Magic Is Only The Personal Energy

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Magic is a tool used by witches to accomplish changes to the self and /or the environment. It is the single most powerful tool of the followers of the Goddess and God, and it is a simple tool to use. There are practitioners of magic that dwell through thousands of pages of archaic terms and full and fanciful rituals that teach essentially nothing. There is only one magic, that of the your own self. Magic comes from the self. Magic is only the personal energy positively directed to achieve a predetermined end. Magic is the needing a change, creating a change catalyst, and knowing the change will occur. These three portions of magic are examined in detail below.

Need for change is the first step of magic. The practitioner of magic must realize there own subconscious feelings and beliefs, for this is where need is truly understood. The practitioners magic will fail if there is no true need felt by the subconscious. This requires that the practitioner have a clear channel of communication between the subconscious and the conscious mind. If this communication is not established then it is impossible to separate between the true need and the simple desire.

Desires are simple and passing, but are often caught up by the conscious mind and clung to with such voracity, that they can easily be interpreted as needs. This is why the practitioner is required to understand their innermost thought processes and have a clear understanding of themselves and have a clear handle on themselves and their relationships. This understanding is the responsibility of the Initiate practitioner and is assisted to be accomplished by her chosen Mentor. This will be further discussed later.

The use of ritual in the creation of magic serves a single purpose. That purpose is to create for the practitioner a physical representation of the required change to assist the practitioner in knowing the change will occur. Further, in the use of ritual, the practitioner accepts that the Goddess and the God will also assist in the empowerment of the change, lending faith to the knowledge that the change will occur, thus reinforcing the empowerment of the change. Ritual is the tool a Witch uses to create the needed change. Ritual is used to empower the spell. Spells are the formula to create the desired change. A Ritual is used to raise power to empower the spell, and to guide that power, through the use of visualization, into the desired end.

Knowing the change will occur is the final step of successful spellcasting. You have to know that the change will occur. Otherwise it won't. This is the single most important purpose of the Initiate's Mentor. By assisting the initiate in the process of coming to terms and accepting themselves the Mentor teaches the initiate to accept their own power and believe in themselves and help the initiate to progress into a Witch.

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