Don Lewis Of Witch School Have Agreed To A Trivia

Don Lewis Of Witch School Have Agreed To A Trivia Image
How much about the world of wizards and witches do you know? At the Midwest's largest pagan event, the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, two leading schools will be testing the knowledge of their students and all comers, as part of the Wizards and Witches Trivia Tournament. This contest will be the first of its kind, and open to the public.
Wizards and Witches to Meet in St. Louis

Oberon Zell of Grey School and Don Lewis of Witch School have agreed to a trivia contest about all things magickal to test their students and all comers. They plan to meet on June 13th & 14th at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic, held at Tower Grove Park. The St. Louis Pagan Picnic is the largest pagan gathering in the Midwest, and brings together thousands for a weekend of friendship, fellowship, entertainment, teaching and merchants. The Wizards and Witches Trivia Tournament will be just one of the many parts to this wonderful event, but for the students of Grey School and Witch School, it is a highly anticipated one.

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