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This essay is not an effort to smear Aleister Crowley or his works. Rather, it is written in that spirit of respect and enthusiasm for truth and human reason that he inspires by both text and example. Nor is this essay an effort to provoke the reader. Nor is it meant as a political statement. The essay is presented to you as an effort to find solutions to the problems it describes. This in the hope, that some readers will find the contents to be worth a serious and open-minded discussion with whoever they wish to discuss it with.

The essay does not argue that anyone should commit to robbery or coining, nor does it argue that the monetary system should be abolished. The concept of crime is kept simple in this essay, in order to separate the universality of Liber Oz from the confusion of cultural diversity. When pondering a perfect Thelemic State, philosophical free-space is a necessity. The reader is hereby asked to receive questions like these with an open mind.

To the reader who finds the concept of Organic Coherence too sentimental, is pointed out, that the term merely refers to an important tendency in the writings of Aleister Crowley.

It can be argued, that this topic calls for a general review of what other relevant thinkers in history has to say on Justice, compared to Crowley. But that is out of scope in this essay. The first purpose of it is merely to point out the contradictions in "Duty:C&P".

In regards to the perfect Thelemic State, it could be, that Thelema is unsuitable as doctrine for the forming of a State in a juridical sense. But since Crowley thought that it was, the Thelemic community will have to have some kind of relation to the idea.

If Duty is to be kept in high esteem as a document of wisdom, we ought to get to terms with the contradictions in it - if we can see them. If the reader do not see them, he should keep following that orbit of his, and happy travels to him.

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