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Self-proclaimed "wiccan" Julie Bliss has opened a witchcraft store in Darwin's northern suburbs.

Ms Bliss said business was brooming because Darwin had a thriving wiccan community.

But Muggles wanting a Christmas gift - say, a chalice or bag of herbs - are still welcome at the Casuarina store.

Ms Bliss also stocks gothic stuff just in case the witch trade turns out to be seasonal.

The Hogwarts of Darwin sells everything from wands to potions, with the odd crystal ball and moon diary thrown in.

Ms Bliss, who has been a wiccan for 20 years, said the Shakespearian idea of witches throwing the "eye of newt and toe of frog" into a steaming, black pot was wrong. In fact, witches never do evil because they believe in the "three-fold" principle - whatever you say, think or do comes back to you three-fold.

"If you do bad you're going to cop it."

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