Religion Belief Dr Sallproscription Of Abductees

Religion Belief Dr Sallproscription Of Abductees Image
Michael Salla is paying a price for this.

But why, and more important, to WHOM?

The questions we must answer is this: Who or what is behind P4C shift?

And perhaps more important, the ETs of Salla, Webre, Boylan or Greer are not the SAME entities. Not at all.

The differences between the EXOS show that they are NOT talking about the SAME beings.

Each one has his own mythology, his/her own lies, their own absurd statements, but...they have ONE THING IN COMMON, and that "thing " is the common hate for the word EVIDENCES.

The concept of Evidence is truly the forbidden idea.

I dont know if I am right but there is one possibility: (tell me if you think I'm right or wrong)

My idea is that Boylan' s Cult is working...know what I meant?

Boylan works with a submissive group of "believers".

Probably, the EXOS need to reconsider the whole myth and follow the only possible path that only requires FAITH in the Guru: a Cult, a Religion.

If they want to "make a living " of all this, they need FAITH, no more pseudoscience and, of course, they need the "good aliens only".

Below another message from P4C about Salla's shift.

Dear Mr. Salla,

I find the nature of your latest e-mail disturbing. I thought that

the fundamental purpose of this discussion forum was to discover and

discuss the truth about ET existence, behavior and intentions (good or

) so that one could develop a proper course of action for

humanity's conduct with respect to ET.

If witnesses come forward with testimonies that indicate harmful

behavior and intent on the part of ET (of which there could be several

races or groups with diverging interests
), I do not see how one could

simply conclude: forgive and reconcile! This reaction would be akin

to a turkey saying to his fellow turkeys: I have been taken by the

farmer to a strange place where I saw turkeys being beheaded and

unplucked. The farmer apparently did not have time to do anything with

me so he brought me back to the field but I want to report to you that

what I saw deeply troubles me about the farmer's intentions and about

our collective future. Your comment is akin to one of the turkeys

controlling the media then responding: I will post your message only

if it concludes on a forgive and reconcile tone...

Considering the amount of troubling negative evidence that has

already been gathered about ET actions and intentions with respect to

humanity, I find it to say the least troubling that you would state

your intent to exercise censorship on any testimony pointing to

harmful ET intent and behavior with respect to humans, if it does not

conclude by a forgive and reconcile message...



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