The Augoeides Prayer

The Augoeides Prayer Image
In the name of Genius "Most High", "Most Profound".
I am one with the Holy Supernal Will:
In Love, Passion "Genius Most High", "Most Profound,
Master of Detached Ardour
" Beauty:
No God do I worship, No God do I seek.
I do my Will and pursue Thy Clarity,
Masterful in Refinement, Delicacy "Love is the law of Thine Epiphany: Will set upon unlimited Ecstasy!
The Spirit of Genius is with me:
It is about me "all over me".
My Genius hath no god, nor any master, nor any equal:
And Nothing shall stand before the face of my Holy Supernal Will.

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Outsider
Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of The Desert
Anonymous - The Prophecies Of Paracelsus

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