Hathor Spell Ritual

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EXPLANATION OF THE HATHOR SPELL RITUAL: This ritual is best for people who have few to zero complications. If you're seeking to rekindle a love relationship, rid yourself of monies due, desire a specific person to fall head over heels for you or conjoin a lover's feelings this is a perfect choice for you. The Hathor Spell can be used for romance, wealth, banishing removal, health etc. any situation or issue. Each Hathor Spell is modified to best fit your requests.

EXPLANATION OF THE EROS SPELL RITUAL: The Eros Spell is a good pick for almost any situation that covets speed, potent results. This ritual is the correct choice to attain an effective outcome. The Eros Spell is more powerful than the Hathor Ritual and requires more time and energy for the spell casting. It is especially helpful to ward off evil or negative energies by bringing in much brighter, positive energies into your chosen area to be concentrated on. If you're seeking a love/relationship ritual, finance ritual, warding off bad luck or negative energy, this ritual can solve most situations in your life. Each Eros Spell is modified to best fit your requests.

EXPLANATION OF THE MA'AT SPELL RITUAL: This Spell is extraordinarily powerful and takes a vast amount of preparation and energy. It can however produce speedy results and bring forth your desired results much quicker than the first two spell levels. The Ma'at Spell Ritual is not to be toyed with and is taken very seriously. I have to prepare extensively for this ceremonial ritual by attaining certain materials that are not readily available. This ritual will help in any area including love ">EXPLANATION OF THE FREYA SPELL RITUAL: Sometimes we have incredibly difficult situations in our lives whether its love related, work or money issues, family problems, luck and negativity issues; we've all been there before. The Freya Spell Ritual is the most powerful spell that I offer. If you need divine intervention, the Freya Spell is what you need. This is especially helpful if you have already tried other spell casters with no results. If you are tired and feel that you have lost all hope, do not give up just yet. This spell is for you. This spell is 100% tailored to address any difficulty in your own life. When this spell is cast, you will see abrupt, amazing results. There is NO situation that is too multifaceted for this spell. This Spell is known to take effect in mysterious ways. Please be prepared for this. This is all positive of course. There is nothing negative here.

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