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The Book of the Law was delivered over three days, each session taking about an hour. During each day there was a manifestation of a different deity and these define the three chapters or “books”. The Book calls itself the “threefold book of law” (I:35). The first deity is the Goddess Nuit who represents the divine Feminine and is associated, through the nature of the Book, with the Sephiroth of Binah the third sphere on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Binah is the receptive, feminine, the ultimate mother and lover. This sphere is often associated with the Stella Maris and the Hebrew God-Name is Elohim, the divine Creatrix of Genesis 1:1.

The second chapter is dictated by the divine father who is represented by Hadit. Hadit is, in the Qabalistic Tree of Life, connected with Chockmah, the supernal Father, the divine Masculine. This Sephiroth is assigned the Hebrew God-Name which we call the Tetragrammaton.

It is the personal name of God written hvhy. This is the father figure and to a certain respect represents the balance of himself and his bride. The two together create the top of the triad of which almost all religions understand as part of the divine.

The third and last chapter is dictated by Ra-Hoor-Kuit or Horus the Younger. The avenger God of Egypt who is assigned to the sphere of the child, the Sephiroth Tiphareth. Of the various names assigned to this sphere perhaps the most important to our purposes is Yeheshua This is the same name which some later associated with the Messiah. It is the child of the supernal mother and father.

During the essay certain quotes will be attributed to one God or another. It is because of this dictation by these three Egyptian manifestations of the divine that such references are made.

by Greg Wotton

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