Liber 151 Liber Qna Vel Namen Dei

Liber 151 Liber Qna Vel Namen Dei Cover

Book: Liber 151 Liber Qna Vel Namen Dei by Aleister Crowley

Liber 151 Liber QNA vel Namen Dei sub figura CLI by Frater Achad

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Aleister Crowley - Liber 151 Liber Qna Vel Namen Dei

Summoning The Archangels

Summoning The Archangels Cover Stand in the center of the Circle. Visualize the Archangel of Air in the East. See him with white robes, holding a caduceus wand, and wind blowing around him. You may also see him as merely a strong wind. Say, "Before me, RAPHAEL."

Visualize the Archangel of Water behind you in the West. See him or her with a blue robe, holding a silver cup or chalice, and emerging from the Sea. You might also simply see him or her as the Sea itself. Say, "Behind me, GABRIEL."

Visualize the Archangel of Fire to the South. See him with a red robe, holding a swrod, and surrounded by flames. One might also see him as simply a blazing column of fire with a sword at its base. Say, "On my righ hand, MICHAEL."

Visualize the Archangel of Earth at the North. See him or her as wearing a green robe, holding a large coin, and surrounded by a lush, green forest. Say, "And on my left hand, AURIEL." One might also see him or her as the Forest itself.

Say, "For about me flames the pentagram and within me shines the six-rayed star!"

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Book Four

Book Four Cover

Book: Book Four by Aleister Crowley

Every thought penned in this book is absolutley clear, concise, reasonable and accurate. This book is of immense help to someone trying to learn about the occult science. With the whole of the book translating so much information in such a few pages. The man is a wonderful thinker and an amazing writer. He explains the theoretical (but to me purely practical) answer to the mystery of the most profound Prophets ever on earth, besides Crowley himself of course. The technique in which they attained genius (enlightenment) by meditation and what exactly consists of such a quest.... If you would like the practice of stilling the mind explained to your mind in the best of what could be easily argued of all the attempts in literary form then this is the book you want.

Book 4 is an essential must-read for those interested in Crowley and/or black magic. He gives sufficiently detailed magical instruction. Unfortunately, the tools for use in this described magic is too specific for many; it thus serves as an entertaining and informative read. Crowley was and is an immensly fascinating individual with a lasting influence on the occult. Put Book 4 at the top of your list for potential occult practitioners. I've read books like The Satanic Bible and Necronomicon, and this is just as good or better than those.

Part II is a fabulous treatise on the tools of the practice of the "true" "Magick of the Magi"... Ceremonial Magick is the means by which you attempt to contact, control, and understand the different facets (spirits) of your mind to assist you in the mystical enlightenment journey. Mind being roughly speaking thought, emotion, and the subconcsious. It includes detailed information on the tools needed for Magickal practice and exactly what they are connected with practically and theoretically; To convey his many keen and intense ideas Crowley can and will use or compare Qabalah, Hindu philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, Christian theology, english literature, psychology, mythology, analogy, metaphor, science, wit, his sense of humor, even nursery rhymes in an interlude and who knows what else!!!! The nice price and convenient 120 page length are bonuses. Do what thou wilt, love under will!

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Book Four

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Liber 1151 Minerval To 3rd Degree Program

Liber 1151 Minerval To 3rd Degree Program Cover

Book: Liber 1151 Minerval To 3rd Degree Program by Aleister Crowley

Liber MCLI. By Jim Graeb IX O.T.O.. Being the requirements of Minerval to III, in study and work in the O.T.O., as it has manifested under the Caliph.

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