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Hey guys, I am hoping to formulate an anointing oil dealing with manifestation upon the physical plain, as represented by the Sephiroth, Malkuth, on the Qabalah. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here-- perhaps more knowledgible on all things Crowley than myself-- could aid me in locating Uncle Al's herbal-, E.O.-, and perfume-attributations to this respective sphere in the Qabalah [Malkuth]. Some that I have found so far are:

* GALANGAL: According to the Wikipedia entry for Abramelin Oil, "This oil is compounded of four substances. The basis of all is the oil of the olive. The olive is, traditionally, the gift of Minerva, the Wisdom of God, the Logos. In this are dissolved three other oils; oil of myrrh, oil of cinnamon, oil of galangal. The Myrrh is attributed to Binah, the Great Mother, who is both the understanding of the Magician and that sorrow and compassion which results from the contemplation of the Universe. The Cinnamon represents Tiphereth, the Sun -- the Son, in whom Glory and Suffering are identical. The Galangal represents both Kether and Malkuth, the First and the Last, the One and the Many, since in this Oil they are One. [...] These oils taken together represent therefore the whole Tree of Life. The ten Sephiroth are blended into the perfect gold." However, upon checking my copy of Crowley's "Magick, Book Four, Liber ABA, I could not locate this citation.

* POMEGRANATE: from his 777. Recently I have found a supplier for Pomegranate Absolute (or was it an oleo resin?)!

* DITTANY OF CRETE: Malkuth's attributed "perfume" in 777.

* LILY: 777's attributed "plant" to Malkuth; probably because Lilith is associated with this Sphere, according to Crowley. Hmmm...I wonder if I could find a Lily Tincture somewhere, as I do not have access to enough fresh flowers to presently yield my own.

* STORAX: Now, I don't know if Crowley specificaly attributes Malkuth with STORAX, but, he attributes it to "Earth of Earth" in his 777; after all, Malkuth is associated with the Earth.

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