Gems From The Equinox

Gems From The Equinox Cover

Book: Gems From The Equinox by Aleister Crowley

"Gems from the Equinox" has probably been the most important item in my personal library, as well as the one most often used. _Gems_ is not only practical, but also highly inspiring in its collection of key Thelemic and A.'.A.'. class A-E documents. It contains all the major rituals: Resh, Star Ruby (pentagram), Star Sapphire (hexagram), Reguli, Gnostic Mass, Samekh (Crowley's version of the HGA invocation), and more. Liber LXXXIX vel Chanokh offers the basic components of the Enochian system (watchtowers, the SDA, the 91 governors & the Keys or Calls) and precedes the original "The Vision and the Voice" account of Crowley's scrying adventure into the 30 aethyrs. The instructional sections are a goldmine, as are the practical disciplines offered in Libers E, O, Nu, Had, Thisarb, Yod and others. The A.'.A.'. syllabus, One Star in Sight, Khabs Am Pekht, Liber AL vel Legis (the Book of the Law), De Lege Libellvm and more are also included in this indispensible compendium of magick. In my opinion, this is THE one book to have on the shelf, or better yet, on the home or temple altar, for daily reference and praxis in magick and mysticism. The only way to make it more complete as a reference work would be to add the material found in "777".

(Note: The version I own is the 1974-1982 publication by the Israel Regardie Foundation in conjunction with Falcon Press. Very well bound and has held up to a great deal of stress and use; however, I am not at present in a position to comment upon the quality of physical construction of any newer version.)
To synthesize the aim of religion and the method of science--this was the mission of the original 'Equinox,' a massive work in ten large volumes and several subsequent books. The complete 'Equinox' is rarely available and generally beyond the economic reach of most students. This one-volume collection contains all the important magical writings from the original. It has been edited and arranged by Crowley's secretary, Israel Regardie, so the student can "find his way through the maze more easily." It includes material on Crowley's magical order, magical rituals, yoga, invocations, and sex magick among many other topics.

If you can only own three books associated with Crowley and his teachings, they would have to be "Magick: Liber ABA," "Magick Without Tears," and "Gems from the Equinox." This is a well organized synthesis of the most highly regarded contents of The Equinox. The reviews at the end are also good reading if you're looking for books on the occult or a good laugh.

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Celebrating The Advent Of The Thelemic Age

Celebrating The Advent Of The Thelemic Age Image
"Postcard c.1904 E.V."


Throughout the latter half of March and the early part of April, the Holy Thelemic Church (and many Thelemites) commemorate the remarkable event that unfolded in the lives of Aleister Crowley and Rose Kelly at Cairo, Egypt in 1904 Era Vulgari (Common Era) -- a momentous spiritual event that culminated in the Advent of the New Thelemic Age. The Vernal Equinox is, therefore, the time at which Thelemites celebrate the Thelemic New Year. Through photographs and postcards from the period, we might evoke something of the Spirit of that critical era in human history. It is a time distant posterity may well view with no small amount of awe and wonderment; for this extraordinary Manifestation of transmundane Genius ultimately produced a literary monument both profound and sublime: "Liber L vel Legis"," The Book of the Law".

ABOVE: "View of Cairo, Egypt, photographed from a balloon at about 500 metres above ground. Left of the Nile are the Botanical Gardens and the race track, right are the British barracks and the Egyptian Museum. July 21, 1904; first published in Spelterini, E.: "Uber den Wolken/Par dessus les nuages, Brunner & Co, Z"urich 1928, p. 81. By Eduard Spelterini, (1852-1931), Swiss pioneer of ballooning and of aerial photography. "BELOW: "More views of the enviorns of Cairo captured by the camera of Spelterini."


Crowley leaves us a fairly decent account of the circumstances in Cairo that led up to the Thelemic Advent, in his book, "The Equinox of the Gods". The young couple headed into Cairo on February 9th, 1904. He then proceeded to Helwan in the guise of Mid-Eastern nobility on the 19th, with the intent of learning Islam from within as he had done with Hinduism when in India. He enjoyed a little golf on the 20th. For fun during the previous year, he had performed the Preliminary Invocation of the Goetia -- a majestic spiritual ceremony also known as the Invocation of the Bornless One -- to entertain his newlywed bride. Rose, however, now became oddly inspired, claiming that a superior intelligence wished to communicate with him. She was having the first Holy Epiphany of the New Thelemic Age. He was having none of it; he had become disillusioned with serious magical pursuits and was interested in further exploring the esoteric systems of Buddhism, Taoism and Sufism.

Rose Edith Kelly possibly hysterical from pregnancy. She could see nothing, but could hear. She was fiercely excited at the messages, and passionately insistent that I should take them seriously.

"I was annoyed at her irrelevance, and her infliction of nonsense upon me.

"She had never been in any state even remotely resembling this, though I had made the same invocation (in full) in the King's chamber of the Great Pyramid during the night which we spent there in the previous autumn.

"March 17. More apparently nonsensical messages, this time spontaneous. I invoke Thoth, probably as in" Liber LXIV", and presumably to clear up the muddle.

"March 18. Thoth evidently got clear through to her; for she discovers that Horus is addressing me through her, and identifies Him by a method utterly excluding chance or coincidence, and involving knowledge which only I possessed, some of it arbitrary, so that she or her informant must have been able to read my mind as well as if I had spoken it.

"Then she, challenged to point out His image, passed by many such to fix on the one in the Stele."

The Stele to which he refers is, of course, Cairo Stela A9422 -- then exhibited as Stele 666. The same exhibition card -- that must have struck him like lightning to behold -- appears below along with a photo of the Stela itself.

"The display card for the Stela of Ankhefenkhons I, bearing the infamous "number of a Man"."

"The Stele of Revealing."

Crowley was impressed with the appearance of this number. There is of course no such thing as the Christian devil; but in the Qabalistic system this value signifies the spiritual force of Tiphareth (6) that transmits its Holy Current -- the Supernal Triunity of Wisdom, Understanding and Transcendence-without-Withdrawal (x111=666) -- to the Adeptus in the Attainment of the Knowledge and both are a conjunction of the twofold Consciousness of Matter and Energy, i.e. Nuit and Hadit, the Supernals called Binah and Chokmah in the Qabalistic system -- Tiphareth being the outer form (i.e. below the Abyss of Duality and Thought) and Kether being the inner form thereof.

Crowley's account continues:

"March 20. Success in my invocation of Horus, by 'breaking all the rules' at her command. This success convinced me magically, and encouraged me to test her I should certainly have referred to the Stele in my ritual had I seen it before this date. I should fix Monday, March 21, for the Visit to [the museum].

"Between March 23 and April 8 the Hieroglyphs on the Stele were evidently translated by the assistant-curator at [the museum], into either French or English-I am almost sure it was French-and versified (as now printed) by me.

"Between these dates, too, my wife must have told me that her informant was not Horus, or Ra Hoor Khuit, but a messenger from Him, named Aiwass.

"I thought that she might have faked this name from constantly hearing 'Aiwa,' the word for 'Yes' in Arabic. She could not have invented a name of this kind, though; her next best was to find a phrase like 'balmy puppy' for a friend, or corrupt a name like Neuberg into an obscene insult.

"The silence of my diaries seems to prove that she gave me nothing more of importance. I was working out the Magical problem presented to me by the events of March 16-21. Any questions that I asked her were either unanswered, or answered by a Being whose mind was so different from mine that we failed to converse. All my wife obtained from Him was to command me to do things magically absurd. He would not play my game: I must play His.

"April 7. Not later than this date was I ordered to enter the 'temple' exactly at noon on the three days following, and write down what I heard during one hour, nor more nor less."

The photographs shown below depict the hotel at which they most likely stayed during this event. It is now known as the Baehler Building and is no longer a hotel, though one can eat at a restaurant on its ground floor there today.

"La Bodega, aperitivo and bistro in the former Savoy-Hotel."

[ ]

"The three days [April 8th, 9th and 10th] were precisely similar, save that on the last day I became nervous lest I should fail to hear the Voice of Aiwass. They may then be described together.

"I went into the 'temple' a minute early, so as to shut the door and sit down on the stroke of Noon.

"On my table were my pen -- a Swan Fountain -- and supplies of Quarto typewriting paper, 8 x 10.

"I never looked round in the room at any time.

"The Voice of Aiwass came apparently from over my left shoulder, from the furthest corner of the room. It seemed to echo itself in my physical heart in a very strange manner, hard to describe. I have noticed a similar phenomenon when I have been waiting for a message fraught with great hope or dread. The voice was passionately poured, as if Aiwass were alert about the time-limit. I wrote 65 pages of this present essay (at about my usual rate of composition) in about 10 1/2 hours as against the 3 hours of the 65 pages of "the Book of the Law". I was pushed hard to keep the pace; the MS. shows it clearly enough.

"The voice was of deep timbre, musical and expressive, its tones solemn, voluptuous, tender, fierce or aught else as suited the moods of the message. Not bass -perhaps a rich tenor or baritone.

"The English was free of either native or foreign accent, perfectly pure of local or caste mannerisms, thus startling and even uncanny at first hearing.

"I had a strong impression that the speaker was actually in the corner where he seemed to be, in a body of 'fine matter,' transparent as a veil of gauze, or a cloud of incense-smoke. He seemed to be a tall, dark man in his thirties, well-knit, active and strong, with the face of a savage king, and eyes veiled lest their gaze should destroy what they saw. The dress was not Arab; it suggested Assyria or Persia, but very vaguely. I took little note of it, for to me at that time Aiwass and an 'angel' such as I had often seen in visions, a being purely astral."

A few paragraphs along in the account, he writes:

"There wasno actual voice audible save that of Aiwaz. Even my own remarks made silently were incorporated by him audibly, wherever such occur."

The result was this message -- of vastly superior intelligence to that with which we are normally familiar -- to all humanity, announcing the transition to a new spiritual formula for an Aeon of Light, Life, Love and Liberty. This spiritual formula is Gnostic, not propitiatory; i.e., its process involves the realization of the infinite potential of human Genius, in knowledge, talent and ability -- as opposed to propitiation, which holds that one has to sacrifice, whether literally or by proxy (e.g. via acts of asceticism -- abstinence, fasting, scourging, martyrdom and the rest" ad nauseum"), to an external god in exchange for grace. It is ignoble and insults the Divinity inherent in Humanity. Although our Thelemic doctrine affirms the existence of a superior eternal Mind, it is actually an atheistic one: for this Mind is ultimately that of man himself, on a level of pan-dimensional awareness well beyond ordinary apprehension. "Deus est Homo": "God is Man". It is only temporarily praeterhuman: with the Gnosis of Samadhi the divide is bridged.

"The Book of the Law "is a work of total Genius, with depths of subtle meaning and hidden wisdom -- esoteric and Qabalistic -- that can revive and unite the many sects of the various primitive religions currently at one another's throats in various locales of our troubled world. For it contains, in its veils of wisdom, the naked beauty of an overarching spiritual Law in harmony with science and healthy for the human condition, being as it is worshipful of the happiness of the natural state and of the Divine Perfection of genuine Talent, not of some unnatural god at odds with scientific fact.

The following images are from postcards that were circulated before, during and after the time of the Advent of the Aeon (March 21st, 1904) and the Epiphany of the Holy Law (April 8th, 9th and 10th, 1904).



We of the Holy Thelemic Church wish all of our brothers and sisters across the globe a very happy Thelemic New Year. May your celebrations be bountiful and joyous; may you come to the realization of the Holy Supernal Will and to the accomplishment of the Great Work, Summum Bonum, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness; may 93 be with ye.




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La Gitana

La Gitana Cover

Book: La Gitana by Aleister Crowley

La Gitana, aleister crowley Poem.

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Rituals And Spell Objectives Green Magic

Rituals And Spell Objectives Green Magic Cover
There is inevitable a considerable overlap in what is written in popular magic books on the subject of venusian (love) and lunar (sex) magic. Consequently a planetary nomenclature has been largely avoided in this text. Although love magic is frequently performed in support of sexual objectives, this chapter will confine itself to the arts of making other people friendly, loyal and affectionate towards oneself.

Friends are probably anyone's greatest asset. My address book is easily my most valu-able possession. As with erotic attraction, it is first necessary to like oneself before others will. This ability can be enhanced by appropriate invocations of the green power. Most people find it easy to elicit friendliness from people that they like themselves; but making persons who are not disposed to friendship towards you, become friendly, and making persons who you do not like at all friendly towards you, are valuable abilities. An unreciprocated friendship is a disability only to the person offering it.

Invocations to the green power should begin with self-love; an attempt to see the wonderful side of every self-one consists of, and then proceed into a ritual affirmation of the beauty and loveability of all things and all people. Suitable god forms for the Love-self include Venus, Aphrodite and the mythical Narcissus, whose myth merely reflects a certain male prejudice against this type of invocation.

From within the green gnosis, spells to make people friendly may be cast by simple enchantment or by the use of entities created for this purpose. However it is in face to face meetings that the empathic abilities stimulated by the invocation work most effectively. Apart from the obvious maneuvers of showing interest in everything the target has to say and affirming and sympathizing with most of it, there is another critical factor called "behavioral matching", which usually takes place subconsciously. Basically, in the absence of overtly hostile postures on the part of the target, one should attempt to match the non-verbal behavior of the target precisely. Sit or stand in the identical bodily posture, make the same movements, use the same degree of eye contact, and talk for similar intervals. As with dominance behavior, such signals only work if they are not consciously perceived by the recipient. Do not move to match the target's moves and postures immediately. It is also essential to try and match the verbal behavior and to communicate with the same level of intelligence, social status and sense of humor as the target.

Before I made myself wealthy, I used to practice these abilities when hitch-hiking. Soon, even people whom I found quite ghastly were buying me lunch and transporting me far out of their way. Empathy will get you anywhere.

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Intro Magick

Intro Magick Cover

Book: Intro Magick by Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley's excerpts from book magick In Theory And Practice.

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Letters Between Aleister Crowley And Frieda Harris

Letters Between Aleister Crowley And Frieda Harris Cover

Book: Letters Between Aleister Crowley And Frieda Harris by Aleister Crowley

Correspondence Between Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris (mostly regarding Thoth Tarot designs) Original key entry by Fr. H.B. in New York 1/26/90 e.v. ASCII conversion by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O.
Copyright (c) O.T.O.

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Love As Ye Will

Love As Ye Will Image
"take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will!"

-"Liber Legis", 1:51.


There are those who take "Liber L vel Legis", "The Book of the Law", as the Holy Canon to which to adhere in this New Era of Light, Life, Love but in my experience, most of the problems that arise do so not out of an inability of the Law of Thelema to harmonize with the Will of one who dislikes this or that portion of the Holy Law, but rather, from an inability of one to fully comprehend -- much less to successfully apply -- this or that portion of the Law in question to his or her life. In this article, we take a look at one of the thornier of these misunderstood roses of Thelemic practice: the proper attitude of the Thelemite in all matters of love and lust.

What we in the West -- particularly those of us in the U.S. (or in other such Puritanical places) -- must first realize, is that we are weighed down from the get-go with the cumbersome, outworn and unnatural sexual ideals of Christian chastity. It underscores nearly all relationship tendencies that most of us are initially burdened with; and its cancerous source is, of course, rooted in the notion that the beloved is something that one earns and therefore possesses, e.g. as a knight in olden times won his virginal maiden.

This archaic, misguided view corrupts our attitudes towards sex and relationships nearly as much today as it did way back then, even in totally liberal, non-Christian families, instilling these seeds of monogamistic tendencies in the fertile soil of our childhood minds, influencing us with predilections that, outmoded as they are, do not fit at all well into -- much less contribute to the betterment of -- contemporary relationships. Naturally, as we are predisposed to favor and feverishly defend such notions as are so deeply rooted in the bedrock of our subconscious minds, rather than recognize and re-synthesize these unnatural tendencies into completely new, healthier ones, we tend to prefer to avoid the change such would require of us and cling instead to harmful traditions. Hence the very high rate of separation in modern society.

Those who choose to do so are, of course, inclined to defend their position by claiming that it is -- as it is with certain other animals -- simply their Will to be monogamous. Again, far be it for me or anyone else to dispute this claim; but it is highly suspect. On the other hand, as one who himself also once felt this way, unaware (and unwilling to be aware) of the underlying germ of monogamistic ill will that poisoned his relationships with all varieties of dysfunctional proclivities, I can safely say that it is possible if not altogether likely that such attitudes are mired in ignorance and delusion as this tendency to monogamy rears its ugly head in the affairs of others.

We primates are, in reality, much happier when freed of the grip of monogamistic tendencies and allowed to appreciate polyamorous affairs. Not to say that remaining devoted to a given individual (or individuals) for an extended period of time is necessarily a hindrance to one's True Will: it can be so -- or not -- depending of course on a number of factors, the main ones being compatibility and maturity across all involved parties. But there is a vital caveat: all such parties must be perfectly free of the slightest germ of jealousy; and this can only be satisfactorily achieved (a) with time and experience, and (b) with the acquisition of certainty in the solidity of the relationship, unwaveringly confident that no such affair can ever compromise the integrity of the foundational relationship(s).

True, many relationships may well be destroyed by the initial experimentation, but again that is to be expected when two or more parties are so chock full of unresolved fears and uncertainties. Besides, most individuals are incompatible in the first place, and are merely deluded into thinking otherwise on the basis of convenient familiarity. Also, laziness plays a factor at times, i.e. it is far easier to convince oneself that one is compatible with someone with whom one already shares so much history than it is to search out someone new and start all over from scratch. If one is to be truly happy in one's love life, then one has to lift away the blinders and be fully willing to see all facets of one's relationship as they are in fact, brutally honest with oneself and with one's partner(s) in all respects.

First, however, in order for this to work, one must confine oneself to affairs with individuals who are already unhampered with the baggage of Old Age ideologies. While this may seem ideologically xenophobic, it is in reality the only way to avoid hurtful and damaging problems that will inevitably corrode the closest and happiest of relationships into monstrosities of discord and sorrow. For ideologies that are cemented solidly in the errors of primitive thinking cannot gel with those that are liberated therefrom.

The central obstacle to clear in this polygamous approach to love with a main partner (or two or three, as the case may be), though, is the tendency to be jealous, as aforesaid. Fear, as always, is the underlying culprit: fear of being outdone by another lover, and fear that such will lead to one's beloved leaving one for that other. To address the former: one simply has to be realistic, i.e., one can never be all things in love and in lust to any one person, no matter how perfect one thinks one is. And if one truly loves someone, then one should find complete satisfaction and -- if one is completely liberated not only from every element of fear but of possessiveness -- even perfect arousal in the satisfaction and arousal of that partner in the concordant embrace of another.

As for the fear that one's mate having exceptional sex with someone who might be possessed of attributes or abilities of which one might oneself be in some measure deficient, or that he or she might enjoy this aspect or that of an encounter to some degree or other more than he or she does with oneself, well, that again is a fear based on folly. If, that is, one's relationship is well-grounded in compatibility and maturity and genuine love -- and if it isn't, then it isn't worth having in the first place!

The really important thing is to develop in yourself something of the perspective of your loved one, which should be easy enough to do if you truly love that person as much as you love yourself. Feel ecstasy in his or her ecstasy, no matter from whence or from whom it derives: lose yourself in his or her joy and do not instead restrict your partner to your own insecurities. It will at first be very hard, as breaking up these deep-seated tendencies will seem like trying to smash concrete with just your hands; but determination, patience, understanding and most of all communication are the keys to making it work over the long haul.

The inclination to possess another is -- no matter what -- always very wrong, and will result only in the misery of unnatural conformation and limiting restriction. How can one fully grow if one cannot explore every hidden part of one's infinite sexual being, by uniting with those for whom one feels deep attraction that fully reciprocate the same feeling and who are willing to act thereupon? There are many men, for instance, who would gladly share their beds with multiple women, yet when it comes to their women having other men, they object. True love delights in any and all joys, however crude and base, that one's beloved is able to find in the blissful embrace of others. To chain your loved one to your bed alone -- unless it is but a kinky respite -- is never love but instead the backward urge to enslave and control.

Finally, there is from the Thelemic perspective no such thing as heterosexual primacy. Gay and lesbian relationships, as also bisexual ones, stand equally beside heterosexual liaisons: there is not one more natural than, or superior to, another. This is an advantage of Thelemic religion, that it regards all forms of love and lust as equally sacred, and looks down on no expression thereof unless it forces another against his or her (or its) consent. Animals and children, of course, cannot consent, being as they are of a mind unable to fairly judge, so naturally they are off-limits.

Finally, it is always worth bearing in mind verse 41 of chapter 1 of "The Book of the Law", which reads:

"The word of Sin is Restriction. O man! refuse not thy wife, if she will! O lover, if thou wilt, depart! There is no bond that can unite the divided but love: all else is a curse."

Love should always be a blessing and never a curse.

In closing, let's remember the words of St.John on his deathbed: "Little children, love one another".

With his blessing, then, let the orgies begin!




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The Cephaledium Working

The Cephaledium Working Cover

Book: The Cephaledium Working by Aleister Crowley

This edition is published privately for Thelemites and other friends. This edition is accurate and proofed against a photocopy of the holograph MS. It features Aleister Crowley, Leah Hirsig, and C. F. Russell (Frater Genesthai) in the Abbey of Thelema at Cephalu Sicily, November 28th 1920 (circa) to January 20th 1921. Following are Crowley's comments from The Magical Record of the Beast 666

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Models Of Magic The Information Model

Models Of Magic The Information Model Cover
The information model of magic is being developed since about 987 and there is still considerable debate about the direction it shall ultimately take. Its basic premises to date are as follows:

a) Energy as such is "dumb": it needs information on what to do; this can be so called laws of nature or direct commands.
b) Information does not have mass or energy. Thus, it is faster than light and not bound by the restrictions of the Einsteinian spacetime continuum. It can therefore be transmitted or tapped at all times and at all places. In analogy (but of course only as such!) it may be likened to quantum phenomena rather than relativistic mass-energy. It can, however, attach itself to a medium e.g. an organism or any other memory storage device.

At the start of the theoretical debate it was still believed that the postulation of morphic (or, more precisely, morphogenetic) fields as hypothesized by Rupert Sheldrake had to be an essential factor by way of explaining the mode of actual information transmittance. This, however, while still being discussed, does not appear to be strictly prerogative though it cannot be not ruled out that an act of information magic may create such fields. It does seem more probable, though, that the concept of information matrices will prove to be the most promising theory in the long run.

The application of the as yet evolving information model has led to the discipline I have termed Cybermagic (from "cybernetics" or the "science of control systems"). Contrary to the other models described above, Cybermagic does not rely on magical trance to achieve its effects. Rather, the Cybermagician activates either his own main memory banks, namely brain and spine (the Golf-club chakra, so-called because of its shape reminiscent of a golf-club) or those of the target person. The desired information is then called up and transmitted quite similarly to a copy command on an MS-DOS computer. The copy command analogy holds good insofar as the information (not having mass) is not actually "lost" in the process (as energy would be) but rather is duplicated. This is an important point as it allows for the magician to perform his magic even in a state of very low physical power, possibly even when almost completely intoxicated, as long as his basic "life support systems" are still functional and the command syntax is employed correctly.

It is, however, obvious that this technique demands a fair control of what used to be termed kundalini effects and practice has shown ever and again that a good amount of Yoga and meditation experience is a great help in achieving to Cybermagic.

Unfortunately, the full theory and practice of Cybermagic cannot be described here due to lack of space and will thus have to be the subject of a separate article to be published later. To date the main experimental research work is being done within the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) and some quite astounding results have already been achieved, especially in the field of language and knowledge transfer as well as magical healing.

In spite of its very modern, untraditionalist outlook the basic principles of Cybermagic may in truth well be the oldest form of magic extant. For we can, for example, find a number of reports in the East to the effect of a guru transferring all his knowledge to his successor before his death, which is usually achieved by an act of long, mutual meditation.

This goes to show that magic as a whole has always existed in many, coexisting models. What has changed, however, is the stress laid on one model or the other in the course of time.

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Rituals And Spell Objectives Orange Magic

Rituals And Spell Objectives Orange Magic Cover
Charlatanry, trickery, living by one's wits and thinking fast on one's feet are the essence of the orange power. These mercurial abilities were traditionally associated with the god forms which acted as patrons to doctors, magicians, gamblers and thieves. However the profession of medicine has now partly dissociated itself from charlatanry since doctors discovered that antibiotics and hygienic surgery actually worked. Nevertheless about eighty percent of medications are still basically placebos, and the profession still retains the mercurial caduceus for its emblem. Similarly the profession of magic has become less dependent on charlatanry with the discovery of the quantum-probabilistic nature of enchantment and divination and the virtual abandonment of classical alchemy and astrology. Pure magic is now best described as an expression of the octarine power, having a Uranian character. Yet charlatanry still has its place in magic as in medicine. Let us not forget that all "conjuring tricks" were once part of the shamanic warm up repertoire in which something lost or destroyed is miraculously restored by the magician to get the audience in the right mood before the serious business of placebo healing began. In its classical form, the magician puts a dead rabbit in a hat before pulling out a live one.

To the list of professions drawing heavily on the orange power one must now add sales-man, confidence trickster, stockbroker and indeed any profession with an extreme heart attack rating. The motive power of the orange gnosis is basically fear, a species of fear which does not inhibit the user, but rather creates an extraordinary nervous speed that produces quick moves and answers in tight corners.

The apotheosis of the Wit-self is the ability to enter that state of mental overdrive in which the fast response is always forthcoming. This ability is, paradoxically enough, created by not thinking about thinking, but rather allowing anxiety to partially paralyze the inhibitory process themselves so that the subconscious can throw out a quick witted response without conscious deliberation.

Invocations of the orange power are best delivered at frantic speed and gnosis can be deepened by the performance of mentally demanding tasks such as adding up large lists of numbers in one's head or ripping open envelopes containing difficult questions and answering them instantly; activities which should be persisted with until a breakthrough to the experience of thinking without deliberation is achieved. Varied god forms can be used to give form to the Wit-self. Hermes, Loki, Coyote the Trickster and the Roman Mercurius are often employed.

Orange magic is usually restricted to invocations designed to enhance general quick wittedness in secular activities such as gambling, crime and intellectual pursuits. Enchantments and evocations performed subsequent to an invocation of the orange gnosis rarely seem to give results as effective as the invocation itself in my experience. Perhaps something should be said about crime and gambling for the benefit of those hotheads who may misunderstand what can be done with orange magic in support of such activities. Theft is ludicrously easy performed methodically yet the majority of thieves get caught after a while because they become addicted to anxiety, which they experience as excitement and start taking risks to increase it. The novice thief who, in state of extreme anxiety, takes something in a situation of zero risk, does not of course get caught and neither does the careful professional. However there are few careful professionals because there are far easier ways of making money in most societies for people with that kind of ability. The great majority of thieves however always manage to find some way of incriminating themselves because the anxiety of the theft itself fades, only the anxiety of punishment remains. Those quick witted and outwardly cool enough to thieve successfully can easily make
more from salesmanship.

There are three types of persistent gambler. The losers account for two types. Firstly there are those addicted to their own arrogance, who just have to prove that they can beat pure chance or the odds set by the organizers. Secondly there are those addicted to the anxiety of loosing. Even if they win, they invariably throw it away again soon afterwards. Then there are the winners. These people are not gambling at all, either because they are organizing the odds and stakes, or because they have inside information, or because they are cheating. This is true orange magic. Poker is not a game of chance if played skillfully, and skillful play includes not playing against persons of equal or superior skill, or persons holding a Smith and Weston to your Four Aces. Most conventional forms
of gambling are set up in such a way that the use of anything but the most extreme forms of psychic power will make little difference. I would not bother to bet on odds that I had reduced from an hundred to one to merely sixty to one. However certain results obtained using double blind prescience with horse racing show encouraging potential.

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Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot

Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Cover

Book: Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley

This is the Thoth deck printed in Switzerland. This is the one you want to own. The colors of the cards printed in Switzerland are the most true to the original art of Lady Frieda Harris.

I fell in love with the Thoth Tarot after receiving a reading from a friend. The colors in her cards were beautiful and vibrant, and I was mesmerized by the quality of the art work. I immediately ordered a Thoth deck from Amazon.

When it arrived, I was stunned to discover that the cards were not as beautiful as I remembered. The cards had a murky green tinge to them. When I compared them to my friend's deck, I discovered that they were *not* the same. Although the art was exactly the same, the simple difference of the green tint gave my cards a totally different appearance and feeling - ominous and foreboding. Upon further examination, we discovered that her deck was printed in Switzerland and mine was printed in Belgium.

I had to search the Internet for months before I found someone who had a copy of the large deck printed in Switzerland. At that time Amazon did not have the Swiss version, however, they now have it and here it is. It is about $4.00 higher than the deck printed in Belgium, but more than worth it.

The Thoth deck printed in Switzerland is stunningly beautiful and powerful. I have always given extraodinary readings with the Thoth deck, even as a novice. It continues to be my favorite deck to read with.

As with all things in life, it is best to investigate many different branches of this field of study, but I know that Most of the Tarot Readers I have met use The Thoth Deck more than any other deck in their collection. The Wonderful Artwork and Fascinating Symbolism give the Reader a vast-array of information to draw-from. My Wife is a locally renowned Tarot Reader and she swears by this deck, for accuracy....and, ALL of her friends swear by her Accuracy!
The Thoth Deck has some Great Companion Books, such as: "The Tarot Handbook : Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols" -- by Angeles Arrien <&, of course, "The Book of Thoth" by Aleister Crowley, Frieda Harris (Illustrator). I suggest buying the hand-sized Deck, because Large Decks are usually very cumbersome and it is hard to get a good psychokenetic feel for the cards. It is always best to have a deck that can be easily manipulated in the hands, for better accuracy in readings.

In my opinion, this deck is one of Crowley's greatest Contributions to those involved with The Mysteries. I also strongly suggest studying Jungian Psychology, in conjunction with Tarot studies. Thousands of people believe this is the best deck on the market.

I highly recommend "The Crowley Tarot: The Handbook to the Cards" by Hajo Banzhaf as a companion book for the Thoth deck, no matter what your level of experience, and "Tarot As Your Companion: A Practical Guide to the Rider-Waite and Crowley Thoth Tarot" Decks" by Hajo Banzhaf as an Introduction for beginners.

Buy Aleister Crowley's book: Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot

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The Equinox Of The Gods

The Equinox Of The Gods Cover

Book: The Equinox Of The Gods by Aleister Crowley

One of Crowley's most rare and sought-after works.. In The Equinox of the Gods, aleister crowley offers an overview of the circumstances surrounding his reception of the threefold Book of Law in April of 1904. Includes a copy of the Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis, as well as a facsimile of the holotype manuscript L. Also included are excerpts from his diaries, color plates of the Stele of Revealing, and much enlightening commentary upon this most important Holy Book of Thelema.

This book gives a good brief account of Crowley's life story up to and including his reception of The Book of the Law. It covers all the events of Crowley's life that Crowley felt were of most importance. For a fuller account of his life the reader might want to read Crowley's Confessions, or Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley by Richard Kaczynski. For those looking for a review of Crowley's life not done by a person that actually enjoys the works of Crowley they could check out Do What Thou Wilt by Sutin which almost oozes with hate for Crowley and belittles almost every major thing Crowley did during his life.

The Equinox of the Gods presents an amazing description of the circumstances leading up to Crowley's transcription of The Book of the Law. Includes extensive biographical data, highly personal diary extracts, ritual workings, several illustrations and a full color reproduction of the Stele of Revealing. Also includes the full text of The Book of the Law plus a facsimile of Crowley's original handwritten manuscript. This is a beautifully produced and completely new, corrected edition of this long out-of-print masterpiece.

In my opinion the reason this book (Equinox of the Gods) is so wonderful is that it takes us inside the mind of the prophet WHILE he was receiving The Book of the Law. Crowley's line by line account of receiving The Book of the Law and what was going on inside his head while it happens is priceless. He takes us through the things he saw in his mind. The questions that where raised (and answered in The Book of the Law). This book is a must read for all Thelemites, O.T.O. members, and A.'.A.'. members trying to understand The Book of the Law. Lines in The Book of the Law that could be puzzled over for years are explained in seconds when you understand the thoughts inside the mind of the prophet while he was receiving the book. Some things in The Book of the Law are comments about thoughts inside his head. Some things were mere personal instructions for Crowley. Other things were direct answers to questions and doubts he was having during the reception of The Book of the Law. Knowing which passage is which is a joyous help when trying to understand all the aspects of this holy book.

Highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested in Aleister Crowley's Magick of Thelema.

Buy Aleister Crowley's book: The Equinox Of The Gods

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Agape Image
Agape is synonymous with compassion, caritas, charity, affection, altruism, amity, attachment, benevolence, benignity, bountifulness, clemency, generosity, goodness, goodwill, grace, humaneness, kindliness, magnanimity and mercy. It is a love of a spiritual nature, not concerned with sexual fulfillment. Agape denotes a divine, self-sacrificing love. It is an altruistic love, and we are under its influence when we do things for another person or god without the expectation of reward. Agape indicates action. A willful act of doing and caring for someone as deeply as one cares for one’s self. It is considered a godly love because it manifests in the absence of the desire to personally benefit of Lust of Result. It is said that only God is capable of Agape.

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