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In this post we will just be ( briefly ) discussing few methods of finding lost items, for there seems to be an ever-pending interest for such magick. And it's no wonder, really, for most of people do loses something almost every day, be it just a dropped coin. As to that, apparently to find money that You might have lost all one needs to do is to "kiss a Negro" rofl ;)

Hoodoo people will commonly seek aid of either Lord Himself, or St Anthony, to find lost items, usually in form of prayer. Now since it's a method of folk magick, rather than religious praying, prayers can be made up by oneself, honestly offered anywhere, anytime and they can even appear in form of simple rhyme! Most of folk prayers to Saint Anthony for finding lost articles rhyme, and contain but few rhymes made easy to memorize and chant. It's customary to give some sort of thanks to Lord or Saint that aided us in finding lost article.

Witches use various forms of spells, sometimes ( thought that's rarely done ) addressing to some deities to aid them in their quest, but most frequently simply using the power of symbolism and sympathetic magick. They will often invoke aid of certain deities in restoring stolen good, and compelling theft to return them or reveal themselves ( rather cunning examples of such magick appear in Heka ) but this is another type of magick, really. Stolen articles and lost articles, though each absent from us are not the same, and therefore are not dealt with in the same manner in occultism. In Middle ages, it was said that witches and sorcerers would lay a hand on their familiars ( most often cats and birds were used for this ) and would spoke some incantation that would ask the aid of animal to help them find what they have lost. The animal would then either guide them, or would occasionally even bring back the lost article.

Another frequent method used to help finding lost items is seek of guidance through

dream incubation. Invoking aid of St. Anthony is a simple example of guidance seeking. Dream incubation might include anything from inspiring prophetic dreams or visions of lost items in dreams, to asking from guidance from Higher sources in dreams.

The best time for such magick, is really anytime, for time correspondences in such cases is often a luxury one simply cannot afford, and the urgency of finding what's lost takes precedence. If You can however, perform magick for finding lost articles in Mercury correspondent day, hours or in time of full Moon, or in Midday. Also any days and hours good for general divination will work here as well.

Now let's go through a few simple example, for this is, as I often stress out a "practical" blog :)


Take a new piece of paper, and draw as best as You are able, in all possible riches of detail, the item/s ( or even a person ) that You have lost. It's favorable to have a light blue candle lit as You do this. Now simply wrap the paper around a lodestone ( charged ) and carry it on Your behalf and sleep on it. Alternatively, You could sprinkle some lodestone dust or brown sugar on a paper and then fold it thrice towards oneself, place in small sachet ( preferably blue or yellow ) and also carry on Your behalf and sleep on it.


There is a whole host or, short rhyming folk prayers to Saint Anthony to help us find what we have lost, be it an item or a person. Sometimes they were "composed" by a single person and handled down to successors as a part of family tradition. Here are few examples:

St. Anthony, St. Anthony

Please come down

Something is lost

And can't be foundNext one comes from Chicago ;

Dear St. Anthony, I pray

Bring it back, without delay.

Though You can always make up Your own, that should ( in the spirit of the tradition ) rhyme, and hence could represent, sort of Your personal way of petitioning the Saint.

For example ( my own phrasing )

St. Anthony please, help me out

Where have I lost that, to find out

Guide me and lend me clarity

Or bring the item into ( my ) proximity

Or something like that, You get the idea

Finally, it's wise to note here, seems that people of all traditions and roots ( origins, nationalities ) have used this ( magickal ) mean of tracking down lost stuff, be them Christians or not. It is important however that when a Saint grants Your request, You express Your gratitude ( I feel bit silly for having to point this out, but I ought to, just in case ), and a common way of giving thanks to Saint Anthony are ex votos.

You can ask G'd, directly as described in one entry { 13161; 3rd Edition, 2002 } in anthropological Work of Henry Middletone Haytt, "Folklore in Adam County Illinois"


Either take a piece of paper with possible locations of the item ( start with broader categories, them go on more specific one, elimination method ) or go straight forward and take a map. Light a purple candle and ask Your higher source to aid You in finding the lost item. Around the chain or cord of Your pendulum wrap the piece of paper with the description of the item, or hold ( alongside the pendulum ) any form of link to this object in Your hand. I dress the top of the crystal ( or whatever You might use as pendulum ) with "Spirit guide oil" or "Psychic vision oil". You could use any oil associated with some specific Deity who's help You'd like to invoke. Now simply scry ( dowse ) with the crystal as You normally would.


On a piece of paper describe what You have lost on one side, and on the other, draw an All seeing eye, or AGLA symbol. Place it under glass of bowl of Blessed spring water, symbol side pointed upward.

Light Angelic Influence candle ( or any candle of nice, soothing pale blue color ) and place next to it a small glass with Blessed spring water. Place some Althaea root nearside as well, and preferably also place a piece of Quartz, or Amethyst alongside. Then chant

"Guding spirits/angels, I need Your assistance,

For I have misplaced something dear

Bless me with knowledge and clairvoyance,

And bring me to what I've lost, be it far or near" 3X-7X

Use just few drops of that water to dress Your third eye, and let the candle burn itself out. Wrap the paper around the crystal and sleep on this charm. In the morning pour the water outside. Carry the charm with You until You find the item. Then burn the paper, scattering ashes to the wind and giving thanks to spirits.


While spell used to gain answers through dreams, not being a typical/specific " find lost article" spell, it should be obvious how it can be constructivel y employed in such case

There are many examples throughout classical grimoires, among others perhaps that from Clavicula Solomonis, "To get answers in/through dreams"

If You have had the badfortune to misplace something, I do hope this article and ideas presented here might help : )

NOTE: This article was written and composed by myself, therefore should You desire to use any part of it elsewhere, give credits : Shadow of Shadows magick place or or direct link to this post

CREDITS: According to entry 13163 in "Folklore in Adam County Illinois" third edition, 2002th, by Harry Middletone Hyatt

Source of prayers : more precise, site proprietor's informants contributions

IMAGES source : Wikipedia, page on St Anthony of Padua

Many Blessings


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