No proof!" mantra used as a rhetorical tactic by our critics......And whether or not you believe in the existence of secret, Hermetic Master Alchemists...

The Alpha et Omega has nonetheless over the years released a long series of revelations that, in reality, constitute QUITE SUBSTANTIAL and transparent body of SOLID EVIDENCE about the teachings, direction, and practices of the AO's Third Order.

For those that missed this - so might be otherwise be fooled by the "No proof!" parrots - here is a general summary:

1. The true nature of the Opus Magnum is ENERGETIC EVOLUTION. This is the actual purpose of life on Earth. Human beings are but larval forms of a higher, purely energetic form of life that human beings are evolving towards.
2. The Prima Materia of Internal Alchemy is actually the the living matter of the HUMAN BODY.
3. The alchemical transmutation of Lead into Gold is actually an analogy for the transmutation of the Physical Body (Saturn = Lead) into a SOLAR BODY of LIGHT (Sun = Gold).
4. The ROYAL ART of Alchemy is the science of IMMORTALITY - the science of the cultivation of SOUL: a Solar Body of Light that can survive the death of the physical body - and even render us CONSCIOUSLY IMMORTAL.
5. The TRUE PURPOSE of all Hermetic arts, whether GOLDEN DAWN MAGICK, laboratory alchemy, or Hermetic Internal Alchemy is the ACCELERATION of this Energetic Evolution that otherwise would require many incarnations to complete.
6. The THIRD ORDER of the Alpha et Omega teaches HERMETIC INTERNAL ALCHEMY - the highest form of Hermetic Science - in the sense that it is the most powerful operative practice to ACCELERATE Energetic Evolution.
7. Hermetic Internal Alchemy is so powerful that - by using it - you can cultivate a Solar Body of Light in a single lifetime.8. Hermetic Internal Alchemy uses a SECRET FIRE to "cook" and transmute the physical body into pure energy.
9. The true nature of this Secret Fire is the FIRES of the PHYSICAL BODY itself.
10. The most powerful and creative of these fires of the physical body are LOVE and SEXUALITY.
11. Hermetic Internal Alchemy thus cooks the Physical Body (Saturn = Lead) into a Solar Body of Light (Sun = Gold) by harnessing the fires of Love and Sexuality - and using them to accelerate Energetic Evolution.
12. The processes of Hermetic Internal Alchemy hold the secret keys to the true and correct preparation of the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE.
13. The Philosopher's Stone is an incredibly powerful ELIXIR of LIFE that can be used, on the one hand, to increase longevity, and on the other hand, to dramatically accelerate the cultivation of a Solar Body of Light.
14. The opening phase of this Opus Magnum of Hermetic Internal Alchemy involves cultivation and separation of the ASTRAL BODY. (I revealed this for the first time in my last blog article, where I discussed the PLASTICITY of the Astral Body - how for the first alchemical SEPERATIO (in order to separate the Astral Body from the physical body) it is necessary to first liberate the Astral Body from the turbulence caused by its constant bombardment with physical sensations, thoughts, emotions, etc., coming from the physical body. I also revealed that this is the true reason why real initiatic traditions universally require initiatic SILENCE.)
15. Finally - I reveal NOW for the first time - that true ASTRAL PROJECTION is only possible AFTER an Adept has first fully cultivated his or her ASTRAL BODY and achieved the FIRST ALCHEMICAL SEPARATIO. (This can only be achieved by first liberating the Astral Body from the domination of the Physical Body as described above).
16. This has nothing to do with the sort of waking visions involved in "Skying in the Spirit Vision" or that is commonly understood as Astral Projection by the New Age community. Such waking, visionary states can only reach as far as the LOWER ASTRAL, the realm of illusion and self-deceoption.
17. True Astral Projection occurs in a completely DIFFERENT state of consciousness other than any sort of WAKING visionary or trance state. This state is known only to Adepts once they achieve the First Alchemical Separation. Only then, can we pierce through the LOWER ASTRAL with its deceptions and delusions - to achieve the TRUE spiritual vision on the HIGHER ASTRAL plane.
18. This HIGHER visionary experience of the HIGHER ASTRAL PLANE opens only to the eyes of the Adept that has: a. Fully cultivated her or his Astral Body - and b. Liberated the Astral Body from the domination of the physical - and c. Achieved the alchemical SEPARATION of the ASTRAL body from the physical body and mastered its PROJECTION. d. Awakened to full consciousness and awareness on the HIGHER ASTRAL.
19. This "PROJECTING IN THE SPIRIT VISION" is a higher and superior form of visionary experience available to Adepts of the THIRD ORDER of the Golden Dawn. Skrying in the Spirit Vision, as published by Crowley and Regardie, referred by analogy to this higher, THIRD ORDER technique all along.

I will in future articles reveal more about the actual state of consciousness and awareness involved in "Projecting in the Spirit Vision," as well about the true nature of the Higher Astral Plane, and how this form visionary experience substantially differs from the Skrying in the Spirit Vision published by Regardie.

Moreover, I will ultimately make astonishing revelations regarding the TRUE preparation, rectification, and multiplication of the Philosophers' Stone...

Unless, of course, someone from the chorus of "No proof!" parrots would prefer to enlighten us about these Higher Hermetic Mysteries themselves first instead?

Don't count on the "No proof!" parrots doing this, however. Curiously, it is precisely when it comes to THEM providing any real evidence of THEIR understanding of any Hermetic Mysteries higher than those published by Regardie...

That the "No proof!" chanters suddenly discover the value of SILENCE.

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua,David GriffinG.H. Frater Lux Ex SeptentrionisImperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawnouter order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega"Ex Deo Nascimur.In Yeheshua Morimur.Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"

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