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Yesterday's post about thinking, got me thinking about how it is that I really do feel like I'm getting a handle on this project. And I realized that I've been doing a lot of thinking about all the ways in which I already am like Aragorn. I haven't been doing very much thinking about all the ways in which I am not like him, can't measure up to him, will never be him.... etc. I also realized that this has been a general trend for me recently.

FOR EXAMPLE: Right after Thanksgiving, I received the tax bill for my property. I was, at that point 3 years past due and the bill was a whopping 1700! Well, I freaked out at first, naturally, since there was no way I was going to be able to come up with the money. And then, after I calmed down, I said to myself, "Well, I don't see any reason why that money can't just show up!" Then, I did some magic on it and pretty much let go of it. So, what did I get for Christmas? Someone I love very much surprised me with the paid receipts for those taxes! So, for the first time in 6 years I started out the year without any overdue taxes!

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: I decided that teaching classes in Magick, Reiki, Animal Communication, and doing Medicine Wheels, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Art, and other cool stuff would be a good way to tap into my inner Aragorn. I just started thinking about doing them... now suddenly I have a place to teach Magick, a place to do most of the other stuff, a First Degree Reiki class starting in March. And I think it's because I've been thinking in terms of what I CAN do vs what I CAN'T do.

In the past, I have spent a lot of time working at positive thinking, and even more time delving deeply into negative thinking. This time, however, there seems to be a difference. When I'm thinking positively about something, it feels more relaxed, there is an inner confidence that was lacking before. And when I'm on that downward slide into trauma drama, and angsting and whining and grinding my teeth - it too feels more relaxed, and even though I might be wallowing in self pity, I'm not really taking it all that seriously.

So, I have to say that the act of presenting this project and putting it out there as a do-able thing, talking about it every day, thinking in terms of succeeding has actually had a profound effect.

What about you? Where are your thoughts leading you? Has anything you've seen or read recently had a profound effect on your life? Do you spend more time telling yourself what you can do? or what you can't do?

Oh, and by the way, if you're interested in what I said about Magick, you might want to review the project we did on Gypsy Magic.

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