777 And Other Qabalistic Writings Of Aleister Crowley

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English Qabalah is perhaps the most controversial topic of modern occultism. It would seem that qaballists cannot agree on its form, only on the desirability of being able to construct one. But few of the solutions to this puzzle address the important issues of what an English Qabalah actually is and what it might be used for.

Qabalah is the heart of magick. Hermetic magick is the ceremonial expression of basic qaballistic themes and symbols. Traditionally this Qabalah has been in Hebrew and, less often, in Greek but there have never been a reliable set of attributions for a Qabalah of the Latin alphabet.

The object of the qaballist is to attribute everything to a numerical correspondence, the ten decimal integers being the base set of symbols of the Holy Qabalah. For this reason the alphabets are attributed to the Qabalah, they do not form a part of its system. For instance, the 11th path of Sepher Yetzirah is often called the Path of Aleph but in reality Aleph is merely one of the symbols attributed to the 11th path- it is not the path itself.

Further, the letters of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets all have traditional numerical values (less strongly the Greek) making it possible to calculate numerical values for words and phrases. This quality of Qabalah, called Gematria, is one of the strongest foundations of its symbolic expressiveness.

For a long time the technical language of magick was Hebrew, generally interspersed with some Greek, Latin and a smattering of barbarous words and names from the medieval Orient. In the past two centuries the expansion of our knowledge of the gods and their mythology has broadened the symbolic base of the Qabalah with many names and words in Latin script now being of interest to modern occultists. For these reasons occultists have searched for a sensible method of attributing the Latin alphabet to the Tree of Life and for determining the numerical value of its letters. Finally, in 1904, the Book of the Law supplied exactly that. Hidden in its pages is a clue or a key to the correct "order & value of the English alphabet". Frustratingly for its author the key to solving this puzzle remained hidden for nearly eight decades, by which time Crowley was long dead.

Qabalah is a tool for study, a fundamental base-line for comparison of symbols, and an English Qabalah opens up new fields of investigation to occultists and students of magick. English Qabalah is an essential tool for the modern magician as he builds his own practical Qabalah.

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