777 And The Qabalistic Writings Of Aleister Crowley

777 And The Qabalistic Writings Of Aleister Crowley Image
Aleister Crowley's book 777 has to be one of the best works of it's kind and is actually a compilation of three of his other books on the Qabalah. Crowley starts off with with an essay on Gematria that is the art of rendering words into numbers for the desired result. However in Crowley's true style 777 is full of wit and intentional errors, Crowley being an avid reader of mystery novels appears to write his own works in the same style, all the information is there to piece the jigsaw together it's just up to you the reader to figure the plot out so it seems!

The second chapter in the book was originally published by itself as Liber 777 and contains pages of Qabalistic associations and attributions and this is the only known resource to have survived the the collapse of the The Golden Dawn and is an invaluable resource in this respect.

The final chapter is Sepher Sephiroth and is a Qabalistic encyclopaedia that was originally started by Allan Benett and expanded upon by Crowley himself and others throughout the course, All the entries are in numerological order and not alphabetical, making this a very quick reference guide for anyone interested in Gematria, It is quite an easy task to render the Gematria value of any Greek or Hebrew word and then consult the Sepher Sepiroth for matching phrases and words containing the same value, however it does contain different dialects of Hebrew mixed throughout the book and the entries at times do appear to be contradictory at times.

Overall 777 is an excellent reference guide on Qabalistic attributions and is really essential on any occultist's bookshelf.

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