Chapter 75 Of Focaults Pendulum By Umberto Eco

Chapter 75 Of Focaults Pendulum By Umberto Eco Image
Chapter 75 of Focault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco

"The only ones who elude... the eternal sleep... are those who
in life are able to orient their mind toward a higher way. The
initiates, the Adepts, are at the edge of that path. Having
achieved memory, anamnesis, in the expression of Plutarch, they
become free, they proceed without bonds. Crowned, they celebrate
the "mysteries" and see on earth the throng of those who are not
initiated and are not "pure," those who are crushed and pushing
one another in the mud and in the darkness."
-- Julius Evola, La tradizione ermetica, Rome, Edizioni
Mediterranee, 1971, p. 111

Rashly I volunteered to do some quick research. I soon regretted
it. I found myself in a morass of books, in which it was
difficult to distinguish historical fact from hermetic gossip,
and reliable information from flights of fancy. Working like a
machine for a week, I drew up a bewildering list of sects,
lodges, conventicles. I occasionally shuddered on encountering
familiar names I didn't expect to come upon in such company, and
there were chronological coincidences that I felt were curious
enough to be noted down. I showed this document to my two

1645 London: Ashmole founds Invisible College, Rosicrucian in

1660 From the Invisible College is born the Royal Society; and
from the Royal Society, as everyone knows, the Masons.

1666 Paris: founding of Academie Royal des Sciences.

1707 Birth of Claude-Louis de Saint-Germain, if he was really

1717 Creation of the Great Lodge in London.

1721 Anderson drafts the constitutions of English masonry.
initiated in London, Peter the Great founds a lodge in Russia.

1730 Montesquieu, passing through London, is initiated.

1737 Ramsay asserts the Templar origin of Masonry. Origin of
the Scottish rite, henceforth in conflict with the Great Lodge of

1738 Fredrick, then crown prince of Prussia, is initiated.
Later he is patron of Encyclopedists.

1740 Various lodges created in France around this year:
Ecossais Fideles of Toulouse, Souverain Conseil Sublime, Mere
Loge Ecossaise du Grand Glob Francais, College des Sublimes
Princes du Royal Secret of Bordeaux, Cour des Souverains
Comandeurs du Temple of Carcassonne, Philadelphes of Narbonne,
Chapitre des rose-Croi of Montpellier, Sublimes Elus de la

1743 First public appearance of Comte de Saint-Germain. In
Lyon, the degree of chevalier kadosch originates, its task being
to vindicate Templars.

1753 Willermoz founds lodge of Parfaite Amitie.

1754 Martinez Pasqualis founds Temple of the Elus Cohen
(perhaps in 1760).

1756 Baron vond Hund founds Templar Strict Observance,
inspired, some say, by Frederick II of Prussia. For the first
time there is talk of the Unknown Superiors. Some insinuate that
the Unknown Superiors are Frederick and Voltaire.

1758 Saint-Germain arrives in Paris and offers his services to
the king as chemist, an expert in dyes. He spends time with
Madame Pompadour.

1759 Presumed formation of Conseil des Empereurs d'Orient et
d'Occident, which three years later is said to have drawn up the
Consititutions et Reglement de Bordeaux, from which Ancient and
Accepted Scottish rite probably originates (though this does not
appear officially until 1801

1760 Saint-Germain on ambiguous diplomatic mission in Holland.
Forced to flee, arrested in London, released. Dom J. Pernety
founds Illuminati of Avignon. Martinez Pasqualis founds
Chevaliers Macons Elus de l'Univers.

1762 Saint-Germain in Russia.

1763 Casanova meets Saint-Germain, as Surmont, in Belgium.
Latter turns coin into gold Willermoz founds Souverain Chapitre
des Chevaliers de l'Aigle Noire Rose-Croix.

1768 Willermoz joins Pasqualis's Elus Cohen. Apocryphal
publication in Jerusalem of Les plus secrets mysteres des hauts
grades de la maconnerie devoilee, ou le vrai Rose-Croix: it says
that the lodge of the Rosicrucians is on Mount Heredon, sixty
miles from Ediburgh. Pasqualis meets Louis Claud de Saint-Martin, later known as le Philosphe Inconnu. Dom Pernety becomes
librarian of king of Prussia.

1771 The Duc de Chartres, later known as Philippe-Egalite,
becomes grand master of the Grand Orient (then, the Grand Orient
de France
) and tries to unify all the lodges. Scottish rite
lodge resists.

1772 Pasqualis leaves for Santo Domingo, and Willermoz and
Saint-Martin establishes Tribunal Souverain, which becomes Grand
Loge Ecossaise.

1774 Saint-Martin retires, to become Philosphe Inconnu, and as
delegate of Templar Strict Observance goes to negotiate with
Willermoz. A Scottish Directory of the Province of Auvergne is
born. From this will be born the Rectified Scottish rite.

1776 Saint-Germain, under the name Count Welldone, presents
chemical plans to Frederick II. Societe des Philathetes is born,
to unite all hermeticists. Lodge of the Neuf Soeurs has members
Guillotin and Cabanis, Voltaire and Franklin. Adam Weishaupt of
Illuminati of Bavaria. According to some, he is initiated by a
Danish mercant, Kolmer, returning from Egypt, who is probably the
mysterious Altotas, master of Caglistro.

1778 Saint-Germain, in Berlin, meets Dom Pernety. Willermoz
founds Ordre des Chevaliers Bienfaisants de la Cite Sainte.
templar Strict Observance and Grand Orient agree to accept the
Rectified Scottish rite.

1782 Great conference of all the initiatory lodges at

1783 Marquis Thome founds the Swedenborg rite.

1784 Saint-Germain presumably dies while in the service of the
landgrave of Hesse, for whom he is completing a factory for
making dyes.

1785 Caglistro founds Mephis rite, which later becomes the
Ancient and Primitive rite of Memphis-Misraim; it increases the
number of high degrees to ninety. Scandal of the Affair of the
Diamond Necklace, orchestrated by Caglistro. Dumas describes it
as Masonic plot to discredit the monarchy. The Illuminati of
Bavaria are suppressed, suspected of revolutionary plotting.

1786 Mirabeau is initiated by the Illuminati of Bavaria in
Berlin. In London a Rosicrucian manifesto appears, attributed to
Caglistro. Mirabeau writes a letter to Cagliostro and to

1787 There are about seven hundred lodges in France.
Weishaupt publishes his Nactrag, which describes the structure of
a secret organization in which each adherent knows only his
immediate superior.

1789 French Revolution begins. Crisis in the French lodges.

1794 On 8 Vendemiaire, Deputy Gregoire presents to the
convention on the project for a Conservatoire des Arts et
Metiers. It is installed in Sait-Martin-des-Champs in 1799, by
the Council of Five Hundred. The Duke of Brunswick urges lodges
to dissolve because a poisonous subversive sect has now corrupted
them all.

1798 Arrst of Cagliostro in Rome.

1804 Announcement in Charleston of official foundation of
Ancient and Accepted Scottish rite, with number of degrees
increased to 33.

1824 Document from the court of Vienna to French government
denounces secret associates like the Absolutes, the Independents,
the Alta Vendita Carbonara.

1835 The cabalist Oettinger claims to meet Saint-Germain in

1846 Viennese writer Franz Graffer publishes account of a
meeting of his brother with Saint=Germain between 1788 and 1790.
Saint-Germain received his visitor while leafing through a book
by Paracelsus.

1865 Foundation of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (other
sources give 1860, 1866, or 1867
). Bulwer-Lytton, author of the
Rosicrucian novel Zanoni, joins.

1868 Bakunin founds Intenational Alliance of Socialist
Democracy, inspired, some say, by the Illuminati of bavaria.

1875 Elena Petrovna Blavatsky, with Henry Steel Olcott, founds
Theosophical Society. Her Isis Unveiled appears. baron
Spedalieri proclaims himself a member of the Grand Lodge of the
Solitary Brothers of the Mountain, Frater Illuminatus of the
Ancient and Restored Order of the Manicheans and of the

1877 Madame Blavatsky speaks of the theospohical role of
Saint-Germain. Among his incarnations are Roger and Francis
Bacon, Rosencreutz, Proclus, Saint Alban. Grand Orient of France
eliminates invocation to the Great Architect of the Universe and
proclaims absolute freedom of conscience. Breaks ties with Grand
Lodge of England and becomes firmly secular and radical.

1879 Foundation of Societas Rosicruciana in the USA.

1880 Beginning of Saint-Yves d'Alveydre's activity. Leopold
Engler reorganizes the Illuminati of Bavaria.

1884 Leo XIII, with the encyclical humanum Genus, condemns
Freemasonry. Catholics desert it; rationalists flock to it.

1888 Stanislas de Guaita founds Ordre Kabbalistique d la Rose
Croix. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn founded in England,
with eleven degrees, from neophyte to ipsissimus. Its imperator
is McGregor Mathers, whose sister marries Bergson.

1890 Joseph Peladan, called Josephin, leaves Guaita and founds
the Rose-Croix Catholique du Temple et du Graal, proclaiming
himself Sar Merodak. Conflict between Rosicrucians of Guaita's
order and those of Peladan's is called the War of the Two Roses.

1891 Papus publishes his Traite methodique de science occulte.

1898 Aleister crowley initiated into Golden Dawn. Later
founds Order of Thelema.

1907 From the Golden Dawn is born the Stella Matutina, which
Yeats joins.

1909 In the United States, H. Spencer Lewis "reawakens" the
Anticus Mysticus Ordo Rosae Crucis and in 1916, in a hotel,
successfully transforms a piece of zinc into gold. At uncertain
dates follow Lectorium Rosicrucianum, Freres Aines de la Rose-Croix, Fraternitas hermetica, Templum Rosae-Crucis.

1912 Annie Besant, disciple of Madame Blavatsky, founds, in
London, Order of the Temple of the Rose-Cross.

1918 Thule Society is born in Germany.

1936 In France Le Grand Prieure des Gaules is born. In the
"Cahiers de la fraternite polaire," Enrico Contardi-Rhodio tells
of a visit from Comte de Saint-Germain.

"What does all this mean?" Diotallevi said.

"Don't ask me. You wanted data? Help yourself. this is all I

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Pagan Blog Project Dew As The Philosophers Vitriol

Pagan Blog Project Dew As The Philosophers Vitriol Image
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

Having written two weeks ago about various expressions of the vessel as cup, chalice, cauldron and grail, I am brought to the question of what fills this cup. This comes from a recent purchase of mine, Alchemy and Mysticism by Alexander Roob (Taschen) being a book of art of the Western mystery tradition and images from Liber Mutus, or the silent book, an alchemical text which depicts the collection and processing of dew. This mirrored nicely something I had read in the writings of Aleister Crowley in looking at the question of the cup. He speaks as follows:

"There is, however, a universal solvent and harmonizer, a certain dew which is so pure that a single drop of it cast into the water of the Cup will for the time being bring all to perfection. This dew is called Love. Even as in the case of human love, the whole Universe appears perfect to the man who is under its control, so is it, and much more, with the Divine Love of which it is now spoken."ALEISTER CROWLEY, BOOK 4"

The universal solvent can be considered an image of the Philosophers Vitrol or the Green Lion. It is a watery aggregate of the prima materia, or base matter. I have had a long, but not a very deep or practised interest in alchemy. I originally was of a school of thought that believed in alchemy as allegory and symbol, but the more I understand the nature of this scientific method, the more sure I am that literal, physical or lab alchemy is needed. It is a misfortune that I do not have the space or facilities at present to set up a lab, but wonder how it is that I can take aspects of lab alchemy in my own practice.In looking at banishing and the nature of the salt and water, we have seen that water is quite an influencable medium. The lab alchemist (apprenticed under Frater Albertus) Robert Bartlett speaks about this quality.

"In the liquid state materials are much more susceptible to astrological influences (especially through the Moon) and we use this to impress or augment a planetary power in our subject. It is not uncommon to repeat this process of solve et coagula a number of times using distilled water or a specially prepared type of water which has already captured certain astrological influences during its manufacture. With each cycle, the subject becomes more powerful."ROBERT BARTLETT "REAL ALCHEMY" PAGE 38 (2006)"

"Water is a strange creature. It is the only substance on our planet that exists in solid, liquid and gaseous states at the same time under the normal range of temperatures and pressures we experience... This universal fire of life is one of the alchemist's Secret Fires. As this spiritual fire hits our atmosphere, it condenses in the air and is carried by it. As the air fills with moisture, the universal Fire condenses even further and moves into the water."The water, charged with the Secret Fire (a Universal Mercury) becomes determined for use by a particular kingdom when it hits the Earth."ROBERT BARTLETT "REAL ALCHEMY" PAGE 49 (2006)"

As much as the water, or dew is determined for use by what it hits, we can work to cultivate a truly universal solvent by collecting dew from none of the established kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, man), for example by pitching out a sheet of plastic to collect dew. This can be further distilled, or exposed to certain 'determining' features, for example, through acts of ritual magick. True distillation is not feasible for me without a lab, so the dew holds a more primitive manifestation, holding Hydrogen, oxygen, and trace elements of alkalies (ionic salt)as an expression of fire, water and air, being added to and working upon any medium it is added to.I wonder, with Crowleys words describing the dew as Love, whether this refers to active devotional practice. To be devoted to something, to work closely with any substance, is to engage in an act of connection, engagement and alignment, or love under will. We also find the dew as the philosophers stone in the Eastern tradition as immortality or amrita. Crowley speaks thus:

"In Hindu symbolism the Amrita or dew of immortality.1 drips constantly upon a man, but is burnt up by the gross fire of his appetites. Yogis attempt to catch and so preserve this dew by turning back the tongue in the mouth."ALEISTER CROWLEY BOOK 4"

The Amrita, or dew of immortality is often referred to as a nectar. In many ways it is synonymous with the Soma, an energising ritual drink in the Indian tradition. We meet a similar theme in the Zohar which links the dew with the manna, or spiritual bread on which the "souls of the just nourish themselves"Dew is normally 'harvested' in the late spring, during April and May. In Britain there is a belief that if dew is collected on a May day morning, itr can be used to affect healing or the appearance of the skin. If collected on a medium other than that of the four kingdoms (ie plastics) it can be collected and dedicated to a given purpose, as opposed to dew which is collected on mineral or plant mediums, thus pre-dedicating them to certain energetic correspondences.. I am intending to experiment with this in the coming months and to integrate this special substance into my occult practices. I have much still to learn but I must admit that I am intrigued...

"Love is the law love under will"

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Comselh Aoiveae Ritual

Comselh Aoiveae Ritual Image
This ritual is the macrocosmic complement to the COMSELH AOIVEAE, and was developed along with that ritual for our magical working group, Comselh Ananael. It is based on an earlier ritual of mine called the MADRIAX which used the symbol of the heptagram in accordance with its basic symbolism drawn from John Dee's "Heptarchia Mystica". The angels of the "Heptarchia" do not appear on the Great Table and are explicitly planetary and attributed to the days of the week. Each day has a King and Prince who have specific offices and behave somewhat like a planetary intelligence and spirit, though the distinction is not nearly as clear-cut as it is with Agrippa's planetary hierarchy. In general, the Kings are associated with knowledge and learning and the Princes with mundane actions. The ruling angels of the system are CARMARA and HAGONEL, who do not seem to be bound to any particular day, though in the Heptarchia their conjurations appear along with those for the King and Prince related to Monday.

The COMSELH MADRIAX does not use the figure of the heptagram at the various directional points but that of the Unicursal Hexagram. The same figure is used in the microcosmic COMSELH AOIVEAE and this is a break from the Golden Dawn tradition. The Golden Dawn used the pentagram to symbolize the microcosm and the standard bicursal hexagram to symbolize the macrocosm, which they related to the formula of the Adept or 5=6. The Unicursal Hexagram is a hybrid symbol - it can represent the elements (as shown in Aleister Crowley's "Book of Thoth" or in an earlier knowledge lectures of the Golden Dawn) or it can represent the planets, as it is sometimes used by modern magicians. Israel Regardie was one of the first advocates of this latter usage, especially because it allowed a Hexagram of the Sun to be drawn from the central point. However, even when used in a planetary context the figure retains its elemental symbolism and is less suitable than the standard hexagram for pure planetary operations. To draw a standard Golden Dawn Hexagram of the Sun it is necessary to trace all six planetary hexagrams, which as Michael Sandborn comments in "The Unicursal Hexagram as Hyperbola" is a "wonderful isometric exercise."

The departure from the Golden Dawn pentagram/hexagram symbolism is grounded in the essential concepts of operant magick. The Operant Field Model proposes that the mind of the magician corresponds to a field effect that is experienced as consciousness. This is termed the Personal Field. Fields are also created by individual objects, and these fields unite into larger fields when those objects interact. These are called Transpersonal Fields. The magician is able to influence objects because he or she has trained the personal field to synchronize with a transpersonal field that contains those objects and then is able to use concentrated thought to affect them. Essentially, magick is possible when the Personal Field and a Transpersonal Field are conjoined. Bringing the macrocosmic and microcosmic realms into alignment in this manner is the basic goal of the opening rituals, such as those of the pentagram and hexagram.

The Unicursal Hexagram is an ideal glyph to accomplish this, especially if it is considered as a representation of a hyperbola. Michael Sandborn's "The Unicursal Hexagram as Hyperbola" was very influential in the design of this ritual and its counterpart, even moreso than it was in the development of our alternative Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram. The interesting thing about the hyperbola is that from a mathematical standpoint there are not two curves, but one, even though the figure is drawn as two arcs facing in opposite directions that do not appear to touch. If the upper curve is envisioned as the Transpersonal realm and the lower curve is envisioned as the Personal Field, then this figure is indeed ideally suited for use in complementary rituals intended to accomplish the union of the two realms, uniting that which at first appears to be separate.

The points of the Unicursal Hexagram may be attributed to the planets, though as Sanborn mentions in his article it is not clear that a solar form can actually be drawn from the center point. The planetary form retains its elemental characteristics which harmonize nicely with the usage of the figure in the COMSELH AOIVEAE. The standard planetary arrangement used for both forms of the hexagram is based on the Tree of Life, specifically the placement of spheres 3-9. The elemental attributions can be found in the commentary on the COMSELH AOIVEAE. Combining the planetary and elemental attributions yields the following:

* Top Point: Saturn = Active Spirit
* Upper Right: Jupiter = Water
* Upper Left: Mars = Fire
* Lower Right: Venus = Earth
* Lower Left: Mercury = Air
* Bottom Point: Moon = Passive Spirit

Attributing Active Spirit to Saturn may seem odd since Saturn is usually seen in astrology as representing limitation and structure, but Saturn also is the Lord of Initiation and stands in for all three supernal spheres. In this arrangement it signifies the actions of the Heavens, just as the Moon signifies the actions of the Earth. The top and bottom points are larger than the side points because they represent the active and passive polarities that give rise to the other four elements. The standard hexagram is a more "pure" planetary symbol since it reflects a completely balanced arrangement of the planets by virtue of having six identical points.

Banishing and invoking planets using the Unicursal Hexagram works slightly differently than banishing and invoking elements. With elements, the figure is traced toward the point attributed to the element to invoke and away from the point attributed to the element to banish. With planets, the figure is traced starting at the point attributed to the planet moving clockwise to invoke and counter-clockwise to banish. As noted in Sanborn's essay, this presents a problem because there is no way to draw a fully clockwise or counter-clockwise Unicursal Hexagram - the "twist" in the middle of the figure means that the tracing will always switch directions in the course of completing the shape. How this is resolved is to move clockwise or counter-clockwise from the perspective of the point from which the figure is being traced.

In the COMSELH AOIVEAE, the Unicursal Hexagrams are traced to the four directions in such a way that the temple is envisioned as a two-dimensional space. The dimension of spirit - that is, the path followed by the Lightning Flash and Serpent of Wisdom - is represented by the third dimension of the space, the vertical axis. In the COMSELH MADRIAX, the Unicursal Hexagrams are traced in a three-dimensional configuration to form a sphere with the representation of the Sun at its center. The spiritual dimension can no longer be modeled as the vertical axis and is then represented as turning inward and outward rather than upward and downward. This reflects the true macrocosmic shape of the fields involved - for the Personal Field to align a Transpersonal Field, the field that is experienced as consciousness must expand outward to encompass more of the universe than just the individual self. This is why mysticism is an important part of any magical practice - it teaches the expansion of the self beyond the artificial boundaries imposed by personal perceptions.

The second section of the ritual calls upon the Governors, twelve Angels that rule over the various parts of the earth and are related to the signs of the Zodiac. Like the Angels of the Heptarchia, these Governors do not appear on the Tablet of the Watchtowers and represent the pure force of the signs of the Zodiac. As an aside, note that these twelve Governors are not the same as the Angelic names of the ninety-one Parts of the Earth, which do appear on the Tablet, despite the fact that the Golden Dawn Enochian system refers to the Parts of the Earth as "the Governors." It is clear from the original passage in Dee's diaries that when the Angels make reference to the Governors, they mean these twelve Zodiacal Governors and not the Parts of the Earth.

Benjamin Rowe makes the following comments in "The 91 Parts of the Earth: Introduction":

It should be emphasized that these Parts are not "governors of the Aethyrs", as has been mistakenly said by some writers. The name of the Part does not invoke a specific being, but only a certain locale of the Enochian universe, with its particular qualities. Nor does the Part in any way "rule" the Aethyr of which it is a portion. One might view the relationship between Parts and Aethyrs as being similar to the relationship between the decanates of the zodiac and the signs of which they are a section. The Voice of the Part is not the Part itself, but one of the unnamed ministers who dwells therein.

Every part is governed by one of twelve "Zodiacal Kings", who is associated with one of the Tribes of Israel. The angels did not give Dee an explicit listing of their zodiacal attributes; he was told to derive it from the related tribe. Apparently he never did so. In these visions, the following system of attributes was used, which differs from both Agrippa system with which Dee was familiar, and the G.D. system.

* Aries = Alpudus = Isacarah
* Taurus = Hononol = Iehudah
* Gemini = Zarzilg = Nephthalim
* Cancer = Gebabal = Asseir
* Leo = Olpaged = Dan
* Virgo = Cadaamp = Benjamin
* Libra = Zarnaah = Manasse
* Scorpio = Arfaolg = Ephraim
* Sagittarius = Lavavot = Gad
* Capricorn = Zurchol = Simeon
* Aquarius = Ziracah = Ruben
* Pisces = Zinggen = Zabulon

The logic of this system is based on the disposition of the Tribes depicted in Numbers 2, combined with Dee's diagram of that disposition. There are several possible systems that could be derived from these sources; the one actually used was chosen by divination after the major possibilities were assessed.

Rowe's attributions of the Governors to the signs are used in the second section of this ritual.


There is no specific opening step in this ritual that is comparable to sections I and IV of the pentagram ritual, since it is assumed that this ritual is encapsulated by the COMSELH AOIVEAE. By this I mean that you perform the COMSELH AOIVEAE up through "Behold, the circle of stars, and I the all-powerful in the midst," perform this ritual, perform additional ritual work as you will, and close with section IV of the COMSELH AOIVEAE. As such, the opening has already been done and the closing will be performed following the conclusion of whatever additional ritual work is being done.

* Face the east. If the Holy Table is present, stand to the west of it. In all cases, you will be casting across the Holy Table to the opposite side of the Temple, so "turn to the south" means to move to the north of the Table facing south. In the east, trace the Unicursal Hexagram of Mars in red and vibrate BABALEL (BAH-bah-lel).
* Turn to the south. In the south, trace the Unicursal Hexagram of Mercury in white and vibrate BNASPOL (BNAS-pohl).
* Turn to the west. In the west, trace the Unicursal Hexagram of Jupiter in green and vibrate BYNEPOR (BY-neh-pohr).
* Turn to the north. In the north, trace the Unicursal Hexagram of Venus in black and vibrate BALIGON (BAH-lee-gohn). These first four planets are attributed according to the density of the associated element on the Unicursal Hexagram.
* Return to the east, completing the circle. Above you or above the Holy Table in front of you, trace the Unicursal Hexagram of Saturn in bright violet and vibrate BNAPSEN (BNAP-sen).
* Below you or below the Holy Table in front of you trace the Unicursal Hexagram of the Moon in deep purple and vibrate BLUMAZA (blu-MAH-zah).
* Trace a heptagram (or heptangle) surrounding your heart, starting at the solar point and moving clockwise, in bright yellow-gold. Then clasp your hands over your heart and vibrate BOBOGEL (BOH-boh-ghel).


The twelve zodiacal Governors are now called upon in a widdershins circle that counterbalances the deosil circle of hexagrams. Starting with Aries in the east, the magician traces the sign attributed to the Governor while vibrating the name. He or she then moves 30 degrees widdershins and does the same for the next Governor in the series (Taurus in this case). If the banners are present lining the circle they may be decorated with the appropriate sign and Governor name in addition to the Name of God, which will aid memorization. This action is repeated until the magician has made a full widdershins circumambulation of the Temple and is again facing east.

* In the east, trace the sigil of Aries in red and vibrate ALPUDUS (AL-puh-dus).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the east-northeast trace the sigil of Taurus in red and vibrate HONONOL (HOH-noh-nol).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the north-northeast trace the sigil of Gemini in black and vibrate ZARZILG (ZAR-zeelg).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the north trace the sigil of Cancer in black and vibrate GEBABAL (GEH-bah-bahl).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the north-northwest trace the sigil of Leo in black and vibrate OLPAGED (OHL-pah-ged).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the west-northwest trace the sigil of Virgo in green and vibrate CADAAMP (KAH-dah-ahmp).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the west trace the sigil of Libra in green and vibrate ZARNAAH (ZAR-nah-ah).
Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the west-southwest trace the sigil of Scorpio in green and vibrate ARFAOLG (AR-fah-olg). * Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the south-southwest trace the sigil of Sagittarius in white and vibrate LAVAVOT (LAH-vah-voht).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the south trace the sigil of Capricorn in white and vibrate ZURCHOL (ZUR-khol).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the south-southeast trace the sigil of Aquarius and vibrate ZIRACAH (ZEER-ah-kah).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise. To the east-southeast trace the sigil of Pisces in red and vibrate ZINGGEN (ZEENG-gehn).
* Turn 30 degrees counter-clockwise, completing the circle and returning to face the east. Make the Sign of Apophis and Typhon and vibrate TA CALZ I OROCHA (TAH KAHL-zod EE or-OH-cha - "As above the firmament so beneath").

* Pause for a moment and visualize the energies of the planets and Zodiac coming into being, uniting the microcosmic and macrocosmic universes. The full visualization for this ritual consists of:

* The full COMSELH AOIVEAE visualization.
* Planetary Unicursal Hexagrams to the four quarters in the four directional colors, merging with the directional hexagrams of the COMSELH AOIVEAE.
* The Unicursal Hexagram of Saturn above in bright violet and that of the Moon below in deep purple
* The Solar Heptagram in bright gold surrounding your heart. It is within the pentagram you traced over yourself in the opening of the COMSELH AOIVEAE.
* The full circle of the Zodiac, drawn beyond the hexagrams so that it seems to extend to the edges of the cosmos.
* All of these elements merged together into a single coherent whole, which is the magical field.


This step varies depending on whether you are using this ritual as a banishing or as an invocation, and whether or not it is being used with other ritual work. If the ritual is being used in conjunction with any other ritual work perform this entire part as written. If it is being performed as a banishing to clear a space or neutralize magical influences, skip to step 3. If it is being performed as an invocation to provide a general flow of energy to ongoing magical effects or as a daily practice, stop at step 1. CARMARA is the name of the King who rules over the entire Heptarchy of Angels.

* If you are performing additional ritual work, make the Sign of Rending the Veil, as though parting a heavy curtain in front of you with both hands, and intone MADRIAX CARMARA YOLCAM LONSHI (MAH-dree-ahx kar-MAH-rah YOHL-kahm LOHN-shee - "O ye heavens of CARMARA, bring forth power").
* Perform any additional ritual work here, to its conclusion.
* Make the Sign of Closing the Veil, as though closing a heavy curtain in front of you with both hands, and intone: MADRIAX CARMARA ADRPAN LONSHI (MAH-dree-ahx kar-MAH-rah, AHD-rpahn LOHN-shee - "O ye heavens of CARMARA, cast down power").

At this point, the conclusion to the AOIVEAE is performed, and the ritual is complete.

Crowley Fest Boleskine House

Crowley Fest Boleskine House Image
Hold onto your bedlinens and cups of tea - scary stuff! You have to love stories like this one. Boleskine House is said to still contain some very angry energies from Crowley himself and the psychic in the beginning of this documentary by the BBC says that he could feel Crowley watching him from the house... Without wanting to give too much away, perhaps without Crowley having finished the exhausting ritual of Abremelin he is now bound to the house permanently along with the dark spirits he conjured up... SHUDDER...


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Geoff Kanick And Aleister Crowley

Geoff Kanick And Aleister Crowley Image
As I've posted in the past, the proper use of "magick" as a specific term for the spirtual arts makes Google searches a whole lot easier. When I'm interested in searching for information on ritual techniques I'm really not interested in getting back pages describing the cups and balls trick or how to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Similarly, if I'm looking for good card tricks I would rather not be pulling back pages on reading Tarot. Using "magic" for stage magic and "magick" for ceremonial and ritual techniques really works - or at least it would if people would follow the convention.

This brings me to a recent article referencing "magick" that completely misuses the term. This weekend in Tacoma, Washington a self-described "magickian" named Gf Kanick put on a performance. From the article:

Kanick spells magick with a "k" to distinguish his art. Magick with a "k" is a linguistic signal pioneered by Victorian bad boy, mountain climber and legendary mystic Aleister Crowley, who used the word magick, with a "K," to distinguish his explorations of consciousness and other psychonautic systems from the stage work of everyday magicians. Kanick, like Crowley, is no everyday magician, and says his goal is to take people out of their comfort zones to a place where magick is more than an act.

I'm sure Kanick is quite good at what he does, but if he's comparing himself to Crowley on the grounds that he does innovative illusions all I can really do here is call bullshit. Aleister Crowley spent his entire life developing an innovative spiritual system for personal development and beyond. Anybody who would compare that level of work to putting together a compelling stage performance doesn't really know anything about Crowley and shouldn't be appropriating his terminology incorrectly.

Let's face it. This:

A master of many arts, Kanick's talents will be offered as part of Hypothesis, a synthesis of illusion, comedy, sideshow feats, juggling and vaudeville variety.

Has absolutely nothing to do with ritual or ceremonial magick, or with Crowley's work, and it is exactly the "counterfeit" from which the science of the Magi needs to be distinguished.

For what it's worth, though, I'm happy to see that the article describes Crowley as a "legendary mystic" rather than as a baby-sacrificing Satanist. Maybe after more than fifty years some of the media nonsense surrounding his life is starting to die down.

The Golden Dawn Hatfield And Maccoy Feud

The Golden Dawn Hatfield And Maccoy Feud Image
I am not astounded that my liking a forthcoming book, the GRAND KEY OF SOLOMON THE KING, has provoked the ire and venom of BIORC Golden Dawn leader, Morgan Drake Eckstein. After all, there is a long history of any book that gets a positive review by Sincerus Renatus, by me, or by any other Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (AO) member, immediately being trashed by Morgan or his colleagues from the "official" list of Golden Dawn orders Morgon allies himself with.


I am, however, a little surprised that a few casual remarks I made over a Cafe Latte should meet with such dripping sarcasm from Morgan - and that he would even mischaracterize such casual remarks as a full-on book review.

Let there be no doubt about it. The Golden Dawn flamewars (Hatfield and MacCoy feud on the internet) that have harmed the Golden Dawn tradition for decades have taken a new, subtle, yet perverted twist: POLITICALLY MOTIVATED BOOK REVIEWS. And yes, despite his scholarly veneer, Morgan Eckstein is also a principal player in this twisted game.

Want proof?

Why else would Morgan Drake Eckstein choose to review a Golden Dawn book that has been out of print for five years, except that it was written by an HOGD/AO member and was suddenly getting a lot of positive attention?

Want more proof?

Why else does Morgan Eckstein routinely SPAM his IDENTICAL reviews all across the internet - from his personal blog, to, to, to

The reason is clear.

Morgan Drake Eckstein wants to make sure that his attack reviews show up on Google in as many places as possible.

Morgon, why not drop the Golden Dawn Hatfield and McCoy "review" sniping for once, and answer these tough questions instead?

Morgan's Golden Dawn feuding and review spamming do not represent responsible, credible reviewing. In fact, review spamming clearly violates the Terms of Service of many of the content sites Morgan Drake Eckstein has been flooding with the Golden Dawn Hatfield and McCoy feud.

More importantly, Morgan Drake Eckstein has escalated the Golden Dawn flamewars to a whole new arena - politically motivated Golden Dawn book "review" sniping.

Now that you see clearly what Morgan Drake Eckstein is really up to, let us look in depth at a point or two that he just made during his latest. Jed Hatfield, double-barrelled shotgun salvo. Morgan Drake Eckstein wrote: "I doubt that anyone who is familiar with Norse mythology, Greek mythology, or Egyptian mythology is surprised that spirits have first names. (I am not sure about other mythologies, but a passing study of any one of these three should provide the student the hint that spirits have whole names, and not just last names.)" I am impressed, Morgon, that for you this information is common knowledge (after the fact). I would be even more impressed if you were prove your point, for example by presenting a list of the 72 goetic spirits containing their first names and their surnames. Can you find this information in any source text that is familiar to modern Golden Dawn magicians? (Full Disclosure: The Grand Key of Solomon doesn't deal with 72 goetic spirits, by the way).

Morgan Drake Eckstein continues: "And no one who is experienced in working with evocation should be surprised either. After all, the first thing you ask a spirit is for its name. A single experience of a spirit giving you a full name should be enourgh to wake you up to the fact that Western grimoires are incomplete." I happen to be a collector of Grimoires, although it is common knowledge that I prefer Chaldeaen magic grimoires to Solomonic ones. Moreover, I am a collector of magical sigils - of which my Liber Sigillum presently contains 3,465 sigils.

This isn't about what experienced ceremonialists with access to rare grimoire archives like ourselves would know, Morgon. This is about what the average Golden Dawn initiate has access to. Morgon, would you please be so kind a to show us the principle of first and last name for a spirit and its importance to evocation outlined in any official Golden Dawn paper? Or how about showing us where this notion even been mentioned in any of the works of John Dee?

It seems many of the experienced magicians were either unfamiliar with this principle or kept it outside of their personal notes, so how are we to expect the beginners to know?

Morgan Drake Eckstein wrote:"The fact that Arabic grimoires are more complete should not be a surprise either. The Western world tried to wipe out its mystery traditions for centuries." How is your Golden Dawn factionalism and politically motivated "book review" sniping any different, Morgan?

If you truly care so deeply, why not try next time to focus on how our Hermetic tradition is strengthened by the resurfacing of important esoteric information - rather than taking cheap shots at casual comments I make over a latte?

Morgan, Golden Dawn flamewar and factional feuding serve no useful purpose, and spreading this nonsense to book "reviews" is just as petty as it is silly.

It is high time for us to all work together towards building greater harmony in the Golden Dawn community, towards ending flamewar on the internet, and to putting behind us the factionalism that has divided the Golden Dawn community for decades.

I apologize to the translator of the Grand Key of Solomon for liking this grimoire and expressing my appreciation of it on my blog.

I should have known that my mentioning this grimoire at all would only divert attention from the importance of the publication of this interesting new grimoire for sincere magicians.

Sadly, I should have known that even mentioning it would only being it into the crosshairs of Jed Hatfield and his Golden Dawn clan.

I have no doubt that this will not be the last we shall hear of this either.

I can see Morgan and his buddies already sharpening their pens and getting to spam the net with negative reviews yet once again.

Just look over there - in front the Hatfield house.

Jed and Jethro Hatfield are already stuffing shot gun shells with rock salt - just salivating for this grimoire to come out - for the next round of the Golden Dawn feud!

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, YeheshuaDavid Griffin (the real McCoy ;-)

G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega

"Ex Deo Nascimur.In Yeheshua Morimur.Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"

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Has The Golden Dawn Lost Its Way

Has The Golden Dawn Lost Its Way Image
"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace."- JOHN LENNON

On his Magic of the Ordinary blog, in May 2009, Peregrin Wildoak wrote:"I would suggest what we need prior to any harmony in the Golden Dawn istolerance. This means different groups accepting the other groups right to exist. On a Malkuth action plane this requires doingnothing and saying nothing that counters or hinders any other group. Practically this means a very different ambiance in the Golden Dawn community than at present. All the crappy pages and blogs would go for a start."

In April 2009, Peregrin wrote:"I think the most important point you raise is the recent trend for GD blogs that claim to be impartial observers. When read it is obvious to anyone with half brain that the aim of the blog is really an underhanded attack on one or another Order. It is very sad and I hope these things disappear very soon. Once more I publicly back your call to have a multilateral removal of all abusive and offending GD sites, blogs and posts. This will be a good start."I fully agree with everything that Peregrin wrote above, which is why the HOGD/AO has invited the entire Golden Dawn community to Pow Wow 2013 and is doing everything possible to promote harmony in the Golden Dawn community.

The response from Peregrin Wildoak and Morgan Eckstein? They have begun promoting anonymously publishe hate blogs attacking our order by linking to them from their personal blogs and commenting on them as well.

What has happened in the Golden Dawn community over the past 3 years that has caused leaders who once were a voice of reason and a force for peace, to so radically lose their way?

Personally, I like the old Peregrin better than the new one!

"All we are saying, is give peace a chance!" - JOHN LENNON


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Lucis Trust Arcane School

Lucis Trust Arcane School Image
Disclaimer - the Arcane School IS NOT PART OF AND IS NOT CONNECTED
WITH THE SEVEN RAY INSTITUTE. It is a part of Lucis Trust, and
is mentioned here since there may be those of you who are looking
for such a demanding school in the esoteric sciences.

The Sysop
is affiliated with this school, and is presenting it for your

The Arcane School

The Arcane School was created by Alice Bailey in 1923 as a
training for discipleship. The School provides sequential courses of study and meditation for adult men and women, based on esotericism as the science of service and as a way of life.

Practical training in
group work integrates the student into the principles underlying the new era in human evolution in which he may develop his own inherent potentialities to the fullest extent. The student arrives at an
awareness of himself as an essentially spiritual being, his place of service in relation to others, and his responsibility as an aspirant to discipleship to the working out of the Plan for humanity.
The science of meditation is of fundamental importance throughout
the work of the Arcane School.

Through meditation the soul may be
contacted and the life of the soul given experssion through the
personality equipment. Through meditation the gap in consciousness
between the personality and the soul may be bridged, and th energy of the sould released in service. The aspirant to discipleship is in
training to becom "an expert in the life of the soul."
The Arcane School is conducted throughout the world by
correspondence only.

Work in the Americas is handled through
headquarters in New York, for Great Britain and the Commonwealth in London, and for European language groups in Geneva. A centre in Buenos Aires handles the South American work in the Spanish language.
The Arcane School is non-sectarian and non-political; people of
all religions and political beliefs are served.

For further information, contact

The Arcane School
113 University Place, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10003

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Free Israel Regardie Books Download

Free Israel Regardie Books Download Image
I am pleased to announce that effective immediately - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ON THE INTERNET - the The Golden Dawn Library is making the following texts available for free & legal download:

The Tree of Life, by Israel Regrdie
A Garden of Pomegranates, by Israel Regardie
The Middle Pillar, by Israel Regardie

We at the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn remain committed to making important esoteric texts - whose copyright has expired - available for FREE legal download from the Golden Dawn Library at the Golden Dawn website at:

The Art And Meaning Of Magic, by Israel Regardie
The Art Of True Healing, by Israel Regardie
The Philosophers Stone, by Israel Regardie

available at:

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua

David Griffin
G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Chief Adept, R.R. et A.C.
Archon Basileus, Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega

"Ex Deo Nascimur.
In Yeheshua Morimur.
Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"

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Golden Dawn Witch Hunt Revealed Fundamentalism

Golden Dawn Witch Hunt Revealed Fundamentalism Image
For nearly two decades now, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega, and other traditionalist Golden Dawn orders heve been harrassed, misrepresented, and defamed across the internet on a variety of fora, websites, and blogs belonging to Golden Dawn reconstructionists. The really nasty attacks came on "anonymous" websites and blogs. The Alpha Omega was also attacked in the courtroom in an failed attempt to prevent us from even calling our order Golden Dawn. Due to the hard work and skill of our Praemonstrator and attorney, GH Frater DeDI, we managed to prevent anyone from gaining absolute control over the Golden Dawn trademark.

It should come as no surprise then that over the years, I have earned a special place of hatred in the hearts of those who want to destroy the Alpha Omega and to control the Golden Dawn. Never since Aleister Crowley has any esoteric leader been so attacked and maligned as I have over the past two decades I have served as Archon Basileus of the Alpha Omega and Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The HOGD and the AO are by no means the only traditionalist Golden Dawn orders to have been subjected to legal harrassment and internet defamation. Dr. Robert Word, Chief Adept of the August Order of the Mystic Rose, was legally harrassed as well - and nearly bankrupted in the process of defending himself and the AOMR.

At the recent Conclave of the Adepti, hosted by the AO near Las Vegas, Nevada, our College of the Adepts told me they are fed up with the constant harrassment of our order, our members, and our leaders. They are particularly unhappy with my having to waste so much time defending the reputation of our order, which could be better spent translating additional magical transmissions for our College.

To free up my time, numerous Adepts stepped forward, offering to assist in defending the reputation of our order and its members. You may have already noticed in recent weeks the vigilent presence of AO Adepts across the Internet. I commend them for the find job they are doing in defending the Rose of our order from further defamation.

I was not suprised that our Adepts were fed up. After all, what more could the AO do? Our order had worked tirelessly to promote harmony in the Golden Dawn community for years. We had tried to reason with our attackers using logic. I had tried to reason with them using humor. We had even invited them to share the mysteries of the higher grades of the Golden Dawn at our International Conclave of the Adepti.

It had become clear there was no way that hate filled individuals would end their Witch Hunt against the AO, no matter what we did. Therefore, the Adepti suggested we step up our reputation defense, and we make crystal clear to the world what is really going on.

For AO Adepts, Nick Farrell's latest book, which in its introduction slanders our order by implication, was the last straw. Farrell had been spreading malicious rumors about our order on the internet for nearly two decades. He had published our rituals. He had slandered our founder Mathers and our present leaders. He had deeply offended our members. And now, said the Adepti, Farrell had crossed a line that demanded a firm response from our College.

Our order therefore drew a line for Farrell in the sand. was the ideal venue for our College to show its resolve, as Amazon is the primary place Farrell sells his book attacking the Alpha Omega.

One would think that, once Nick Farrell became aware of how he had offended his Golden Dawn brothers and sisters of the AO, he would have apologized to them. Instead, Farrell once again unleashed the full fury of his Witch Hunt. Our order and its leaders were attacked by anonymous trolls with vile slanderon Farrell's personal blog and on hate filled blogs of his friends.

Farrell, as he has done for decades, tried to blame his agression once again on our order. He denied the offensive passage in the book even referred to our order, yet turned around and spread the the same vile rumors on his personal blog! As a diversionary tactic, he even accused me of "forging" the introduction to his book!

Farrell and his hate blog allies, next claimed that I, as AO Imperator, am merely inventing the entire 20+ years of attacks on the members of our order. He claimed I do this to brainwash AO members to unite our order against an imaginary outside enemy. That 20+ years of legal and internet attacks are thoroughly, historically documented did not hinder Farrell in his Witch Hunt in the least.

I next published Episode 3, "The Dark Secret Revealed" of The Golden Dawn Saga to make clear to the greater esoteric community what Nick Farrell's real agenda is and has been all along. I showed how the arguments in Farrell's book he uses to attack the Alpha Omega, our Secret Chiefs, and our founder, S.L. MacGregor Mathers, are the identical arguments used for decades by Fundamentalist Christians to attack the Golden Dawn. As proof, I directed readers to "Uncommon Sense Ministries," an anti-Golden Dawn and anti-Pagan web site operated by Fundamentalist Christians out to destroy the Golden Dawn.

Instead of any rational reply, Farrell and his allies began behaving like third graders in a food fight, unleashing a tsunami of hate-filled slander against our order and its leaders on the Internet. Farrell mocked the parallel between his attacks on the Alpha Omega and Fundamentalist Christian attacks on the Golden Dawn, claiming "I am not even Chrisitan."

Farrell had completely missed the point. I was never implying Nick Farrell is a Fundamentalist Christian. I am saying, however, that the dark specter of Fundamentalism has reared its ugly head in the Golden Dawn community - and that Farrell and others like him are, in reality, Golden Dawn Fundamentalists...

I am also saying that Golden Dawn Fundamentalists are using the tactics of Fundamentalist Christians to attack their Golden Dawn brothers and sisters in the Alpha Omega!


"You AO freaks are delusional!

Your lineage is a lie!

There are no Secret Chiefs!

Your Imperator, like Mathers your Founder...

... is a madman and a liar!

Repent, you AO witches - Or rot and burn in fire!"

Let us examine, therefore, the dangers of Fundamentalism for the Golden Dawn Community. Any kind of fundamentalism, be it Biblical, atheistic or Islamic, is dangerous. The new fundamentalism of our age leads to the language of expulsion and exclusivity, of extremism and polarisation, precisely as we are experiencing today in the Golden Dawn community.

The Witch Hunt that Golden Dawn Fundamentalists have waged against the AO and other traditionalist Golden Dawn orders for 20+ years now, has all of the hallmarks of same sort of fanaticism that typifies Christian Fundamentalism.

Take, for example, accusations of delusion leveled by Nick Farrell and Golden Dawn Fundamentalists against S.L. MacGregor Mathers and modern leaders of traditionalist Golden Dawn orders. This is stongly reminiscent of extremist accusations leveled by Christian Fundamentalists against Joseph Smith and leaders of the Morman sub-culture within Christianity.

The way Golden Dawn Fundamentalists unreflectively dismiss all evidence that does not support their ideological agenda, perfectly typifies extremist Fundamentalism as well. Take for example, the doctrine of the Secret Chiefs as the actual, physical source of origin of the Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn Fundamentalists dismiss the Secret Chiefs as fantasy and any Golden Dawn group that embraces the Secret Chiefs as a source of origin are derided as "delusional."

Or take the Rosicrucian origins and spiritual lineage of the Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn Fundamentalists claim the Golden Dawn was founded on a hoax. Or take he magical talent and syncretic genius of S.L. MacGregor Mathers - Fundamenalists attack both Mathers and modern leaders of traditionalist Golden Dawn orders as "crazy."

Golden Dawn Fundamentalists, as basic tenets of their doctrine, hold that:

1.The Golden Dawn was founded on a hoax2. S.L. MacGregor Mathers was not magically talented at all, 3. the Secret Chiefs are but delusions, 4. There is no lineage5. The Golden Dawn died when the Whare Ra temple closed its doors.

They also hold, however, that despite all of this "the Golden Dawn system works when properly reconstructed."

In his book, The New Inquisition, Robert Anton Wilson (recognized episkopos, pope, and saint of the parody religion Discordianism), lampoons the members of skeptical organizations like the Golden Dawn Fundamentalist faction, as fundamentalist materialists, alleging that they dogmatically dismiss any evidence that conflicts with their materialism as hallucination or fraud. We see this clearly in the agression of Golden Dawn Fundamentalists towards anyone who does not ascribe to their materialistic dismissal of the Secret Chiefs, the founding of the order, etc.

All these themes mirror precisely arguments we find Fundamentalist Christians using in their attacks on the Golden Dawn on the "Uncommon Sense Ministries" website. All of these Fundamentalist Christian attack themes we find mirrored and elaborated in Nick Farrell's books, blogs, and internet postings, but attacking the Alpha Omega and other traditionalist Golden Dawn orders.

Fundamentalist groups generally refuse to participate in events with any group that does not share its essential doctrines. The Golden Dawn witnessed this after the recent Conclave of the Adepti, to which Adepts from the entire Golden Dawn community were invited. Golden Dawn Fundamentalists chose not to come, so they could continue to dismiss evidence running contrary to their Fundamentalist materialist ideology.

We have witnessed over and over in the Golden Dawn community for over two decades how Golden Dawn Fundamentalists selectively ignore all presented evidence, all rational dialogue, and respond only with personal attacks and with propaganda "talking points" instead.

Finally, Fundamentalism is not merely the demand for a strict adherence to specific ideological doctrines. Fundamentalism is usually combined with a vigorous attack on any percieved outside threats to their ideological sub-culture. Clearly, Golden Dawn Fundamentalists see traditionalist Golden Dawn orders as a threat to their ideological agenda. This explains the Golden Dawn Fundamentalists' 20 year long Witch Hunt.

Like their Christian counterparts, Golden Dawn Fundamentalists refuse to participate in events with any group that does not share their essential doctrines. They refuse to view the members of the Alpha Omega as their Golden Dawn brothers and sisters or even to treat them with any modicum of fraternal dignity or respect.

Instead, Golden Dawn Fundamentalists offend our members, offer no apology, dismiss our Secret Chiefs, pretend our Higher Mysteries do not exist, call us liers and delusional, paranoid - and even manipulative, when we as an order finally stand up to their bullying - and declare...


The true motives of Golden Dawn Fundamentalists are now plain for all to see. Now that their game is exposed, the time has come for the GD Fundies to end their Witch Hunt once and for all.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: TODAY NICK FARRELL WROTE ON HIS BLOG: "I STARTED OUT AT AGED TEN FALLING INTO A BORN AGAIN CULT WHICH LASTED FOR NEARLY SEVEN YEARS." Mr. Farrell then claims he has since left Christianity. This, however, in no way negates that Mr. Farrell's 20 year Witch Hunt against the AO bears all of the hallmarks of Fundamentalist intolerance and fanaticism.

Mr. Farrell still does not seem to get it. One must not be Christian to ascribe to a Fundamentalist mind set. Islamic Fundamentalists, for example, are just as dangerous as Christian Fundamentalists.

It is alarming that a uniquely Golden Dawn Fundamentalism appears to have developed in our community unnoticed, bearing all the hallmarks of fanatical Fundamentalism:




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