Each Rune Is Believed To Hold

Each Rune Is Believed To Hold Image
This powerful set of Runes presents 25 pieces, each hand-crafted from water buffalo bone, and polished and shaped so as to present each rune with a rounded, square backdrop. Each piece is engraved with lettering, painted black, that is styled after the Germanic, Elder Futhark Runes which have been held as sacred since ancient times among the Germanic and Norse peoples and faiths. Each Rune is believed to hold unique power, which when combined with the traditional bone setting makes the set great for casting in your ritual divination. Individually this power can also be used to aid in your rituals as well, with each rune lending its own magick for everything and anything from prosperity magick to wards of protection and secrecy. Each piece possesses dimensions of approximately 1/2" by 3/4".

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