Decrees On Archangel Michael Day

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Archangel Michael is a very special Archangel for all of us and we love him profoundly. Archangel Michael’s Feast Day is September 29th. In England the entire Autumn season is known as Michaelmas, and in the Middle Ages it was the occasion of harvest fairs and associated feast.

So as we celebrate the Prince of Light and the heavenly warrior, Archangel Michael, let us take this time to honor and appreciate Michael and his legions of Angels of light, that throughout thousands and thousands of years has been dedicated to the security, to the perfection of our souls, to our protection. Forever taking care of us, and assisting to recognize that each one of us have an original blueprint in life, that we have a divine plan.

So delicate and so present is God’s love, that God makes it known to all of us in a personal way through his Angels and Archangels. Michael’s name means “He who is like God”. Because Archangel Michael is the Angel of the presence of God; the presence of God is in Michael and that is why Michael works fervently to serve and support our needs, thus serve the will of God.

As mentioned in Archangel Michael’s page (Aug 5), this heavenly warrior can help us bring light into the darkness. The following decrees are from the book – ‘Angels By My Side’, by Rev. Jayne H. Feldman. This decree can be used when you feel uncomfortable or uneasy about the energy around you:

Michael’s light descend, descend, descend, Michael’s light defend, defend, defend,
Michael’s light expand, expand, expand, Michael’s light command, command, command,
Michael’s light I am, I am, I am.

You repeat the decree three times, and you visualize that Archangel Michael’s light is surrounding you from head to toes. This light immediately defends us from anything attempting to attack our energy field.

For traveling, or when you are driving you can use the following decree before leaving home:

Lord Michael before me! Lord Michael behind!
Lord Michael to the right! Lord Michael to the left!
Lord Michael above! Lord Michael wherever I go!
I AM one with Lord Michael’s protection NOW!

We thank God for the support, love and protection that God gives us through Archangel Michael, the protector Angel.

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