Ritual Viii

Ritual Viii Cover

Book: Ritual Viii by Aleister Crowley

The light is come to the darkness, and the darkness is made light. Then is light married with light, and the child of their love is that other darkness, wherein they abide that have lost name and form. Therefore did I kindle him that had not understanding, and in the Book of the Law did I write the secrets of truth that are like unto a star and a snake and a sword.

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Liber 058 Qabalah Or An Essay Upon Number

Liber 058 Qabalah Or An Essay Upon Number Cover

Book: Liber 058 Qabalah Or An Essay Upon Number by Aleister Crowley

Also sometimes refered to as "Gematria" or "An Essay on Number". A general discussion of the Method and uses of the Qabalah. This was originally published as The Temple of Solomon the King, Part V in Equinox I v. See also: The Temple of Solomon the King in the Equinox: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX

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The Works Of Aleister Crowley

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Book: The Works Of Aleister Crowley by Aleister Crowley

The Collected Works basically gathered together most of Crowley's work that had been published to date. This was largely poetry and plays, although it did include Berashith, a magical essay first published in 1903, and a number of previously unpublished or especially revised pieces, including a lengthy "epilogue and dedication" entitled Eleusis. For obvious reasons it omitted altogether Crowley's "obscene" works: White Stains, Snowdrops from a Curate's Garden etc., although it did include The Sword of Song, which has an Appendix (Ambrosi Magi Hortus Rosarum) the initial letters of some of the hanging notes of which spelled out indecencies, some of which are still considered unprintable... For this reason the book was cited in the "Looking Glass" libel trial of 1911, as indicative of Crowley's immorality. Although the word "Collected" only appears on the upper wrapper of each volume, and not on the title page, the books are commonly referred to as "Collected Works."

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The Works Of Aleister Crowley

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The Stuff That Conspiracy Theories Are Made Of

The Stuff That Conspiracy Theories Are Made Of Cover
The life of Jack Parsons is tailor made for conspiracy theories.

Born on October 2, 1914, Jack was a brilliant chemist, who grew up in the hey day of science fiction: Weird Tales, the mass hysteria of 1938’s War of the Worlds, and the whole scary genre of horror films including the famous Frankenstein about a mad scientist and his homunculous monster.

When Jack Parsons got involved with Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast was old. His health was failing and the “wickedest man in the world” was reduced to selling love potions on Brighton Pier just to stay alive. He predicted the desperately needed arrival of a “rich man from the west”. This turned out to be Jack Parsons.

In the 1940’s Parsons was engaged in rocketry experiments in the desert with a group of friends who would become the founders of the Space Program after WWII. He also opened an Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) Lodge in his childhood home in Pasadena, California, a once wealthy suburb of Hollywood. This branch of the OTO was called Agape Lodge, and it was devoted to free love and experimental drugs.

This group attracted L.Ron Hubbard, science fiction author, and dubious founder of Scientology. Fate would have it that Hubbard would become deeply involved in Parson’s Babalon Working. The purpose of the ritual was to draw a Scarlet Woman into Parson’s orbit who would then become impregnated, through a series of sexual rituals, with a Magickal Child, Horus, the avatar of the New Aeon. The Scarlet Woman was the visionary red head, Marjorie Cameron who arrived on Parsons’s doorstep when he returned from several intense, mad nights of invocation in the desert.

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Oto Today

Oto Today Cover
Rather than designate his own successor, McMurtry desired that his successor be chosen by vote of the Sovereign Sanctuary of O.T.O. after his death. The election was held on September 21, 1985, with the two surviving members of Agape Lodge participating, and Frater Hymenaeus Beta was elected to succeed Frater Hymenaeus Alpha as Caliph and acting O.H.O. of O.T.O. Hymenaeus Beta continues in office to this day.

In early 1996, a new corporation was founded to carry on the work of the U.S. Grand Lodge of O.T.O, while the existing corporation reorganized itself as the International Headquarters of O.T.O. On March 30, 1996, Sabazius X° was appointed as National Grand Master General for the U.S. Grand Lodge.

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The Beast

The Beast Image
The Beast, as the embodiment of the Logos (which is Thelema, Will), symbolically and actually incarnates his Word each time a sacramental act of sexual congress occurs; i.e. each time love is made, under will. This is the sacrament which the Christians abhor as the supreme blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, because they cannot admit the operation of the formula of the beast conjoined with the woman as the necessary condinon of the production of divinity!

This formula reaches back into remote antiquity, and, inter preted on its own plane, is a sublime alchemical allegory. The tradition of the tribe of the Terai (vide supra) is paralleled in the legends of Leda and the Swan, Pasiphae and the Bull, Europa and the Speckled Serpent, Mary and the Dove, and numerous cognate legends. In The Paris Working (1914), Crowley declares: - 'This is the great idea of magicians in all times: to obtain a Messiah by some adaptation of the sexual process. In Assyria, they tried incest; also in Egypt, the Egyptians tried brothers and sisters; the Assyrians, mothers and sons. Phoenicians tried fathers and daughters; Greeks and Syrians, mostly bestiality. This idea came from India. The Jews sought to do this by invocation methods, also by paedicatio frminarum. The Mohammedans tried homosexuality; mediaeval philosphers tried to produce homunculi by making chemical experiments with semen. But the root idea is that any form of procreation other than the normal is likely to produce results of a magical character.

Either the father of the child should be a symbol of the sun, or the mother a symbol of the moon.

In the same writing, Crowley mentions the worship of Apis the bull, in a certain labyrinth in Crete. This worship derived from Egypt. The bull was white. At the Feast of the Vernal Equinox twelve virgins were sacrificed to it, twelve being symbolic of the number of houses through which the sun passes during his annual cycle. In each case the bull used the virgins after the manner of the legend of Pasiphae. The ceremony was performed with the intention of obtaining a Minotaur, an incar nation of the sun, a messiah. A variation of this sacrifice involved the immolation of the bull. A virgin was placed in the hot carcase and violated by the High Priest. She finally choked in the bull's blood, during orgasm.

The formula of the Beast conjoined with the Woman relates to the eleventh Key of the Tarot. This Key is entitled Lust; it shows the Scarlet Woman, Babalon, straddling the beast with seven heads, as described in Revelation. The sacred letter Teth, meaning A Serpent, is attributed to this Key; its number is Nine. Lust is especially important in the Cult of Thelema, and it is related to the Twentieth Key, which exhibits the Stele of Revealing. The Stele is a talisman of great power in Crowley's system.It shows the goddess Nuit arched over the solar-phallic Fire of {Sh} (Shin), Spirit, the letter of Abrasax or Abrahadabra, the Word of the Aeon of which Aiwass is the current expression. Shin is also the letter of Shaitan or Set, the Fire of Desire (Hadit) at the Heart of Matter (Nuit). The combination of these two Keys (Twenty and Eleven) therefore unites Shin and Teth. In the Graeco-Coptic qabalah these are fused into one letter which equates with Kether, the First Emanation of the Magick Light.

by Kenneth Grant

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